Siege (Rainbow Six)/ Mudspike Ground Ops


Ubisoft for some reason thinks I haven’t been playing so they sent me an email.

I apparently have 4477 kills, of which 2529 are headshots. Little disappointed the ratio is that low to be honest!


I got that email too, had to laugh. As though twice (or more) weekly play is not enough!

My Kill/Headshot numbers are worse: 5106/2695


Just as a heads up to anybody (ahem, @adlabs6 ), there is a patch for Siege. Might want to get that downloaded before tomorrow.


Thanks, all downloaded.


1.8GB done.


Thanks saghen, I’ll get it done ahead of tonight’s play. See you guys there!


I may play some Siege tonight. I’ll be on TS if anybody’s interested in playing a few rounds.

EDIT: All done!


I’m up for some shooting. @ground-ops


Sure, I’ll be on for some R6 in just a couple minutes.

EDIT: Ok, I’ve played a few and out. Catch you guys next time!


I’ll be on again tonight. Got an hour in last night. Probably be available around 8 or 830 eastern. Willing to play longer if others are playing.


Ok, I can jump on for a bit during that time. See you there!


Yes, I’ll be there.


That was a fun session. Too bad we didn’t get more rounds with the Marshal in.

What is it about Seige that makes losing almost as much fun as winning?


I could play in about an hour…


I can too …


I’m transferring it to an SSD right now so I’d like to test it out.


I’m on for a bit, before playing some Elite.


Good games last night! Siege is fun.


I’m on for an hour. Super late notice, but all welcome. @ground-ops


anyone? @ground-ops