Not bad, but to be fair it’s quite… stiff?


Well it is work in progress so yeah. Better robotoc animation than none at all. Now what is the proper Soviet way to “keep up international relations”? :cccp:


Hehehe agree on everything.


I like it. Yeah a bit robotic but better than what we got now. Good Job guys.


Did a little research:

According to the fount of infinite wisdom, wikipedia the Russians use the “Bras d’honeur” or “Italian salute” in the same way westerners use their middle fingers. Younger Russians use their middle fingers, like westerners.


*Orgoglio si intensifica *


Wait a minute, the first one is the very racist Tomahawk chop! How insensitive! How…некультурный!!


IP holders? What IP holders?



That would be these people:


Haha (XaXa) I don’t think they’d be willing to part withtheir anthem written just before the Great Patriottic War that they have kept even after the CCCP dissolved. Especially not for something dug up, rearranged and performed by Hollywood.

The song from Red October is awesome, but the Soviet national anthem kicks its ass all the way to tomorrow imo. And not just because of history. It just sounds awesome. Squadrons of Tu-22M awesome.

Real Russian starts with this,

Then ends up like this:

Ivan will have none of your дерьмо or mass armor starts rolling, da?!


Oh, well played sir. I shouldn’t have laughed that hard.


English,Russian and Chinese Cockpit Labels and Manuals with release of Module


Supa Excited for this English Pit is a great addition


But there was hardly any mention of the Farmer in the monthly update. I dont know what’s up w that. Sometimes I feel its imminent, others I feel its months away. They talk about Strike Eagle and Mirage 5k. For sure they are 2019 or even 2020 projects.
Nah! I’m disappointed w the lack of info.


I think RAZBAM stated in last months update video they would be taking questions regarding The Strike Eagle since a 3D Artist on the project would be interviewed.
As far as I know The Mig-19P is next in RAZBAM’s pipeline.


Oh ok. Makes sense now. Thanks Phantom.


Some New Shots Up


I feel the need, the need for скорость! (speed)


I don’t know if you want to be stating that openly in a family-friendly forum.


That’s why he did it here instead.

Have you seen the pics in the tomcat thread? This place is definitely NSFW

In any event, hoping we get the Farmer by the spring. Betwixt the Hornet and the Tomcat, I’ll be down for changing gears and flying red for a bit :slight_smile: