RAVEN ONE - DLC campaign for the DCS Hornet

Campaign announcement:


And not only is it awesome that jell-o and sunshine are cooperating with @Baltic_Dragon, they even got the author of the raven one novel aboard! That is some next-level stuff we’re going to get.

I am stoked as a puppy on the first day of spring for this.


Just saw the announcement over on the ED forums. I really enjoyed the book, so it’s going interesting to see what they come up with. Kudos to Baltic Dragon for getting Jell-o, Sunshine, And Kevin Miller involved!


Thanks guys! It was actually a bit the other way around, they asked me to join the FPP team, I told them we could do a campaign together and then we all thought: hey - Raven One! Very excited about this as well!


Congrats! It’s nice to hear that there is interest in DCSW from outside the normal community.


“normal”? I wouldn’t have got that far…but OK. :wink:

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You know how madmen refer to the psychiatry ward as “outside the asylum” :roll_eyes:


What sort of timescale would this be out by @Baltic_Dragon - must be tricky as the Hornet evolves feature wise. Even just playing around with the new Datalink and SA stuff has made me have to go edit a bunch of SP missions I had around. That Hornet is a moving target, feature-wise… :mudspike:

Very cool. I read Raven One and enjoyed it so much, I subsequently read the other two books in the series back to back. Flying a campaign based on the book will be great!

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Really excited about this. Loved the books, and I know Baltic_Dragon will do it right. Having folks who’ve been there and done that that is icing on the cake.

Looking at exactly that plus the need to make sure all is done right realism - wise (so running stuff by Jell-o and Sunshine) plus checking it also with Hoser (Kevin Miller) will mean that it won’t go ahead very quickly. But that’s OK, I’d rather take time and do it right - plus wait for the Hornet to get all the goodies - than rush it. Realistically I’d say 6-9 months of work, as I also have other projects lined up (finishing Harrier training, working on MiG-19 campaign, getting on speed with Harrier one, back to work on Iron Flag - it started to move ahead again… oh, and the Enemy Within 3.0 large MP mission).

On second thought… probably around 8 months and two weeks.


You take as much time as is needed bro. We’re all old enough to be patient. Good wine ages.


Thought I’d share this here:

Work is progressing quite nicely on the campaign!


Oh my… Lookin’ good mate!

I can’t wait to get stuck in on this.

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Me too, can’t wait, re-reading the series again.

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Just finished reading the third book; also psyched for this!

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You all don’t spoil it, I intend to keep it squirreled away until I built my new machine and get me a G2.


Wow, that was really excellent. Looking forward to it.

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Yeahup. Really looking forward to this! I have to get my F/A-18C on again :slight_smile: