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Now with the Porsche Cup in rFactor 2 being history, time to race differently. My goto game for casual racing usually is Dirt Rally 2. No worries about touching the trees or rocks, the enjoyment of a roll when airborne, very different from the seriousness of rFactor 2 where touching the fence usually ends up with a slightly bend wheel :wink:

Maybe I’ll fire up AMS2 again, I’ve read the latest updates where quite nice. Or maybe I indulge in the LFM Nordschleife event, lol, feeding the rFactor 2 addiction…



F1 23 VR first look

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Rennsport Beta available 6/6.


If you don’t mind running a release candidate, you can drive the new Barcelona/Catalunya Spanish GP layout in AMS2 before tomorrow’s race.

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WOW, out of nowhere… hope it’s good. Coming December of this year…possible.

Le Mans Ultimate Home - Le Mans Ultimate


Looks good, Studio 397 developing, which did RF2.

Onky issue is Motorsport games owns Studio 397 now. And they have a less them stellar track record…

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IMHO, this is really good news, especially since rF2 has the best physics model and if like ACC does for GT3, has all (most) of the cars, teams, and tracks of the GT World Challenge series.

This is something that I thought I’d never see, Jenson Button driving a NASCAR car, at Le Mans no less.

WEC Live Timing

Entry list


Just a warning, if the new Forza Motorsport doesn’t support VR, I’m going to go nuts…
Seeing as it’s Direct Competitor (GT/PS5) does, and all the PC Sims in the same Class (Sim Racing) on PC Do…

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Le Mans 24 Hyperpole live stream now. From Toyota Gazoo Racing. The Ferrari has too many dropped packets to enjoy, IMHO.


What a show this year. Watched 5 hours from the start and fell sleep to find a thinned out field at 0300 in the night. Still a very close race.

Those Hypercars look stunning. Each has its own style. Balance of Performance also works as intended.


Wonder if Ferrari have a chance to pull it off, or if the great experience of Toyota will prevail.

Really enjoying my first live watch of the race for a few years - nice to see a proper race at the front for a change.
I’m not a Ferrari fan but would like to see them pull it off.

Was up at 3:30 this morning but did nod off for an hour at 7:15 :smiling_face:

Was nice to see a bit of JB in the NASCAR a few moments ago - haven’t seen enough of it. Is it even listed? I’m not sure of the circumstances of the entry though I saw some interviews during quali/praccy.

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I must have watched the wrong race, watched for the first 6 hrs and half the time they were under a safety car… and the only time they ever showed any of the other 2 classes is when one crashed or got crashed into… went and watched MotoGP instead… for the 100th the start was boring. Rain or shine, slicks or rains get off the course and let the racers decide.


(Did watch the Isle of Man races for the first time this year… a bucket list, looking to go in 2025. lol)

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I watched all but about 6 hours that I slept. Woke this morning to catch the last few hours live. Even though I was cheering for team Caddy, I’m happy for Ferrari. Today was a huge win for their team, the WEC series, and Italy. Monza will be insane.

It sounded like we’ve seen the last of the Corvette Racing yellow at Le Mans, since the focus next year will be on customer cars. Great to see them and Ben Keating go out with a win.


I can’t believe the lap times they do with all that extra weight those bikes have to cope with. Anyone who races there must have a huge brass pair.

My brother was there for the 100th anniversay. An uncle was twirling spanners for one of the teams. I was also meant to go, but…

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Automobilista 2 (finally) added Barcelona to their track lineup in a recent update (among a major physics revamp to their Formula Cars)

Here’s a lap (in VR) around Barcelona in 3 separate weather presets: clear, rain, and thunderstorm


If the new Forza doesnt support my Fanatec Wheel and VR it will be a no buy… lol.

Where’d the NASCAR Finish?

FB Feed was littered with updates… now nothing…

39th overall, 285 laps for NASCAR. I believe it finished first in its class though…

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