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Except anecdotal evidence I’ve read is that the Fitter was far easier to maintain, were more rugged, and had higher reliability rates than the Flogger. Fitters landing gear up getting lifted back onto their gear and flying again the next day, that kind of thing.

So, if on paper you have two planes that can do the same mission with similar capabilities, but one has a far lower mission readiness rate, which are you going to pick?

As for the PVO…the MiG-25 and 31 seem to have had a far greater capability than the Su-15s and 21s ever did, and greater reputations to boot. No Western plane was built to counter the Flagon.


Re maintenance…the Mig-23 main mount wheels/tires were interchangeable with F-4 main muni wheels/tires. This was so as the Soviet hoard overran NATO bases, they could use some of the same spares.

I wonder if RAZBAM is thinking on similar lines? If they do a Mig-23 / 27, they can use the same tire model, art and animation for an F-4 model! :stuck_out_tongue:


Pretty sure that’s a Cold War myth & legend, because they said the same thing about AKs being able to use 5.56… And that’s totally bogus. :grimacing:


Say it with me, Nineteen, Nineteen, Na na na na, Nineteen…




Can’t talk t the ammo, but in this case I’m pretty sure it is true.

A number of years ago Cuban Mig-23 pilot defected to GITMO. Had to give the jet back but the the tires were pretty bad…didn’t want an accident that would make the diplomatic hoopla worse so, they got a couple of Phantom tires and swapped them out. That’s the UNCLAS verson that I heard on the subject.


Still waiting… Sob… Am I the only one looking forward to this more than the Tomcat?
Yes, I said that out loud,


Actually, you can count me in. I probably won’t get the Tomcat. I’m actually sorry I got the FA-18. I have had much more fun with the Viggen and Mig-21…single seat, basic avionics and radar, simple weapons…can be difficult to master but in the end, they are fun. :grin:


Thank you Hangar200. I’m beginning to think I’m a stick and rudder guy. Throw in some guns and I’m happy. The Bug is incredible… like the spit in every ww2 SIM. To me that makes it boring. I like the carrier ops and the turn and burn. It’s too easy like the Eagle. Then the 21 is a dog to me. I think I’m going through my midlife. Don’t listen to me.


I love them all. There are no planes I regret buying, not even the Viggen that I have only logged about 20 minutes total. They are all different and that’s what makes it fun.

So for me, the MiG-19 and the Tomcat are equally desirable. Perhaps the tomcat a little more on account of its hair metal 80s heritage. But the MiG is of pure socialist glory, marxist reality in aluminum. Hmmm, yeah equal :smiley:


I’d like to like that post twice, I like that song a lot!


D’aww no mig today, only little man loving toy plane :rainbow_flag: :small_airplane:


Wooof! :grin:

The actual Mig-21 was a difficult plane to fly, especially to land. As far as I can tell, the DCS Mig-21 is a pretty faithful model. It took me several tries to get the jet on the ground…well…technically to get it on the ground without ripping the gear off and/or exploding. It’s radar is very basic but it works well enough to get its missiles off against bigger targets. I wouldn’t put too much faith on besting any 4 Gen fighters in a turning and burning fight…so avoid that. A2G…that one guided missile (not at my PC so don’t ave the name…Grohm?) is actually pretty good and powerful…guns, bombs, rockets require practice to get them near the targets…and the simulated nuke!!!

I cannot argue that it is a dog…but some dogs are “man’s best friend”…and some dogs will bite you in the @$$. The DCS Mig-21 can be both. :open_mouth:

@BeachAV8R wrote a series of tutorials for the DCS Mig-21 in PC Pilot magazine. Invaluable to really learn the Fishbed…or as I like to call it, “The Big Tuna” :sunglasses:


The MiG-21 is a blast to take around the pattern. It requires constant attention and it ain’t over until you are pulling off the runway - it has to be flown throughout the rollout. Fun stuff.


Beach in PC Pilot!?!? What issue? Got to get it.


Um…all of them…his nom de plume is Chris Frishmuth. He does a dangerous airport regular feature that is really good. :slightly_smiling_face:


New cockpit textures.WIP