Launch window is at 5:37 PDT this morning. So about 30 mins away…


edit: Update


How much space crap are they expecting to pump into orbit with these reusable garbage haulers?


As much as customers are willing to pay for! ;). Iridium is fine by me though. It’s a great system that benefits a lot of people.


Indeed. I used my Iridium phone frequently from Puerto Rico the past two weeks. It was invaluable.


We have Iridium phone’s on our airplanes. It’s nice to be able to get our trusted mechanics on the blower when we are having issues as we pass 30ºW …


If you missed the last one, it’s your lucky night because there is another in about an hour.


Oh, here we go! :slight_smile: :rocket:


Elon Musk did a AMA on Reddit yesterday.

It’s pretty interesting, here is a condensed version for those who don’t wanna dig through the original post.

Condensed version


The savings start to stack up as each booster is used more and more. You don’t see it after 2 launches, or 3, or 5.


Space X Launch this afternoon!

Payload Info:

Launch window opens from 3:34 pm EST (19:34 UTC)

Official YouTube Stream:


So Elon Musk has decided to launch a Tesla Roadster to Mars…(with David Bowie playing on the radio…!)

“SpaceX founder Elon Musk has said he intends to launch the “silliest thing we can imagine” on the maiden launch of the Falcon Heavy. This is partly because the rocket is experimental—there is a non-trivial chance the rocket will explode on the launch pad, or shortly after launch.”


Man that guy is SO nuts. But in a good way compared to most powerful people that are nuts, so… that’s ok I guess!


As someone on Reddit posted - “It never gets old…”

Yesterday’s return from space and landing of the Falcon 9 booster…


Because he is doing EXACTLY what we would do if we could. Like playing with model rockets and then you get the idea of launching with a payload (not going to say what I used xD ).


He’s real life Tony Stark


You gotta finish that story…


I missed it. I walked outside, looked up and saw the trail and thought “Aw…”

Must’ve been no more than 5 minutes or it would’ve dissipated so much it would’ve looked like a contrail.


Falcon Heavy getting ready. A big fella with a lot of nozzles. Sort of Russian N1 ish (which I don’t think worked out too well for their Moon aspirations?)

It’s going to be crazy to watch these bits fly down and land one day.


Looking forward to this. I think that the current thoughts are that it will launch in January 2018.