Siege (Rainbow Six)/ Mudspike Ground Ops


Still around? I just finished an Arma3 session, could do some Siege.

I’ll catch a game next time!


How about tonight, Tuesday, at 9:00 pm EST. ? (Thought I’d start this early so everyone might see it.)


Yep, could do. I’ll post within 1 hour of 9pm EST with a sure yes or no.


Ok, sounds good !



Sorry for all the late notices… I tend to just decide based on what I’ve got going on that evening.


I can play, will be there at 9 EST!


Great see you then !


I’m around already, and will be in for normal play session.


Villa! (say it with an Italian accent) :slight_smile:

It’s got a wine cellar … say no more.


Looking good !


Siege free weekend this May 17-20! …


I’m away all weekend so you new players can get some kills :wink:


Calling on @Rhinosaurus’s nemesis, @Andrew116! :slight_smile:


Anyone interested in playing for a bit tonight and trying out operators that you haven’t bought yet for free ?


Oh… Do current owners get to play all operators for free during this? If so, yea I’ll try to make some time for it tonight.

Usual time, 9pm Eastern?


Hmm, short answer, I don’t really know. But I tried it and I can’t access any operators except the ones I purchased. Boooo. …


Aww… Well I’ll still try to play a bit tonight at 9pm Eastern. I could use some distraction.


Ok, see you at 9:00.


Check it out … Rainbow Six - Pro League Finals - Live from Atlantic City right now. This is actually a thing! :smiley:

Let’s quit our day jobs and start practicing hardcore LOL!


You and I will ragequit within 20 mins of the practice session and go work at Timmie’s.