Star Wars Rise of Skywalker (with spoilers)

Now that the movie is out guess it would be good to kick this back to life again if anyone had any thoughts.

plus I saw this and actually did laugh out loud a few times throughout - just a warning it is nothing but spoilers, spoilers everywhere!

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I was pleasantly surprised actually.
A few things are weird (well, this is Star Wars after all, so most of it was business as usual) but overall I liked it.

I’m actually planning on starting a whole thread for this one like I did for TLJ- but I’m drinking right now.


Just went to watch it with the wife…

If you love star wars. You will LOVE IT.

I’m not ashamed to say I welled up in a few places. Its glorious

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Sadly many people don’t see it that way. In fact the hate machine is strong with this one again.

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Best thing about star wars is it’s all mine. Nobody else’s opinion matters to me in the slightest. I grew up with it. I love it. I know its faults, I know it’s silly. I know that it doesn’t hold up to the slightest bit of scrutiny. I know all of this and this means not a single thing to me. My kid is called Obi my old dog was called chewie. I have an x wing model on my desk and I have a lovely framed picture signed by Kenny Baker and Peter mayhew.

I fricking love star wars. Because I know that its mine. Nothing can change that. Common sense doesn’t prevail. I don’t listen to opinion. It’s totally and completely mine to love.


“What are the odds of ending up in that exact spot after a chase?”

“Astronomical! But this is space, so that’s OK.”

LOL but … yeah…astronomical and space…that actually makes sense. :grin:

Yeah Star Wars has always been full of that kind of stuff.
They fly to some planet and always land in walking distance to what they are searching for. :smiley:
(And just in time to save the day and/or to have the enemy show up for a fight)

When in doubt: it was the Force guiding them. :wink:

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This video nails a lot of my views of this one. I enjoyed it for what it was, but overall I’m still bothered by how obvious it was between these three movies that The Mouse obviously had no clear idea of where they were going to go with this franchise.

It felt rushed, like they were trying to squeeze two movies worth of material into just one, as it quickly became obvious that most of the stuff from TLJ really didn’t matter.

Having said that, I liked it, and I’ll mostly accept JJ’s apology.


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I will likely never see this one. Call me a “hater” if you wish. My reasons for not seeing actually mirror in some weird inverted way much of @Victork2‘s enthusiasm for the franchise. I too love Star Wars. I grew up with it. When my daughter was 4 I returned home from a multi-day trip and asked my wife how things had been at home. She said that Rin had been watching the three films over and over. “Are you having fun?”, my wife asked her. “No. I want to understand why daddy likes it so much!” She too eventually learned to love them but she and I never warmed up to the prequels and postquels.

For me, the whole Disney involvement was a bloated failure. There was a simple story to be told that could have done justice to the original without trying to retell it. Disney has done fine making their billions. My airline has found a teat at the Disney cash cow and made a mint cross-marketing their movies in the US. I don’t begrudge their success. But I have my own Star Wars story. Leia and Luke and the droids live on in my story in ways that would never make it past a bored room of tired old men making a media empire ever bigger.


That’s my story too!! The only difference I see in us both is that I dont care about the politics and the merchandise and the tie in and whether it’s a commercial failure or a billion trillion cash cow.

I watched a story that I loved. Then they made more of them. I like the prequels, even phantom menace. I have great memories from that era. Then Disney did another 3 films. Those films made me feel like I did when I was a kid. I had watery eyes in places. To be honest there was one bit half way through (I’m not doing spoilers) which nearly got my hard cool shell to crack to bits.

It really doesn’t matter about the rest of the stuff. Please feel free to hate on it. Please be disappointed. Love it if you want. It really doesn’t make any difference. Not everyone feels the same way. It would be boring if we did wouldn’t it.
I sat in the cinema (I f***ing hate the cinema BTW) and watched my old friends from my childhood come back to see me. Chewie, Luke, Han, Leia and R2. They all came back to see me briefly. It was mushy and bit overly nostalgic but I thought it was magical and i really needed it and didn’t realise it till it happened.

Truth is, when I think back to what I watched yesterday, I smile. It was more star wars for me to love. I spend all my time working like a dog. Training and learning everything i can about flying so I can change my career and improve my families lives and being the grown up responsible parent. I dont drink. I dont smoke. But star wars really truly made me feel like a kid again yesterday and it was lovely. That’s good enough for me…

I’ll shut up now lol.


There is absolutely nothing wrong with liking or not liking any part of the Star Wars Franchise.
It is OK, it is a huge franchise and even the most hardcore fans have something they don’t like.
For me it is huge parts of the old Expanded Universe.
Sure, there were some nice parts that they probably should have kept (and they might still use them actually, they have used a few already), but a lot of it was just crap IMO, and I ignored it and don’t mind that it isn’t canon anymore.

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We may not agree. But I love your love! THAT was the best post I’ve read all year.


I enjoyed the ending. Nothing to jump out of my seat. But glad that the saga is over. Time will heal the wounds. People lost their sh!t over the prequels. Now those same people appreciate it. Give the sequel trilogy a few years and it will age like wine.

Looking forward to more Mandalorian and the upcoming Obi wan series. We need more fresh story telling with very little ties to the original trilogy.

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It was supposed to be a 2 Parter (ala Deathly Hallows, Mockingjay, Twilight Breaking Dawn)

Disney Decided not to drag it out for a separate theatrical release and compressed it, the original preview cut was over 3 hrs long.



Funny thing is i really thought it was gonna end before the climax. I was super surprised that it didn’t. I was convinced the ending would be dragged out over a whole movie next year. Pleasantly surprised to get some closure.

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Saw it last night at a place down town called Marbles - on an IMAX screen in 3D.


I think the wife and friends are setting it up to see this. I’m showing my age here but I really thought the series lost it with The Return of the Jedi. I saw the original Star Wars in the theater about a week after it came out (and before the lines for tickets stretched around the block) and loved it. Yes, I am that old.


Just came home from watching this, and I had a fine old star wars time. Good flick. Closure. Quite alright in my book!

I am becoming a fan of Adam Driver. He completely blew us away in marriage story and is easily the best actor in these latter day star warses.

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