Me too. I am seriously considering a Florida jaunt to go watch it explode (with Elon’s Tesla on top), especially as we now have 3 snowflakes here at YVR.

I am not really sure where F-Heavy fits in anymore, given that they seem to be going for the single hull BFR design as the big future. Seeing the BFR in any form is going to be crazy in 2018.


That is noz-tastic!


I will definitely go outside to watch that launch. Still, liquid fuel rockets just pale in comparison to mixed solid/liquid. Shuttle and Titan IV were vastly more impressive than Atlas V, Falcon 9, or even Delta IV Heavy launches.


Hmm…I might have to make that trip with Kai too. I might be able to borrow a friend’s Piper Warrior and get down in the vicinity. That would be epic to see that baby go up…


It would be great. The trouble is there is a high chance of a scrub and then a move to next day, next week etc. It’ll be a gamble for sure.

As for the piper, what sort of vicinity you thinking of? :slight_smile:


Yeah…I was thinking that too. Maybe best to combine it with a trip to the vicinity anyway (like camping or something)…so the launch would be a side-show instead of the main event.

Well, I could wait until it launches, then scamper into the landing zone to watch the return stage. LOL…I’m sure that would be popular.

So are all three boosters coming back to the Cape?


I’m not sure. If I remember correctly I think the outer two will land (on two pads, simultaneously(!) back at the cape) and the middle guy goes on and burns up for now. They are using Falcon 9’s that have flown/landed already I think as well as the ‘outers’.


Man that is going to be epic!


I Googled an old animation of it…and it does show the third booster coming back…but that seems like it would be a LOT further to come back from. I would have thought that one would be more downrange. Maybe that animation is old though…


Middle one goes to the drone ship.


I kind of thought Musk might have built a pad next to his swimming pool on his estate and he might have it land there just…because…


Only if the swimming pool opens up revealing a launch pad.


I remember watching that animation and thinking, ‘yep, good luck with that paypal boy…’, now it pretty much looks inevitable. :slight_smile:


I might spontaneously combust seeing two of those boosters land simultaneously.

…and if that launch fails (which it very well might) that will be an awesome fireworks display.

It really is a win-win situation I guess. :smiley:


So he wasn’t kidding then. His old Tesla roadster as the payload for F-Heavy, in a solar orbit past Mars is the plan.


And then in the far future aliens will find a very complex car on a planet that only has very simple robots and will be freaking puzzled.




Action kicks off after about 45 seconds. Just wow…


Oh my…we are living in Arthur C. Clarke’s world now aren’t we? What a fascinating thing…


That was spectacular.