Rocket League: Mudspikers


Rocket Pass coming December 10th.

Looks like @Rhinosaurus had better finish up with destiny 2 before then.


I’m on for a bit ahead of R6, then again after.


On for an early session tonight, if anyone can make it.


Thanks for the play @saghen and @Andrew116. Faced a few awesome players, good fun trying to hang on against them.


Whelp. I got sucked in and purchased Rocket Pass 2.

Who’s with me?


I’m IN!


Not sure. I went through it and don’t really like most of the stuff in this one. The goal explosion is kinda lame. Not a fan of the Carmen couple wheels are neat but other than that…


Ah, well I actually like the added variety, the mix of different stuff (even on-off items). It’ll be a fun boost to my library of toys.

The Artemis has some fantastic engine sounds, BTW.


I gotta admit I like the free stuff more than most of the paid stuff…


Playing rocket league for an hour or so. come. @Rhinosaurus @Andrew116 @adlabs6 @boomerang10 @wingman1387


Ah… I just missed you guys. I had to do most of my play earlier than usual, and only now got back.

Oh well, see you tomorrow night at the usual time!


Good play last night, saghen.

The RL Christmas holiday stuff is kicking off too, BTW.


Wow, my play last night was fantastic. I realized after the session what it was that put me completely over the top: Windows 10 Updates! Yes, I totally recommend all you guys get a Win10 update going during your Rocket League session. Makes all the difference.

I’ll be on again this evening. Hopefully I can get another Win10 update, tonight.


Adlabs and I are playing, in case anybody wants to join us. 50% off at steam!


Due to issues with Arma, I’m good for some play starting about now. I’ll be on TS.


@rocketleague christmas eve car soccer


I can maybe play a bit, in an hour or so. I’ll post back if/when I’m on.

I’m also going to be researching what we can do with Discord to setup a new communications hub for both RL play, and maybe R6, too.


I’ll be able to play later. I’m in the middle of cooking dinner, but I’ll be able to play after. Rhino mentioned that he’d probably be on tonight too.


Ok, yea my play window has been pushed back (another hour at least)… so it should all work out for playing a bit later!


I’m just putting my kids to bed and then I’ll be free to play all evening. Wife is sick and going to bed so time is mine lol.