Show us your sim pit!


As someone who did play on a 42" 4K TV, I can assure there you is a reasonable way to solve this problem.

Buy a VR headset :slight_smile:

The clarity of 4K is nice, but I’ve found the immersion of VR to be inescapable.


I use 55 inch 4k TV and I’m basically sat about 5 feet from it. I need to be a bit closer as I find it hard to read gauges from that distance and I don’t think my r290x2 is vr ready if I’m honest…

Construction time I think as the TV is amazing but just too far away from my rubbish eyes.


Well i just bought some plywood. Time to make homepit number 8 or maybe 14 ?? My pits always evolve. Making pits etc… is too fun to stop just after one.

Now aker barnes mk.1 will be base but i will redraw it to be suited for my center stick and VR setup :slight_smile:


Tuned my old pit, new is still under work.

But least i can fly now , that trackball mouse is best thing ever for VR


There’s some poetry to the amazing collision of old-school and new-school simming hardware here. Rock on!


Yes, i like my retro stuff too much to throw it away.

That suncom throttle is great, quite 1:1 copy of F-15E throttle , was bit pain to rewire to arduino :stuck_out_tongue:

Pedals are nice, ball bearing and solid metal. I may make wheel brakes to them but i really like to russian style wheelbrake lever in T-50 stick so its not number one priority.


My sim pit is done! I found big mouse pad material to cover the whole deck with. The bottom of the pad is the tan color and has a rubber grip feel. The top mouse side is the white fabric - not thrilled with the color, but it is what it is (it is made to be “sublimated” - like in a heat transfer print process). It won’t stay white for long… and I don’t know how to print on a surface that big.

This pad material is in two thicknesses - 6mm for the desktop, and 1.5mm for the upper deck and keyboard tray.

A lower crossbar was added to support the rudders - the subwoofer was not enough to hold the rudders in panic mode…

Man, we need a dog. That ^^^ popcorn has been there for two days.

This is the ‘upper deck’ with the wiring for a USB hub and mic. There is another USB hub under the table for the stick, throttle and rudders -

I figured a way to mount the mic using a plastic cable clamp -

This is the ‘keyboard tray’ with an old HP wireless kb on it. The tray is a thin piece of stock to support the kb over the deck cutout when I’m not using the joystick, it slides up under when not needed -

Lower crossbar painted, popcorn picked up, and the cat says we donna want no stenken dog…

All done.