The MiG was in internal testing with ED, the decision to hold the module was a mutual one, who said it first doesnt matter, what matters is it was said.


I will go back and clarify my post:

All I am saying is that there is no point in yelling at clouds.


I am sure it will be better for it! :slightly_smiling_face:


I feel like posting Farmer girl again.


Please do! :stuck_out_tongue:


Please don’t.




Well, here we are.
“Off-Topic” firmly getting smaller in the rearview mirror…


Hey the jet we’re on about is a MiG-19 Farmer, right? And if I have to go off on a tangent from the MiG-19 Farmer, I’d rather discuss Russian farmers than agonizing further about a week or so of delay.



Hey, how come he gets a squadron of Viggens for crashing but I – despite being of part Swedish descent myself – only get the one and Erl Sis keeps spamming Flankers at me while I keep shooting them down with RB-24Js? Don’t I get a special reward for bringing my Viggen back and downing 4th gen fighter jets with it?

Will do the same with the Farmer, eventually. Just replace “Flanker” with F-14, F-15, and F/A-18.


I suspect @Troll has made more molds for Viggen parts. Thousands of them.


A Swedish jet made from Danish molds? Continue… :thinking:


Agreed. I like the ladies fellas. But I browse the forum at work when I’m not doing anything and I don’t need boobs scrolling past the screen. Sorry, but it just keeps some of us out of trouble in a crazy PC world.


Wags - “There just needs a litttle more work on the flight model…”

Everyone see the extra T in “little”? - T-45 confirmed!


I think being delayed makes the model even more realistic! When has anything built for the armed services ever arrived on time.

Its called “immersion” people😂


Indeed. And when people pay for it, Paypal should charge double! :rofl: We want realism!


If they do that I’m never gonna need VR I’m just gonna be over exposed to realism.
let’s go whole hog. Mudspike state budget committees. Mudspike military procurement fact finding missions to Tahiti.

bribes for crooked reviews and back door deals. YES YES YES!


These are both things already. I’m writing off all my vacations for Mudspike Research.


C’mon! He’s a bit sensitive, you know…


Unless he’s on the stick and rudder. :grimacing: