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Hi Dan - no, I’ve downloaded a content manager but as the add-ons I’m using are pretty simple, I just put them in place myself. Most of the add-on cars simply have a single folder that goes in the cars folder, so no problems. Only a few have an extra folder - and that’s Fonts, so again, no worry with that.

The track add-ons are also just a case of one track folder going into the Tracks folder in the Content directory, so not much can really go wrong with installing them.

After that frustration I had a look on the internet and there are really loads of people who’ve had issues with VR stopping working with AC. So instead I spent the whole day installing all the cars and tracks I had - didn’t realise I had so many!

Tomorrow I have another day free, so I will try AC again then. I really hope I can get it working again in Vr as I have a huge list of over 80 tracks and 100 cars I’m keen to test. Not all in one day, mind… :smile:

PS - I made a mistake, I did have Daytona and the other tracks in the sim - I just went the wrong way in the menu - forwards. Never thought to go backwards as well.

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btw - don’t forget the 2023 BTCC season starts this weekend! :traffic_light: :red_car: :blue_car: :racing_car: :tractor:

Right - after clean reinstalling AC it did work - though it meant constantly switching between 2D and 3D - maybe that was normal, I can’t remember. (i.e. between in VR driving and desktop for the UI).
I must admit, it didn’t take my fancy much - probably like the first time I drove it and why i uninstalled it for a few years. I might have another go later, but I was unimpressed by the FFB - the only feedback I got was the steering spring.

I did do quite a few laps of Nürburgring in the GT3 McLaren, Bentley and Aston Martins in ACC though, and thoroughly enjoyed it. The FFB was a bit lacking with that, too. Again, I only got steering forces and no kerbs - though the sound was distinct enough to hear when going over them, but that defeats the object of buying an expensive FFB wheel. I set the Kerbs at 85% FFB, yet still not a tickle through the wheel.

I’ll have to look into that. Maybe I will have to install the dreaded G-Hub after all, which I really don’t like and is why I sought out the alternative Logitech Gaming Software.

Eventually I had to stop cos the Pico 4 was making my forehead sore - must have been a bit loose and rubbing against my skin.

Quick ACC question,

Does the time multiplier affect driver stint?

Example if i do a 24 hour race with a time multiplier of x24 and a driver stint of 15 mins. Will i do 3 driver swaps or 100?

Also does the time multiplier affect tyre weather a fuel consumption?

Not sure about ACC specifically, but in most sims time acceleration only effects the daylight cycle. Driver swaps are mandated arbitrarily by the race rules. When they take place is up to team management with regards to fuel and/or tire consumption and driver fatigue considerations. Fuel, brake pad, and tire consumption are also usually independent of time acceleration, and calculated against real time.

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Now you can combine you love of racing sims and flight sims - for free! :rofl:

URD is offering the infamous Mercedes CLR LM car for free. Go to URD, click Shop > Assetto Corsa, and you will see it there.


F1 23 reveal tomorrow

F1 Manager 23 news


AMS 2… Nordschleife 1971 Historic layout released! Run yo updater


I think that my relationship with rFactor 2 is best summarized by a quote from this YouTube video, “rFactor 2 is like that person that you are always in conflict with, but you know that if that person would disappear, your world would not be the same anymore.”

rF2 has come a really long way since 2013, but obviously still lags some more polished titles, namely ACC, in features and performance. X-Plane 12 vs MSFS 2020 anyone? Perhaps a change at the helm of the parent company will help.

But it sure does drive well. And it can look good too, if one is selective about picking a track/car combo.

Since the Spa WEC 6 hours was last weekend, I’ve been using that track for testing and single player races. Much has been said about the quality of the physics and tire modeling in rF2 and on a track with at least two 6 gear corners, Eau Rouge and Blanchimont, Spa allows one to fully appreciate the quality of the driving experience.

Along with some GTE cars, I worked through most of the Hypercars available for rF2. For sure there are not as many LMH/LMDH missiles available in fF2 as there are for AC, where you can fill out the entire IMSA WeatherTech and WEC grids. But what is there, is generally very high quality.

Two of them, the Glickenhaus SCG 007 and the ByKolles Vanwall Vandervell (say that 5 times), and were created with the assistance of the real life racing teams. Both of these are less well funded, non-hybrid LMH cars racing WEC only, that have been lagging behind the larger factory efforts in performance. Those results are expected to improve later in the season due to BOP adjustments and further development.

Scuderia Glickenhaus SCG 007

Last night I drove the Vanwall for the first time and OMG, is it a beast. I’m slightly quicker in it than its URD stablemate, the Moyoda (Toyota GazooRacing) Hypercar 2021. The Vanwall has amazing sound, a highly detailed interior, and ridiculous performance. Part of the 2022 Q4 content drop and available in the Steam Workshop.


Nice write up @chipwich .

I think I missed the rf2 boat (or not). I was a big rf1 user (along with simbin’s GTR and GTL). Rf1 mods regularly used: CTDP F1, Porsche Cup and LMP/GT mods to name a few. I slowly migrated to iRacing in 2008 and that became an investment. (Then kids happened shortly thereafter :baby:) by the time rf2 came out i was mostly iracing only for the multiplayer aspect. I got into Assetto Corsa for a bit when it first came out.

But i have been enjoying @TeTeT videos lately and it has reignited my interest in the rfactor world. The dynamic weather with rain looks great. Even iRacing after 15 years still doesn’t have rain.

With AMS 2 and ACC, my racing sim plate seems a bit full. My iRacing sub is set to renew (or expire next month?). Maybe ill take a break from iRacing and dump that renewal payment into Rf2… or just add rf2 to my list! Oh what the he :ice_hockey: :ice_hockey: . Simracing is jusy another (addictive) moneypit like flight sims! :nerd_face:

I’d love to give some ACC and rF2 a go for a while, but my right knee is just so damn painful right now it’s not an option. I’m even having to be very careful in flight sims and currently helicopters (my favourite) ain’t gonna happen. I did two Apache tutorial missions (on the ground) and that’s my lot.

I’ve been tempted to plug in my gamepad (XBox type) but am reluctant to do so due to the poor steering control I usually experience with it. Also very keen to give F1 2013 another go - haven’t driven any of the classics that it came with.

Thanks Chaz. This is how I justify having all of these sims, subject to change depending on track and vehicle availability:

Rally: until something better comes out that supports VR, Dirt Rally 2
Endurance (WEC, Le Mans, IMSA), modern IndyCar: rFactor 2
Vintage F1 and Indy/Champ Car: Automobilista 2
GT3, GT4, BTCC: Assetto Corsa Competizione
F1, free roaming street tracks, lawn mowers, tractors, and anything else the doesn’t fit above: Assetto Corsa

If insurance will cover it, get that thing replaced. Life’s too short to have worn out joints.,

I had a go with the XBox pad and F1 2013 this evening - the graphics were nothing to write home about but the control wasn’t too bad - probably made more with the gamepad in mind.

Drove a Williams FW07B around old style Imola. Be nice to try that with a wheel.

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Absolutely, until about F1 20 or 21 that’s exactly what it felt like. I’m interested in seeing what the new dev team will do. Some of the details are pretty good, like when you are sitting in the car in the garage and your crew is working all around you. I also get a kick when they roll you out on the dolly and remove the tire warmers. It’s a little thing, but it really adds to the immersive experience. I wonder why other sims do t do that. AMS2 has a little bit of an animated pit crew.

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Um…ok, is this F1 2023 or F1 Succession??


I like career modes in racing. But why do they always have to be so dramatic? Why cant it just be you starting up and getting better

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That’s what I liked about rFactor and why I restarted it so many times - and still drive it now, besides the many mods, that earn your progression thing was great. A bit like GT Legends, too, though that wasn’t quite the same. GTR2 attempted it but failed a bit, I think.
The ToCA Race Driver series didn’t do too bad a job. I started a career in PCars (or 2?) recently and it just felt a bit underwhelming and automated.

That’s where Gran Turismo shines, too, imho. I never went past GT4, mind. My fave of all was GT2.


That was best one. By far. I never really liked 3, felt like a step backwards after the greatness of 2. 4 was a massive leap forward again and is my 2nd favourite, but it definitely lost the magic of 2

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For the AMS 2 drivers (that like to race online), check out racecraft online. Free matchmaking service like LFM. Lots of potential. AI races are available if you prefer to stay away from the humans.
I’ve done a couple races and it could really help grow AMS 2 and future titles.