Siege (Rainbow Six)/ Mudspike Ground Ops


LOL! Imagine me, a 51 year old, up there on the panel with the rest of those kids! :slight_smile:

Oh geeze, I think Prof might look a little more like that. :slight_smile:


I think Prof looks like this when he’s laughing maniacally.


I can’t stop laughing … stupid sexy Prof. :smiley:

I also find it funny that I don’t think he knows how to work the forums. :smiley: Oh, he’ll see this message, but that’s pretty much it.


He ! where you get my picture !


Anyone ??


I’m in the R6 channel if anyone wants to play.


Sorry Rhino, we were all on the Monday night Arma III session. :slight_smile:


anyone around tonight? @ground-ops


Yeah, I can be around for bit. What time ?


I am around from now until when the hell ever


On my way.


Anyone playing tonight ? I moved all my games around and put Rainbow six on the SSD. I want to give that a try ! :slight_smile:


I’m showing up just to see your performance improvement. :slight_smile:


I’ll be there in just a couple of minutes.


lol improved performance. He’s just loading faster :wink:


Yup, game loads faster and I still suck ! :slight_smile:


Any Siege Ops tonight? 9PM?


Sure, I can be there at 9:00.


for a bit prob


Sure, will be there at 9.