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Wanted to spend the afternoon sim racing in VR and make sure my sims were running okay - but I dumped it after PCars 2, AC and ACC all refused in one way or another. PCars 2 kept freezing up when I tried to load a testing session - 3 times in a row with restarts etc between.

AC did the menus only in 2D again - and as I was using Index and my wheel is pointing 180° to my monitor, it wasn’t doable, and ACC had lost all my controls yet again - and after I set them all again, it was running most of them reversed and by the time I sorted it out I was fed up and went for a few rounds of In Death instead - my go-to VR game for working off frustration. Nothing beats downing a bunch of knights Templar with a crossbow bolt to the face at 10 feet!

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Thanks for linking. I’ll jump in there this weekend and give it a try. Looks promising.


For what it’s worth, Ride 4 is 80% off this weekend on Steam. $10US

I’m not big into race bikes, but I saw videos of Ride 4 and it looked pretty good. I picked it up to give it a go.

I put a few laps into it. It seems like a steep learning curve. But the rider view is pretty epic, especially on the country roads of England.

It has a prettty good sampling of tracks too (Americas, Europe and Asia).


I am (was?) an avid motorcyclist. These days I’m mainly into doing track days due to not have a road registered bike and sick of inattentive car drivers trying to kill me, but I haven’t had a day at the track in way too long…

I have never been able to get into bike sims. Unlike a car, you don’t really ‘steer’ a bike but control it with your whole body (fellow cyclists will know what I mean), besides using a wheel just seems wrong. I have tried using a controller but that just made it too ‘arcady’.

Lots of nice bikes (in the DLC packs), more than a few that I have ridden IRL, but jeez “Best Vintage 80’s - 90’s” sure makes me feel old :stuck_out_tongue:


Yeah, the whole counter-steer thing is hard to replicate. I’ve had fun with a flight stick though.


Waiting to see what the next Forza Brings to PC. (Sim Branch, Not SimCade Horizon Branch).

Hoping they at least acknowledge VR for PCs (since they went that route w/ FS2020)

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Didn’t think of that, thanks.

Might be worth the 12 Dollaridoos to give it a try?


Sounds good, F1 really appeals to me

Friends of mine participated in 's virtual 24H of Nürburgring in rFactor 2, tackling the Nordschleife once again. The Dirty Air Racer team finally made rank 9, quite a few laps behind the first runner, Die Drei Lustigen 4.

The team was composed of 5 drivers, 3 of which raced for 20 hours in total, and the other two doing a double-stint. Technical problems once more played a mayor role. First, another team’s GT3 car lagged and was suddenly in the Dirty Air Race car, damaging it severely. Then 2 disconnects (getting kicked from the server) happened. Finally the wheel of a racer stopped working in the middle of the lap and later another disconnect occured.

Still it was good to check in on the team in TeamSpeak from time to time and see how they were doing. After finishing a 24 hour race fully, there’s always a nice elevated mood around, no matter the place and mishaps :slight_smile:



Having done primarily 25% distance races for all these titles, 35% sounds interesting. I wonder if it replaces one of the 5 laps/25%/50%/100% options or it’s in addition.

I dont know 35% dosent seem like it gets much. At 25% im still a 2 stop and have tyres left at the end of both runs, We are talking maybe putting 5 extra laps on each run? Not that much different. Just longer races I guess.

I maybe wrong here too, if it does add an extra wrinkle to the strategy that’s awesome, I love the strategy side of racing.

Sounds like a good time TeTeT. Question, with the disconnects, did you get a fresh car at respawn? Hope so. Yes, nothing like a full 24 hr race with driver swaps, and getting up in the middle of the night to drive. In a small way, the real thing must feel similar, just without your body not being beat to crap by the G forces and rough pavement. :slightly_smiling_face:

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Yes, there is usually a new car waiting in the pit-stall. But you need to know to take the short lap via the Grand Prix course, as the first lap won’t count for the total lap count… and apparently some teams were not aware of that :frowning: Depending on the class it’s 8-9 minutes per lap on the Nordschleife vs less than 2 minutes on the Grand Prix track alone, so it makes a difference for sure.

Last year we visited the 24 hour race at Nürburgring and as a spectator it’s quite spectacular.


Following up on this, the real Nürburgring 24 Hours is happening this weekend, quite nicely covered in youtube: ADAC TotalEnergies 24hNürburgring - YouTube


The racing and passing is off the charts at Nurburgring-Nordschleife. Love it.

To add to the main live stream

Here are a handful of live onboard streams:

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I reckon I’m going to try and use the gamepad (XBox 360, though I have XBone, too) with these racing sims. I tried it once with AC and it wasn’t too bad, but I’ve only ever used wheel & pedals with PCars, ACC and rF2.

Think I’d need to do it pancake, as well. I did also try AC in VR with the pad, and it went a lot better than I thought it would - but there’s a limit to how long I feel comfortable in VR these days.
My biggest issue with using a 'pad is that I dislike the steering and can never seem to get it responsive enough in a way that doesn’t overdo it. It’s either too slow or too twitchy, so mostly my actual road positioning is more luck than judgement.
Although i did some gamepad controlling prior to VR, the only game I ever did a full championship with one in, was GTR Evo. Even for that I had to switch to a wheel for Macau. GRID is good with a 'pad, too - but that’s more arcade, of course. Still fun.

Any good gamepad set-up tips would be welcome - as well as any advice on which game is best for using a 'pad.

I never had luck with a game pad on anything beside Forza or games like Grid.

PCARS 2 had its moments but only with certain cars.

However if a wheel is out of the question thrustmaster released a curious looking game pad recently.

Maybe worth checking out.


Wow - that’s a hefty price for a PC gamepad, despite the tech! The wheel isn’t the issue though, just the pedals.

Maybe I can use one of those wheels with analogue levers on each side and use those in lieu of pedals. That would take some getting used to.

I’ll have a good think about it :slight_smile:

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F1 23 Single player career mode looking good.

Anf that super long straight at Vegas. :flushed: