Rudder pedals on hardwood floors

Since we moved into our new (to us) home, I’ve been chasing my rudder pedals around the Brazilian hardwood floor in my man-attic. The Saitek Combat Pros have rubber feet, but they seem to last only about an hour after wiping clean. Perhaps the rubber is hardened from age. I do vacuum under the desk about every two weeks, so dust is at a minimum. Thinking of using some sort of rubber pad, similar to what lines tool drawers. But I don’t want to damage the wood. Anyone come up with a good solution for this? TIA

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Are you near the wall?
I sat a couple 2x4 off cuts behind mine against the baseboard so they can’t slide backwards.

In this pic of my chair’s swapped out feet (originally casters) you can see it behind my Saitek’s.

I just got TPR’s so now the two boards are side by side instead of end to end.


What sort of seat/chair are you using?

Yes, well that amplifies the issue a bit. Herman Miller Aeron on rollers. Try dogfighting in a Camel with your chair rolling around and your rudder pedals are sliding away! It’s like riding a mechanical bull after a few tequila shots.


Mine are strapped to a wheelstand Pro with centre mounted joystick stand. Great bit of kit and now modular. It extends backwards far enough to but up against the skirting board. I try for pics soon

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I’ve got the same issue. Same pedals. I was just going to bolt the to the floor but I need them in different spots for different aircraft. i.e. my XP 727 with yoke and throttle quad is a very different set up than DCS fighters=which is different from DCS helos. :thinking:

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Possibly use Velcro strips?

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My wife just got me a rug that fit the area at the time and that worked well enough. It also kept me from causing any damage from the chair rolling over the bare wood.

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I got this idea from either SimHQ or the ED forums but basically a flat board to mount pedals to, with either velcro or sets of screw holes - plus a slot for one of the casters to fall into and hold the chair.

Used this before we moved as I was using a table in front of my 50" TV at the time so there was no wall to use as a stop.


I removed the wheels of the Office chair I use. :stuck_out_tongue:


cheap carpet?

Where did you get those feet @Wes?
Now I’m Tiger Feet in my head lol

Some good ideas. I’m trying to keep the room presentable. Half is used for music and the other for gaming. On the music side, I’ve thrown an Asian carpet, which works surprisingly well with the slanted ceiling to manage acoustics. On the gaming side, I like the floor bare so the the chair can roll around. Its rollers are high quality and don’t mark the floor. I’m thinking that the board with some big rubber feet would be pretty good. When the leg heals, I must get out in the garage to look at what wood scraps are waiting to become a rudder platform.

I also like the idea of a pedal upgrade :grinning:!

It was these ones, from my purchase history:

There are tons on Amazon, just pull one caster out and double check the stem’s diameter and length versus the product descriptions / diagram before you order.

I’m thinking about installing EMAS under my chair rollers…


Any piece of foam insulation board might actually work for that, at a fraction of the real price!


Did I mention my asbestos lined helmet?

Another idea maybe is getting a large silicone mat to put under the pedals (you can cut to size). They are no slip and thin as well as cheap:


Not to take anything away from the joy of intoxicated bullriding, but this is what I did, as well:

But I had two holes in my plate.


yoga mat

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