Show us your sim pit!


LOVE the additions to that chair!


Thanks man. It has turned out just as I pictured it in my head at the start. Actually a bit better than I had hoped for. Also, have a Buttkicker G2 attached to it(usb hubs to plug everything into of course as well) and am waiting on an Fanatec e-brake that will find a home on it too. The nice thing is the chair does not make a noise when in use and all functions have been retained, back lean/height/twist and rock adjustments are not affected by all the stuff attached. Plus, all can be swung out of the way and the chair is fine to use for reg gen usage. Feels solid as a rock even after 2yrs of use.


Unfortunately, I’ve never been able to figure out how to get the rails on the canopy to line up. I know there was a GeForce feature that did that, but I haven’t found it in years.


Sell the monitors, get an oculus.


because spreadsheets in VR doesn’t sound like a circle of hell at all.


Can’t you just adjust that via the Nvidia control panel under surround options?


Just imagine being the NSA guy in charge of spying on 4chan.


I had a way to do it maybe 3 years ago, but I can’t find it for the life of me nowadays. I’ll keep looking.

Another thing is that getting to 3 screens is probably a 1-in-5 chance every time I boot up.

I DO have an Oculus on another machine with a 1080, but it’s pretty hot, and it’s using a T1600 system that’s not attached to anything. It’s pretty loosey goosey.

I probably need to buy an hour with @Sryan to see if we can keep the screens stable. Ryan - you up for that on a study break some time?


A lot of cool setups here! Thought I’d show mine, I have a very cramped place to live in so it’s nice and compact.

Not shown is my trusty force controlled TM Cougar. As you can see it’s a little Falcon-orientated but works surprisingly great for almost any tactical sim. Latest additions where the 8" LCD monitors, which I can recommend to anybody.


Those little monitors are sweet!


Can you share more info on your LCD’s, such as make model, place of purchase, pleez?




Hey trevorr610 sure, it this one

Depending on shipping options, it might not be the most cost-effective way to go but the quality of these is OK, particularly because of the high res. The only thing is the slightly small view-angle, which is not a problem for me but something to keep in mind.


Thanks for the link. Are they basically just a drop in fit or do you have to do some modifications to them?


No they’re pretty much plug and play, although I didn’t have so many HDMI ports so I had to adapt to DisplayPort. Double sided tape for the MFD frames and that was it really.


Hey Easy,

Thanks for the link.



Thanks Easy, have been considering mini LCD’s for my TM MFD’s for a while, would need to check my Titan X available outputs though, because as well as my main monitor I have a second monitor and an Oculus Rift plugged into it already … I have read of mini LCD monitors with just a USB interface that can be used with the TM MFD’s though … must get researching again, really wish there was a plug and play dedicated LCD for the TM MFD’s of their size … would pay a reasonable price for 2 of them in a heart beat.


Finally have 3 MFDs and the A-10C UFC mounted and functional in DCS.


Just purchased some TM cougar panels yesterday and mounted them to my 80/20 rig via good old velcro. No screens in them though. (That would be awesome, but probably redundant with VR hopefully making more strides in the future.) Anyway, I don’t think I’m any faster in using them than I am using a mouse, but it does feel a bit more “natural” than trying to operate a mouse.


The reasoning that brought me to buy the TM Panels was simply that I was really bothered that I had to literally lock my head still while trying to mouse-in some switch in the cockpit or the switch would slip away from under the pointer.

Trust me you might no be faster now, but give it time and you’ll see…

My only real hint is, don’t put any HOTAS controls on MFDs- stick to stuff that would really require a pilot to leave the stick or throttles.


I’m trying to figure out a way I can mount a third center panel like in the F18 on my rig (like what chipwich did) so that when I go back to VR from time to time (or permanently if the tech improves) I’ll be able to reach out in the approximate location of where they would be in the virtual world and actually use them in the real world.