Star Trek: Bridge Crew

I need a fully modelled 7 of 9 Please.



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There’s no haptic feedback yet lol.

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No. My major problem with this Star Trek game is that it is multiplayer only, niche VR. When the only ST games released in the last decade was an MMO and a lame film tie-in, I want to see a new one that is actually appealing to me.

They can take the time and money to make something that will appeal to very few people but not to the much larger group of ST fans who are interested in seeing another game like Starfleet Command, Starfleet Armada, Bridge Commander/Klingon Academy, or even Elite Force or DS9 The Fallen.

Imagine going a decade with no new flight sims and then 1CS releases a Pacific fighter plane-themed mahjong game. Doesn’t really give fans of flight sims what they’ve been waiting for.

Sorry. I will amend my post to above regarding multiplayer only.

The point still stands: you are not in the target market.

Are you unhappy about the fact that other people are in the target market and looking forward to this game? Is it the developers fault that they decided to make a game that you are not the target market for? Or do you feel that only games that you are in the target market for should be made?

Honestly, I am not in the target market either as I do not (yet) have a VR headset but I can be happy for those who are in the target market and hope that one day (soon) I can join them. I do not need to be hostile to enjoyable pass time of someone else, hostile to the possible promise of this new game or hostile to the development efforts and choices that others have made.

See I don’t want to get into a whole drawn out death spiral of an argument on this. Because something is not what you want doesn’t make it wrong or not worth doing. It is as simple as that.

I just think it’s too bad they did not opt for a non-vr option. I get that vr is the target audience but I feel like getting a full crew with vr and finding a time that works is the killer. I know about 3 people with vr and I would consider that above average.

I’ve read that it can be played single player as well as MP, in that the AI crews the stations you aren’t at - obviously works best with other people I’d imagine though.

An overview review here:

The dynamic of trying to get three other people to do what you want makes it sound fairly hilarious too.

they were having too much fun w/ the finger thing… lol.

So I think this is the wrong approach to take, not just because they ARE making the game you want, but I’ll get to that in a minute.

I answered @fearlessfrog 's call with a “I am in,” conspicuously leaving out the fact that I too do not own a VR headset (yet). The computer industry, whether the business or pleasure sides of it, has always operated on the killer app driving progress and sales. From Visicalc, to Excel (Microsoft’s true, unspoken killer app), Il-2. MSFS, WoW or Halo, the software is the reason why we buy the hardware. So a team of developers got together, saw the potential in new hardware capability, and started writing software that would not only utilize that capability but hopefully make a large number of customers feel it was indispensable. That last sentence could be applied to any of the packages I listed above. So for me, this isn’t a sad moment for Star Trek games, but a golden opportunity to experience it the way it is supposed to be. For me, this might be the IP and the app that gets me to put my other financial constraints on hold and buy in.

See, Star Wars has always been an IP that lends itself to sitting in a cockpit. Or running through levels with a lightsaber killing literally every poor white armor-clad schmuck in the hanger. But Star Trek needs several people on the bridge problem solving. Every movie features this. Every director of the IP’s first task is to design the bridge that will be the central stage of the story, and set the cameras up to shoot the drama that unfolds there. How do you make a game out of that? In fact I would posit that the reason why we don’t have any games being made for the IP is that without VR, they are all compromises at best. Look, I am a life long player of Star Fleet Battles and keep waiting and watching GOG to bring back Star Fleet Command 2 and Orion Pirates, but they are abstractions of what has made that universe compelling over the years.

But as I mentioned, they are making the games you want, maybe not with the IP you want, but there is innovation and effort being put in that doesn’t require VR. I am just going to leave these here -


You can get 20% off the release for tomorrow if you use 100 Ubi Useless points :slight_smile: in their store. It’s still a Steam release for Rfit/Vive, but you get the order through Ubisoft. Details here:

Can confirm it works fine, gives the discount and activates with Steam. Hit me up on steam (‘fearlessfrog’) if anyone does want to crew up some time. :stars: :alien:

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Well, ok then. Here goes…

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I want my vr 7 of 9

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Some quick screens. I ran through the ‘Captains’ tutorial and so far so good. Engage Number 1’s!

The touch controllers act like hands, with your arms all attached.

You point and press, it works pretty well

Starting menu is in a shuttle orbiting space dock - and look here, it’s a ship. I wave for help.

An angry exchange, as they ignore me

Ok, off to training. They put in you in a holodeck with a crew of three AI. So much polyester!

I wave at the Engineering Vulcan - she ignores me.

Ok, let’s get some orders. Captain on deck!

I show full on Kirk agreement. Let’s go kick some alien butt

What does this button do?

Uh Oh

I didn’t mean it - Cease fire, cease fire!

So from each station you have various commands to touch on. The Captain can leap from Helm, Tactical and Engineer, or have Multiplayer (the ideal) or just order the AI to do stuff.

As head honcho you get an overall status, but not fine control.

A lot of the time you are nominating targets and destinations and then shouting MAKE IT SO.

You can get an external view, but you’re really meant to set up the viewscreen to be all tactical.

The help system is really good, and the interface pretty intuitive.

Ok, so now to bodly go…


I am sorely tempted, I hate paying full price for games though :slight_smile: Also I have no hand gizmos just a xbox controller, is this an impediment?

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When it starts up it asks you to press the button on the controller you want to use, so I do believe it supports a game pad (plus Steam Store page says it does).

The 20% discount from UPlay is good, but it is still expensive.

I’m just looking forward to using the old school missions. I’ve yet to start the campaign bits.

oh man, wish I had vr for this.

2d or 3d ship control?

You’re inside the ship, sat at the ‘real’ stations, so if you’re at the Helm station then you can use your hands to press buttons that steer the ship. In the modern Aegis ship you even get that Star Trek Abraham’s ‘lever’ to grip and thrust forward to engage warp.

Bought and downloading now. I am excited now :smile: Is now a good time to say I had the hots for lt uhura when I was younger :wink:

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I want enterprise D or Voyager…

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