Samsung Odyssey & Odyssey Plus News



So I just checked, and setting the “Application Resolution” slider in the SteamVR settings to 100% makes my resolution 1430 x 1773

Kind of weird, as the Odyssey’s physical resolution is supposed to be 1440 x 1600

Apparently it is a combination of the lens asymmetry and compatibility.

Lens asymmetry causes you to see a different aspect ratio than 1440 x 1600 so Steam games should know this, hence why in SteamVR, games are told to render for 1430 x 1773 (slightly wider)


Just shut down the pc for the night, realized while sitting on the toilet that we should add this step to the Samsung Odyssey guide wiki.

Edit: done, works pretty well on mobile. Biological high-latency RAM still had it buffered


So much inspiration comes from cooling your cheaks on porcelain.


Been following this - thanks for all these updates.

@BeachAV8R - what are your system specs.

I have i7, 32 GB, 1070 - and DCS plays great for me - wondering how well O+ would run.

Do you notice any difference in resources between your Rift and O+ - does it take more to power the O+ with these new features ?


I finally got an email today from Samsung that mine shipped if anyone is wondering how backordered they are. (Ordered on 10/28)


so, what settings to use - the VR experience is great, but it looks all grainy and blurry for me (O+)

Do you setup just what is in DCS or anything in StreamVR ?


Rumor has it the O+ might be going on sale for $300 for Black Friday. If that were the case, it might be worth it for an Early Adopter like me to return mine to the Microsoft Store and save $200… I wonder if the MS Store would price match to save me the hassle? Heck…I’ll take $200 in store credit…


This sale may or may not be true…who knows…these Early Black Friday sales circular leaks can sometimes be sketchy…

Actually it looks legit since it shows up on the Samsung website as a deal:

Our Samsung Odyssey (+) first impressions, tips, and tricks...

If I can snag one for $300 it’s a done deal. Of course, it doesn’t start until Saturday. I start a trip on Saturday :frowning: . Maybe I can get one online at that price.


I might even bite for that price, but would love to get my hands on a demo first. Doesn’t that usually portend a new model is due to launch? Anyone tried the SO and SO+ side by side?


I’m kind of surprised they would put it on sale at such a deep discount considering it was only just released. That’s going to upset a lot of folks who supported the product at launch just a short time ago. Maybe they made a mistake and they really mean the original Odyssey headset.


Yeah…wouldn’t be the first time someone in the ad-copy department made a goof…I’m surprised at that too…


That’s a very good price.

Nothing sales-wise on it up in Canada, and I don’t want to return and then US-ship for something I can’t get a non-US warranty on. The other thing to bear in mind is that they might stock-limit at that price for the day, so if reddit/social media etc has hold of this leak then you’ll need to be pretty quick on that cart button draw! :boom: :gun:

Worth a shot on the day though.


I’m more inclined to beg MS for some sort of price match or store credit. They can only say no I suppose. Good news is, I have that [email protected] e-mail account just sitting idle…


It’s worth a shot, always. If I told you Microsoft Store actually has a ‘no price match’ policy, and that Steve Ballmer left Microsoft early in 2014, I don’t want that to dissuade you. The MS Store employee probably knows neither. :slight_smile:


[email protected]?

Competition from the afterworld…


Looks like Microsoft is having another go at releasing update 1809 that includes the flashlight and a bunch of Windows Mixed Reality changes:


Stolen from reddit:

  • Mixed Reality Flashlight - Open a portal into the real world to find your keyboard, see someone nearby, or take a look at your surroundings without removing your headset! You can turn on Mixed Reality Flashlight from the Start menu, by pressing Windows + Grab on your motion controller, or by saying “Flashlight on/off.” Point your controller in the direction of what you want to see, like using a flashlight in the dark.
  • New apps and ways to launch content in the mixed reality home
    • If you’re using Windows Mixed Reality for SteamVR, your SteamVR titles now show up in the Start menu and app launchers for each can be placed in the mixed reality home.
    • New 360 Videos app for discovering a regularly-curated selection of 360-degree videos.
    • New WebVR Showcase app for discovering a regularly-curated selection of WebVR experiences.
    • First-time Windows Mixed Reality customers will enter the Cliff House and find it pre-populated with 3D app launchers for some of our favorite immersive apps and games from the Microsoft Store.
    • Microsoft Edge windows now include a Share button.
  • Quick actions menu - From within an immersive mixed reality app, you can press the Windows button to access a new quick actions menu, with easy access to SteamVR menu , photo/video capture , flashlight , and home .
  • Support for backpack PCs - Windows Mixed Reality immersive (VR) headsets run on backpack PCs without requiring a display emulator once setup has been completed.
  • New audio features - You can now mirror the audio from a Windows Mixed Reality experience to both the audio jack (or headphones) in your headset and an audio device connected to your PC (like external speakers). We’ve also added a visual indicator for volume level in your headset’s display.
  • Other improvements
    • Mixed Reality Portal updates are now delivered through the Microsoft Store, enabling quicker updates between major Windows releases. Note that this only applies to the desktop app and the Windows Mixed Reality headset experience still updates with the OS.
    • When headsets go to sleep, Windows Mixed Reality apps are suspended instead of terminated (until Mixed Reality Portal is closed).

Our Samsung Odyssey (+) first impressions, tips, and tricks...

Downloading the Windows Update now. Wish me luck.


I’m just backing some stuff up, just in-case. Thinking I might do this tomorrow…

Let us know if it works :slight_smile:


Oh…it looks like it’s going fi @#(@ @**[email protected]@#!!-(FJ:KLJ…