Star Trek: Bridge Crew

Fancy trailer with good looking people, plus Geordie really looked kind of natural wearing that Rift:

WANTED: Four person Mudspike Crew on May 30th to crash into a space dock. Anyone up for it?

An actual gameplay video rather than actors saying ‘wow’ for money:

Game’s site, which gives more info on the roles:



It’s really curious (and I can’t be bothered to look up the reason) on why they didn’t use LCARs for the UI style on the modern ships. Normally the reason is licensing and Paramount, but they obviously got a license for the brand. Hmm…

I wish!

I am in. As someone who grew up with original Star Trek (reruns in the Seventies, I am not that old so settle down) I have always been more of a Trek guy than a Star Wars guy.

I may have also organized a session or two of Artemis Bridge Simulator back in the day, although none of the participants would admit to it in casual conversation.


Thanks for the fix @fearlessfrog !


Steam have changed their website (yesterday) so that page URL’s now have the game title put on the end, which breaks the expando onebox thing.

Example: you wrote (quite rightly, copying from Steam website today):

…when the forum works with, and was expecting:

So, basically, a Thanks Gabe! thing :thumbsup:

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Well that looks terrifyingly fun!

Game is going off the alt time line from the new movies, but either way the ship is closer to TOS ships. That fancy LCAR stuff wasn’t around till TNG

Also I’ll most likely be getting this as well, so will be available

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I wonder if Ubisoft will do DLC? lol :slight_smile:

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I’ll go for that if my lifetime sub for STO gets me it for free, and yes i have a lifetime sub for a game that went free to play, 2 games actually that went free to play lol. and yes, i feel like a total schmuck 2x over :smiley:

Too many acronyms… D:

I also grew up during the 70’s and the next generation et al passed me by, but I love the new movie franchise and this game looks so much fun I guess I will be getting it. “Pity those who have no rift for they know not what they are missing” so the Old Chinese proverb goes :smiley:

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Artemis bridge simulator in VR?

Anywho, i own and loved star trek bridge commander, do you think it will be anything like that?

(edit) missed the previous Artemis reference. Too slow …

Funny you mention that…
There IS one thing I’m putting into code as of late…

Maybe I could let the cat out of the bag?
(No :f111: are involved)


There is no warp coil or dilythium crystal supply good enough to power an f111

Ohhh and please, let free the cats

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I’m scared ■■■■■■■■. Those cats have been in there a loong time and right now they sound pretty pissed through the bag…

But really-
It’s… complicated but I’ve been wanting to make games for the longest time and… Udemy is a pretty powerful platform.
Aaaand… well… I have three gameplay “bible” ready.

The one I truly started putting down in detail- and that’s upcoming in 1s and 0s is… something-

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Oooh er, do extrapolate kind sir

Let’s go by degrees.

Do you remember this?

And maybe this?

And of course this…

Mashing all together in a KISS way.
Do you follow so far?

@Bogusheadbox: also- I’ve moved this to PM…

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My problem with this is that according to all I’ve read and seen it’s pretty much mandatory to have a group MP session to get anything out of it. For single players, a modded Bridge Cmdr seems better minus the VR aspect.

You need to find a group of people who:
Are like-minded with you in play styles (serious/RP/casual/goofy)
Are into VR
Have OR’s
Are into Star Trek
Are available during the times you’re available (a big issue unless you have a ton of friends or aren’t picky)

Maybe it’s me, but I think the number of people who will have access to a group like that (and by group it seems to be at least 3 if not 4+, forget 2) is not big enough.

Games that allow decent play for 1 or 2 in addition to 3+ do better.

So … to summarize: your problem with a multiplayer-only niche VR game is that it is multiplayer-only, niche and VR?

EDIT: changed multiplayer to multiplayer-only