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Because I am pretty much restricted to SP and because AI opponents suck in just about all racing sims; time trials, hill climbs, rally stages, etc are my preference. e.g. I can’t remember the last timeI did anything on Assetto Corsa other than the Nordschleife ‘Bridge to Gantry’, but having a heap of different cars to do it in keeps it fresh…


I have a suspicion that most bad AI behavior happens on 3rd party tracks. For instance, I find the AI in AMS2 and ACC pretty raceable. But these two sims have in-house produced tracks only. Not saying that you can’t get good racing out of RF2 and AC, but it seems to be the exception. And on some tracks, they do the dumbest things and can be ruthless. In RF2 they can be really aggressive, to the point of ramming you off of the line, even at 20%. I think that 20% aggression might mean that you have a 20% chance of surviving a race.


That about sums it up for me across the board. It has gotten better over the years, but I hate having to turn collision damage off to have any hope of finishing a race and the dog hates it when I yell at the computer because of the dumb AI.


I don’t yell at the AI, I curse the births of the developers for whatever I dislike about their game.

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The only racing games I got mad at the AI cars with where the arcadey ones - ToCA series, for example. The proper racing ones never gave me a problem. I usually have their skill pretty high but their aggression (where it can be set) at low or similar.

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Speaking of AI and rF2, last night I tried a GTE/GT3 race on their latest track, Long Beach, and the AI was pretty well behaved at 100% strength / 50% aggression. I got my rear end handed to me too, which means that they’ve tuned the AI for this track really well. At least for the GTE cars. In the past, I found the Studio 397 tracks seemed like they were ported from the original rFactor, but Long Beach is really beautiful, with a high attention to detail.

Looking at their release candidate for the Q2 update, there are a number of AI changes.


  • Reworked AI throttle behaviour

    • Less overshooting, more controlled deceleration
    • Improved acceleration with less wheelspin
    • Improved corner exits
    • Eliminated even more sources of oscillation
    • Improved laptimes for certain vehicles
    • Pit speed limit won’t be overshot
    • Stop positions (grid, pit box) will no longer be overshot
  • Reworked AI reaction to other vehicles (road courses)

    • AI will now properly slipstream other vehicles
    • Overtaking occurs if AI can achieve overlap before the next corner, otherwise the AI will save fuel
    • Multiclass: Faster classes will no longer slow down when trying to overtake slower classes
    • Multiclass: Faster classes avoid overtaking unless they can get fully past before the apex
    • Multiclass: Faster classes will attempt to carry more momentum, and lift off early if no overtaking opportunity exists
    • AI will now be more cautious when other cars are around
    • AI can now use more of the space following other cars, for proper drafting behaviour
    • More cautious when yellow flags are ahead or under FCY
    • Player and other cars will no longer be rear ended unless a sudden unexpected lane change makes a reaction impossible
    • When cars ahead are in a fight, AI will now set up for an overtake on corner exit
    • AI won’t hesitate to go 3-wide if the situation allows for it, but will pull out before the next braking zone if an overtake seems too dangerous
    • Less incident prone with large grids

I recently started following Daniel Morad on the Tube. He’s a real world GT driver (and part time sim racer). He has one helluva sim rig.

Braking advice


Dear @TeTeT, our local Low Fuel Racing (LFM) expert. I signed up for LFM and connected no problemo to a practice server, with the goal of running an rF2 Rookie race. But there haven’t been any with more than a couple of drivers. Is that an rF2 or Rookie thing? Perhaps they are more filled earlier in the week?

Hi, I found that the European evening sessions had often the required 8 drivers for a ranked race. Earlier in the European afternoon and later at night, not so much. I think of the 15 races or so that I did, two or three were unranked, e.g. with a low participation.


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If it’s attractive to me, I’d sign up - then you’d have another adversary for the rookie sessions :slight_smile:

I might add that while I’m quite easily outdoing myself compared to my times from pre-VR racing (late noughties) I’m still about as fast as a slug on crutches.

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Thanks TeTet. I found that there were plenty in the Sat 1700 GMT and later. That works well for me since I am GMT -4.

Don’t feel too badly Johnny, I quallied 14 of 17 and finished P11 in my first race. I had driven neither Oulten Park nor the Porsche 718 before yesterday, but the track was easy enough to learn and the car is really fun to drive. Well balanced. Both are in the Steam Workshop, so no expense needed if you own rF2.

At my age, I’m just happy to be able to get out there and drive. It’s pretty amazing that some drivers can get a 1:34 lap to my pb 1:41:052 on a fixed setup. I need to watch some of those sub 1:36 laps to see where they are getting an advantage.


Ok - no worries - I usually race myself to try and get faster laps. I only started properly racing the AI with VR sims.
Oulton Park is one of my favourite tracks - not because I particularly like the layout, but I had to race on it so many times that I decided to learn it properly and now I know where I can gain time on the AI and where I have to watch out for them. I like driving it mostly in trainer type formulas - Formula Ford is ace at Oulton. I remember I used to enjoy racing them there back in the old Race Driver 2 days, as well.

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Maybe this is the right thread, but show me the door if not.

I used to spend a great deal of time in the original Forza and Gran Tourismo during high school and college, and also raced and did track days IRL. The love of my life was and will always be my Acura (Honda) Integra Type R (DC2, specifically).

It’s not in the cards to own another ITR at the moment - or anything fun for that matter - but I’ve been feeling the desire recently.

I’ve discovered that Forza Horizon 5 has a very, very good visual and audio model of the Type R, and a few gameplay videos has me considering how I can play it.

My dilemma is that my gaming setup is a dedicated cockpit for DCS in VR, and doesn’t offer enough flexibility to switch back and forth to racing in any reasonable amount of time and effort.

I’ll have to do a desk setup, then, but has anyone actually played Horizon 5 with, say, the Logitech G923? I’m curious if the force feedback function works (I know that the haptic/vibration does not).

I love the open world concept of Horizon, but will I likely be disappointed with the physics/dynamics?

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I haven’t driven Forza Horizen, but they must be good, because two of them are in the top five racing games on Steam in 2023. Please discuss here, as the group would most likely benefit.

As far as having a desk or cockpit that is suitable for both, I could never make that work, because I prefer as center mounted flight stick. But some do it well. There are some examples in the sim pit thread

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Mine takes roughly 10 mins to swap, Which is way to long and has me searching for a second monitor and chair set up so I can just take the 2 seconds to switch over monitor cables.

I play with a G920, haven’t in awhile but will give it a go tonight or tomorrow.

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Nowadays I have two set-ups back-to-back. This way I have a PC desk with all my flight sim gubbins attached and if I simply turn my chair through 180° I have another PC desk with all the driving gubbins attached :slight_smile:


ACC 1.9 is apparently going to be a huge update packed with new physics, suspension, electronics, tire modeling and content- at least 3 new cars and some tracks part of a 2023 DLC. Look for it this Wed 19 April


Both AC and ACC are on sale, AC ultimate is less than $10

ACC is $12 with all DLC being an additional $45

That’s a great deal for both, but I’m reminded of a cheap ink jet printer or a free razor :rofl:

Well that’s not good at all, and I’ll tell you why - I actually posted on the Steam discussion about this and it was something many grumblingly agreed over.

I don’t have all the DLC for AC, but it won’t let me buy the DLC I don’t own - it will only let me buy a pack that already includes stuff I’ve got, so I’d have to pay for it twice.

Recently AC was on sale for silly money, with all DLC included, so buying it would be a good idea, even though I have bits of it (and the sim, of course) yet Steam won’t let me buy it, as the base sim’s already in my library.

Total load of horlix :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:

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