Siege (Rainbow Six)/ Mudspike Ground Ops


Anyone playing anything tonight?

Was going to suggest some American Truck Sim but I’d need to set up the multiplayer again, I don’t have New Mexico, and it looks like @saghen is the only one who has it other than me and Beach?

Anything else we can play? Could always do some siege, though I wouldn’t mind something else (even non-shooty)


I don’t have anything non-shooty.


Me neither but I’d play some rainbow 6.


ok, well I’m on ts


Ok, I’m there now as well.


So about trying some Rocket League… Does anybody actually own this? Do it’s multiplayer modes fit what we do? Squad-only coop or versus? Or are we forced to match-make?


Game is %25 off at greenmangaming with JUNE25 promo code.

It’ll likely be on a better sale in the steam summer sale coming up end of June though, so I’m going to wait. Steam has the game of the year edition that bundles some DLC in for not much more too, so better deal there.


Hmm. Yea I’ll wait and see on the Steam price. For $15 USD I’d sooner go with Terraforming Mars, or something.


I’ve been curious about Rocket League for about a year or two now. I’ve seen some respected gamers playing it so I checked out the reviews today. Stellar! So I picked it up and tried it out. WARNING – THIS GAME IS HIGHLY ADDICTIVE! As if I needed another addiction!

The game is quite mature and polished now after a number of years after release so it can do pretty much anything multiplayer wise. 1v1, 2v2, 3v3, 4v4 (I hear 4 players on a team gets insanely hectic), plus all the aforementioned vs pretty good AI teams from what I hear.


I’m on to play 20 minutes or so, before heading out.


Get your SSDs ready boys, Operation Para Bellum content dropping on Thursday, June 7th.


Oh great. Looking forward to you saying everything in your Italian accent for the next two weeks. :smiley:


Won’t you have to be able to see his hands??


Operation Para Bellum with the new map is now available. It’s a 5.6 Gb. download so the sooner you start downloading, the sooner you can try it out. :slight_smile:




Thank @Prof I’m all patched.

@saghen looks like a nice discount. I’ll be watching the Steam sale for something similar.


Steam price history shows that another dollar is about the lowest that game had ever gone. I wouldn’t expect anything more. Game is still to popular for anything more than 50% off if you ask me.

Edit: I’ll be picking it up tonight hopefully. Prefer to do it from cpu than phone.


I don’t think gmg has the gotta edition, do they? I thought you are holding out for that one.

There’s no point to buying any game unless adlabs buys it. MP will die unless it involves adlabs.


Goty not on GMG no. At least not on PC. But all dlc also 45% off


Imagines a GIF of somebody blowing a raspberry at that

I’m set to buy in the Steam sale. At $10 to $12, I’ll go for it. It doesn’t have to reach $5. :stuck_out_tongue: