Steelbeasts Pro PE; on the road with Duke


here a stream from the last UK Armor session.
Platoon talk in german, but company radio in english.




Hi guys,

this morning I had a ride with the BG ANZAC guys.

It was a heavy recon mission and I was in charge of a Leopard 1A5 platoon.
After mission start I checked if my wingman follow me.

The sun comes up, beautiful isn`t it.


Firing sabot!

My wingman in position.

Our job was to observe a road. After reporting the enemy, I got permission to shoot. You don`t have to tell me this twice.

T-64 watch out.

Having fun…

My left neighbor wants to support with Karl Gustav.

But don`t stay to long in position. Enemy HE/smoke arty fire on my position.

TPz Fuchs 1A6

This time I needed no recovery.

Commanders Place of a Leopard 1A5

It`s getting hotter.

Map after mission end.





Hi guys,

the next AAR is an older one from SimHQ. I lost some pictures, but I had the steelbeasts AAR file still on my PC.

Lappland, 28 1422Z sep13

The battle is over. I`m sitting on top of my CV90.
The standing patrol is established, operator checks and maintenance on our IFVs and weapons is still in progress.
I sent the half of my platoon to take a slep.
Shortly is a debriefing with my company commander and after that I can take a slep too.

The week had started so well.

Ah our fire support officer walk away and give me some cookies.
This is a special guy, like all the other here.
“Thanks for the cookies Hedge, see you…” hmmm, they taste very good.
Hedge is a guy from the UK, and his fire support in our sector was very good today.

But back to the beginning of the week. Six of our BN stood in front of our CDR.
He said “You guys take part in an exchange with the swedish army.”.
Swedish army, yes jackpot. We all saw in our phantasie the swedish girls.
Just arrived in sweden, Our new BN (191 MekBN) was on alert and the mobilization was proclaimed.
The 200th Independent Russian Motor Rifle Brigade was on the way to northern sweden.
The guys in this BN are crazy, it`s just like a swedish legion. Our CDR is Kingtiger. He is from sweden, but the rest from our party comes from all over the world.

The last two days we were just marching to Lappland. I can`t see trees anymore.
Then finally this morning we got our attack orders.

the plan

My buddy Falli, he is in command of a company, got the orders to attack along the main road to the north (route RED).
He has with Eisenschwein a very experienced platoon leader and Burns and Erazor as tank commanders too.
I´m in an other company. I`m platoon leader of the 1st platoon in an Armored Infantry Company.
My company commander comes from the USA and his name is Brun.
Our company got the order to attack with main effort to the west and to take OBJ BRAVO. (route GREEN).
My platoon, supported by a section of tanks should attack to the north-.west (route ORANGE).
After taking OBJ BRAVO, our company had to attack OBJ DELTA and OBJ FOXTROTT.

nuclear target

During we waited of the attack signal, my wingman Gladiator was always asking for a tank.
He is an absolutly tank nut. I told him “Sent a letter to santa claus, he is living not far from here. Maybe you will get a tank on cristmas.”.
I gave him also the order to dismount and to attack in front of the CV90s.


This guy makes me crazy, but he did a very good job today.
He was my pointman nearly 2,5h and he made no mistakes. He destroyed 3 BMPs, 2 support trucks, found a mine field, survived a meeting with 3 T-80s, established a bridge head and was the first callsign during the main
attack to Obj FOXTROTT.

But first he had to walk through the forrest with his grunts in front.
After 1 kilometer he could mount with his troops and we attacked along a small road.
I gave him the order to move slow, and he asked back: „Duke are you sick“.
naughty guy!

A short time later we heard arty and autocannon fire right of us.
The point platoon of Fallis company was running into an ambush.
Froggy and Dark Labour (from france) had no chance.
The enemy fired a Fascam mission behind and an ICM strike on top.
Additionally right and left of the main road were enemy soldiers and a platoon of BMP-2s was infront.


Minutes later some excitement in my platoon radio.
Gladiator spotted a squad of enemy soldiers, and asked for weappon free.
Now I asked him: “Are you sick too!”.
I called for an artillery strike and during the waiting, we went in a line formation right
and left of the open area in front of us. We also opened fire to the enemy.

Our tank section moved forward in our last battle position. Till here everything was good.
The section leader of the tanks was Marko from Ireland. His wingman was RIPper from the
Czech Republic. As they occupied her battle position an enemy ICM arty strike came down.

RIPper had luck and could dismount from his destroyed tank. His crew and Markos gunner were unlucky.

After self and buddy aid, we called our XO (TAC 197 from australia) for medical support. RIPper was now Markos gunner.
Gladiator was in a good position on the right side and over watched our artillery strike.

A short movement in the corner of my eye made me suspicious.
gunner, 12 o`clock, 100, 1round HE, Fire!
Pardauz, Kardengel

I hit one soldier, and he was running away. We opened the fire immediately, fired also some smoke grenades and falled back 100 meter.

Damn are the cookies good, I feel so, so relaxed.
Hey guys why are you grinning.

All squads dismounted and attacked in line formation under over watching by the CV90s.
But we lost 4 grunts during this fight.

The Russians fought in super camouflaged and fortified positions.
But our 40mm HE and HE FRAG ammo was to deadly.
There were no survivors on the Russian side.
Just in time Gladiator spotted a new mine field and more enemy infantry.
But together we attacked again and killed the enemy infantry.
After this engagement we took battle positions to the north-west and to the north.

The main body of our company was now in the area of OBJ BRAVO and moved in her assault positions.
During we reload some ammo, I got a recon mission to OBJ DELTA.
On the way to OBJ Delta was a big swamp and I splitted the platoon.
Gladiator was moving to the left and I to the right of the swamp. Marko was following, ready to help.
But we spotted no enemy units on the way to OBJ DELTA.
During this time the battle of OBJ BRAVO was started too.
We heard a SITREP from Panzer_Leader (platoon leader 2nd platoon).
His wingman was pkcav39 from australia. He spotted a tank platoon.
This tank platoon was attacking from the south to our left flank.
Panzer_Leader is from New Zealand and our sons are in the same age.
I only thought: “good luck buddy”.
Although TankHunter (from USA) was shooting very quick and destroyed 3 T-72M4CZ, we lost one CV90.

<img src=“/uploads/default/original/2X/1/11915f6af185b480a0982cc23e5f3999d590c4d9.jpg” width=“690”

Unfortunately, it was a total loss.
Suddenly excitement, Gladiator has spotted 2 Ural trucks and actually asked for permission to fire!
After I gave him the permission, he destroyed the trucks very quickly.


In the eastern part of OBJ DELTA was no enemy.
After we switched off our engines, Gladiator reported T-80 sounds from the west.
Now we had some trouble. He was moving into the deep of the forest.
But from this direction the T-80 were moving in our area.
Smoke, fire, backwards quick, quick. He got a hit, but without damages.
I ordered an ICM artillery strike and Marko was moving in battle positon.


Hedgehogs arty fire came quick and good.

RIPper the gunner of Marko`s tank destroyed the 3 T-80s.
Our grunts also used her anti tank weapons.

In the meantime OBJ BRAVO was ours and our main body was moving north.
We checked OBJ DELTA with our grunts, and after a couple of minutes, I reported: ”OBJ DELTA taken!”.
We got new orders very shortly. Recon to north-west to a main road and to 2 bridges.
The intention of our CO was to attack frontal with the tank company and to flank the enemy with our company.


We were making good progress and spotted prepared battle positions along our recon route. Gladiator was moving along the main road and I was parallel in the woods.
We spotted enemy infantry and engaged very quickly and deadly.


As we reached our recon Obj, Gladiator reported 2 BMPs north of us, overwatching in our direction.
But we were in a good position too and our TIS worked perfectly.


Gladiator started a fire fight against the BMPs and destroyed 2 very quickly. I was over watching the forest behind the BMPs and saw enemy Infantry and ordered an HE artillery strike.
Gladiator changed his battle position and saw and destroyed another BMP.

After the HE arty strike and some HE rounds of my CV90 the enemy infantry was killed.
Gladiator started now recon to the bridges and we established a bridgehead.
Both bridges were ok.

Our OC ordered us to a position 1km to the east, to secure the bridgehead and to over watch in direction OBJ FOXTROTT.


Unfortunately we lost one CV90 with a damaged engine. The driver slept in and drove into the river.
Thank god the crew and the grunts came out.
During this time we heard the hard fight of our tank company against enemy tanks, IFVs, infantry and AA tanks.

We had now a short break, because our company was moving north, to our position.
Suddenly my gunner saw an soldier on the other side of the river.
He weared a tank overall with swedish camo. He was swimming through the river. Hey, it was Burns (from austria).
He was in Eisenschwein`s tank platoon. He lost his tank in an ambush and wanted fighting again.
No problem jump into my wingman CV90.
Now we heard and saw our company and the OC gave the attack orders.
Our mission was to attack along the main road and to check the houses in OBJ FOXTROTT.
Panzer_Leader mission was to attack left of us through the forest in the northern part of OBJ FOXTROTT.
After our arty said hello to the enemy in OBJ FOXTROTT we started our attack.
A little bit to quick, so we lost contact to our 2nd platoon.

On the other side of the river we saw the 2nd platoon of Fallis tank company.
Good to see Tacbat, Tango29 (2 Canucks) and Connaugh (USA) in battle position to over watch our attack.

During we checked the houses, the enemy started a last assault with 2 tank platoons (T-80).
I ordered Gladiator in the forest to the north to flank the enemy. TankHunter and his tank section moved into OBJ FOXTROTT and started to engage the enemy tanks.


Burns and I had a hidden position behind the houses and our grunts were in battle postion.

Our tanks destroyed the T-80s completely, without own losses.

Now our 2nd platoon establish a combat outpost in the north to secure the OBJ FOXTROTT.
Gibsonm, our engineer from australia, is laying a bridge with his Biber for the tank company.

I´m sitting on top of my CV90 and I´m totally relaxed.
What was this, who was crying.
Over the river I hear the words: “Damn f… HSV, only a draw against Eintracht Frankfurt, damn Vollpfosten!”
Oh Eisenschwein is still alive, good news.
I think it`s better for the enemy to stay away from him now.
Why Gladiator is coming to my CV90?
“Duke I want a tank” nooooooooooooo
“Hedge this is Duke over”
“This is Hedge, go ahead Duke”
“Hedge I need more cookies…”


thanks for reading.




Servus Troopers,

this time Valentines Day special:

01:08:21 Lepard brakes are better than M113s

01:11:53 CavGunner against two Hinds

01:50:10 Infantry do their job



Hi guys,

last Thursday I had a nice morning with my comrades from down under.
We tested and run a platoon size mission. Our platoon of 4x M113AS4 and 1 M113/FO had
to delay an enemy advanced guard. I was 40B.

Enemy point platoon is arriving.

Bunker view

Our Javelin Squad is getting some work.

Observer M113

Engaging with cal.50:

Enemy smoke screen:

I got the order to withdraw:

mounting infantry squads:

my new home, I can cover my comrades:

red cover his attack with a smoke screen:

time to put everything together and to move back:

In my new position screening north east:

My platoon leader wanted me in a position to over watch the open ground in the forrest:

We lost contact to the enemy, we heard only BTR sound in the area of our first position.
Our platoon leader decided to recon east, to get contact. So the rest of our party was recon east and I had to over watch again.

My next order was to move to the open ground and protect the left flank of our platoon:


Our grunts needed a hand and my new mission was to help against some BTRs:

The job was done.

But there are some others too:

But no time to engage these guys, the mission was over:

thanks for watching.

This evening I joined a mission. Red was attacking Hameln and a german force was defending.
But this is another story.




Great AAR…! Man…I’d end up killing so many of my own guys… :laughing:

Nice job…!


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Hi guys,

like I wrote in the other AAR, last night I participated a big multiplayer mission.
A mixed german Armor Battalion was involved in a delay action to support the defenders in Hamel.
Our comrades from a russian steelbeasts community played the sovjet forces.
They were 4 and did a very good job, well prepared and organized, like always.
I was part of a german reconnaissance unit and had 3x Leopard1A5 and 4x ASLAV-25 (replacement for the german Luchs)
under my command.
The job of my two ASLAV sections was to go to the R.1 and R.2 areas in the north and to over watch the area till ALFERDE.
My 3 Leopards had to find the enemy and to hold contact.

The first picture is from the AAR file (thats why no plan included) and you can see all starting positions.

In this picture you can see the plan of our CO and after x+55 sec we spotted the first enemy vehicle.

And there are comming more…

My ASLAVs on the way into their battle positions.

…and there comming more and more…

My Leopards in an open area in line formation. I wanted to go up to a rich and try some long shots.
It was a try, but let`s go further on.

I spotted an infantry squad on top of the ridge, where I wanted to go.
The optics in an Leopard1A5 are good and I sent a HEAT round to the enemy and said welcome.
I destroyed the enemy, but more enemy infantry was arriving.

In this situation I made my first mistake. I was pushing forward. Better option was to fall back to AHRENFELD and go in a blocking and flanking position. I ignored the main body 4000 north of my position.
During my movement I got always some ICM arty fire. So I had more to do with the enemy arty fire, than to observe and to engage the enemy in front of me.
I wanted to take out this bloody infantry on MY RIDGE.

I came under fire and had no idea from where, So I popped smoke and wanted withdraw more to the south.
I got eyes on the enemy infantry squad on MY RIDGE and engaged, but a BMP-2 from the main body to my north
took out one of my Leos with a missile (nice shoot from the AI, the distance was nearly 4000m).
Now I changed the route. Backwards quick, quick to the west.

But it was to late. I lost another Leo and infront and south of my position arrived the enemy flank guard.
Callsing H25 was the last mohican of my platoon, not very long.

Ronin (another german player) had the other parts of our recon company and was in front of the main body.
He also came under fire, popped smoke and withdrawed.
On of my ASLAV section in the north were running in a T-72 platoon and died.
I stopped the recon patrol with the other section and falled back behind our own infantry.
The CO sent also a tank platoon (Leopard2A4)to block the forest.

It`s like always, if you are in hurry, murphy strikes back.
The ARV of our company moved into a water hole. So Ronin was busy with his tanks and I helped to get him out.
After that I gave him a path to the rear area.

I gave Ronin a hand and tried to help as Gunner, but we lost one Leo, it was time to fall back.
But no luck for us, 1 Leo got a hit in both tracks and was immobilized. In summary we lost the hole platoon.

In the meanwhile the MILAN teams of our mechInf company were in flanking positions and waiting and fighting.
Another MILAN team was engaged by the enemy.

But the stage was also prepared for our tank company (Leopard2A4). They destroyed some stuff but got enemy return fire too. There was a battalion (+) attacking. In the south east you can see the enemy flank guard with the AT guys around AHRENFELDE.

a picture from the rear area:

Our MILAN teams were still in position but came under enemy HE/smoke arty fire.

One of our MILAN teams changed his positions and engaged the enemy flank.

One of our Leopard2A4 in the northern forest.

Ronin in the last tank of our recon company, had no other choice as to pop smoke.

I tried to move one of my ASLAVs to the northern part of the forest to protect the left flank.

Our Leopard2A4 in fire fight against the enemy main body.

My ASLAV in position on PL Dennis. I got some fire from the east and the south!
Not my day tonight, I have to fall back again.

Our Leopards fought hard, but red was on the ball and hold his pressure.

I sent one ASLAV to the rear area and moved in a hidden position.
The LAW squad of my M113A2 wanted to move out and fight. I stopped behind a house, near a important brigde and road. The MG squad don`t wanted to move out, so I sent these guys back to Hamel.

During this time the red army was also pushing through the forest in the north.

You know what is comming, they break through and our end was near by.

I tried to engage a T-72 with my ASLAV, but no luck without TIS, turret drive.
The position was good, but the ASLAV not in good condition.

Our martyry ended after x+54 minutes.

In the last picture you can see the last position of all callsigns.
We took out 35 enemy vehicles and lost 34, so not a good score for us.

So this time we lost the virtuell 3rd world war, time for training and a re-match.
Thank you to the UK Armor guys for the event and the red alert guys for the challenge and all other participants.





here a video in addition to my AAR from Matsimus.
He was in a Leopard2A4 platoon.



Hi guys,

last thursday I joined the weekly BG ANZAC steelbeasts multiplayer session.
Whe had a party of 3 guys from australia, 1 guy from australia who lives in new zealand, 2 guys from denmark, 1 from canada an me from germany.

We played a not so easy mission.
Tac197 was the last who joined in, so he had the honour to lead us during the battle.

Here the mission briefing and the starting positions with the plan of our CO.
I was a platoon leader and had 4x M1A2(SEP). My callsign was “12”.
I had support from Tacbat (canadien). He was running the platoon seargent section.

You can see the PL CORK and the “platoon area 12”. I checked the line of sight from there, and you can see I could a lot of areas observe (the red marked).

good morning australiaaaaaaaaaa

looks like I need my NVG.

We moved in position, the “11” tank platoon was left of us, the V31 recon platoon to our right, observed the border line along a ridge. Our mechanized infantry platoon I23 prepared a defensive position to block a crossing point of the CAUSEWAY. The engineers “E21” working to lay a minefield.
At this time we had our first engagement with the enemy. 3x T90s, 1x BRDM-2 and 1 MT-LB are destroyed in the north.
The Javelin team of V31 destroyed one T-90 (reference point MP1015).

Here you see the graveyard of the enemy recon force in the north.

Now the enemy knew our positions and tried to cover his attack with a smoke screen along the ridge line.

Hehe but we have thermal imager.

V31A under enemy arty fire.

Our CO and the maintenance dudes in the rear area.

The enemy tried to recon the center route between PL BEER and CORK.

But our recon guys are in position and can observe everything.

The view of our dismounted observer squad.

The Javelin team of our recon guys changed their position, protected by an enemy smoke screen.

Just in time to report some new tanks in the north.

They lost one guy, but shot back.

At this time we gave the enemy recon force a bloody nose, but now are the main body arrived. The big question was: where is the main effort, north or south?

I can observe the movement of our recon guys west of the ridge. My platoon seargent observed to the north and I changed my position to observe the center ridge line.

My M1 (I love the australia skinpackage).

Something is moving over the ridge to our east and “11” and “12” engaging tanks in the north.

The enemy tanks in the north had no chance against eight M1s in position and it looked like they changed their main effort to the center. Our CO ordered the V31 recon guys back. I spotted a MT-LB and took him out.

My gunner reported an enemy infantry men, time for some coax action.

There must be some more infantry but the enemy forward detachement was comming closer.

My platoon under arty fire HE/smoke.

The fire fight started and “11” and we gave our best. The enemy FO in my TIS.

Ok, I give you another sabot.

So everything went very good. My wingman got one hit and had an injured driver. So in steelbeasts this means you can`t move the tank. You have to send an ambulance to the tank, but it takes 15 minutes for the reanimation. So in this delay mission I called for the ARV to bring the tank to the rear area and to heal the driver there.
“11” and I covered the recovery mission. In the meantime our CO ordered my platoon to PL ACK.
During our fire fight on PL CORK I requested an ammo truck on PL BEER. So a perfect team work again.
We arrived PL ACK and the ammo truck was in place.

Our recon guys reported a tank platoon moving south and a tank company in the center and more enemy reinforcements. We had to reload faster.

Ok, I sent my platoon seargent to the ridge, to protect our right flank. With the other 2 tanks we moved in position to welcome the center guys. In the end it was a bad idea and you guys will see why.

The tanks south came over the ridge and were in my right flank. My seargent gave his best, but there came more than one platoon. The first enemy tank fired and I hit him a second later. I destroyed him but he hit me too and I lost my driver, loader and my fire control system. I got two hits today and every time I lost the driver.
The OMEN were bad for the rest of the battle.

Tacbats second tank got a hit too and lost his ammo storage and the driver and gunner, and another T-90 destroyed my tank.

So at this time we had one tank with an injured driver in the rear area, visiting the uncle doctor, one tank with injured driver on PL ACK and the fully operable tank of my seargent. The enemy was pushing in the south with a tank company.
good night…

Ah ja, I forgot to say the enemy was attacking the center area with two reinforced tank companies.
Our other tank platoon lost one callsign too and was fighting against the center guys. The engineers finished their minefield and withdrawed. Our infantry guys were in position to over watch the mine field and to block the crossing point. Tacbat was fighting against our enemy tank platoon, but got also the first hits.

He destroyed 2 more T-90s, but died seconds later.

There was one M1 left with the injured driver, not very long.

The ambulance in the “rear area” needed 11 more minutes to reanimate my driver.
I used “” because the enemy distance to the “rear area” was 1200m.

Our CO decided to fall back with all callsigns. So bad luck for me, the ambulance said good by.
The ARV was not available at this time, it was recovering a “11” callsign.
It was a withdraw under enemy pressure with a lot of enemy arty fire.

One T-90 came very close, but was taken out by a “11” callsign.

I can see the turret.

What comes next…

My position under arty fire and the ARV try to survive.

Last man standing of the 12 platoon…

run away guys, faster…

hey M113 wait, we want to jump in…

ok, we dig in…

and red was pushing and pushing…

11B the last tank of our party.

Did I wrote the enemy was pushing…

…run faster…

We did not gave up.

We had a Javelin team in the flank of the enemy attack but only 2 missiles left, damn we needed a arcade magazine now.

<img src=“/uploads/default/original/2X/8/8ff8b4e924762ae4487a010e2540a6bbd28e3d92.jpg” width=“690"height=“363”>
<img src=”/uploads/default/original/2X/d/d8aea9040825ac6ccd3b0eac554f6e0a3f901191.jpg" width=“690"height=“363”>

<img src=”/uploads/default/original/2X/4/4406be9742166ebfccb404a66fcb9953388ea69e.jpg" width="690"height=“363”>

What we can do to stop the enemy?

We have a M113AS4 with cal.50, maybe we can destroy some tracks.

ähmm, no, but we have a maintenance M113, we can try to ram…

…ähmm no,

I make a try with the Unimog…

no luck,

and now the G-wagon…

no try because the host stopped the session.

and we got a victory, better a pyrrhic victory.

What a mission, my platoon lost the battle on PL ACK. Next time we fall back to PL RUM and try to flank out the southern attack, and after that to delay the main body.
But as always good teamplay and a nice thursday morning with the comrades from down under.

The last pictures are a time lapse, were you can see all (own and enemy) callsigns in the mission.





















Thank you to all participants and thanks for reading.




Hey Duke!

Last time I lend you the keys to the Unimog! :slight_smile:


Note to self…never volunteer to carry the Javelins…

Awesome AAR…so much to love about that sim… (maps…maps…maps!!)

Hi guys,

last thursday I had a short sleep after my nighshift and joined the weekly BG ANZAC session again.
For me as shift worker, 11 AM is a perfect time for steelbeasts, son in the kindergarden, wife at work, so lets rockn roll.

We played a company size mission from my buddy Gladiator (the guys who is always asking for a tank).
It`s one of my favorite missions, and I made a BG ANZAC version. This time we played the hardcore version.
A aussie tank squadron with M1A2(SEP) against a reinforced T-90 battalion.

Here is the mission order:

I was the troop leader of 12 and had support of my danish comrade MajorDuck.
We used the TS and stayed all in one channel. MajorDuck suggested to use skype for platoon comms and the TS wisper list for company comms. It was the first time for me and it was a very good idea.
Panzer_Leader was the CO for this battle and was getting more grey hairs this time.
So in the next picture you can see our area of operation. The black security line and 3 blue phase lines. Our left neighbor
was a german Panzegrenadier company. My 12 was on the left side and 11 to the right. You can`t see the 13 platoon.
This was our reserve. If you want to use this platoon in this mission you have to activate via Trigger.
In front of 11 was a german recon section.

During the planning phase I prepared a path for my section to my first battle position. MajorDuck was following me, but his second callsing had some problems. So I helped out a little bit and drove M1 by myself forward.

So his tank was in position, time to find some good battle positions for my 2 tanks.

I found a good one and checked the area with the gunner optics.

You can see the visibility in the daysight was not very good, only round about 1200m. YOu can also see my very good flanking position. So my plan was to block with 12A and to flank with my section. It worked perfectly…

But I had a second tank, time to bring him in position.

My section in position.



The first contact this morning had our left neighbor. We heared the autocannon fire, it was a very intensivly fire fight.
I also heared some BMP engine sound too and they came closer.

A short time later we had to close our hatches because the enemy fired some arty mission in front of our position.
Looks like they will come soon.

I checked my information system.

“Bimb 12 o`clock 620”, hello our fist customer for today was a BMP-3. He was focused to MajorDucks section.

hello and bye bye…

I destroyed 4 BMP-3s very shortly. So we knew we have a company in front of us, but there were tank sounds too.

My gunner reported tanks and only 2 sabots left.

I sent this time in to a hidden position to reload. 2 rounds are better than 0.

During this time I suggested my CO to fall back and requested a ammo truck in our next location.
Panzer_Leader said ok and we planned to take out the next tank platoon and then to fall back, to collect the platoon behind the village and then to fall back with the complete platoon to our next position.

The enemy T-90s attacked with top speed and I was in a perfect ambush position.

2 T-90s were to fast for me but not for MajorDuck. It was time to fall back.
My gunner reported more BMP-3s in front.

Ok, I got the hunting feaver and took out some more BMPs.

Here the original map view from the game.

and here the map view from the AAR were you can see all units.

It was time to go,

I linked up with MajorDucks section and we started our withdraw backwards to hill 251.

Here the picture from the AAR, we had a nice timing.

I saw the point T-90 and requested a arty strike to block the enemy. we need some time to reload.

MajorDuck moved to a position north of hill 251 and I moved south hill 251 to engage the enemy along the railroad and the mainroad.

This was perfect team work. We arrived and the requested ammo truck was in position.

I over watched with one callsign my area and the second was reloading.

By the way, I love this skinpackage from Falli(911).

Now MajorDuck and his section had some trouble. They got some arty fire and a T-90 company was on the way to his position.

He got some hits.

I reported: “19 this is 12, I´m under arty fire, no damages - OUT”.
One second later I got a direct hit. In the top left corner you can see my damages.
radio, EMES, gunner primary sight and stabilization.´, Fu…
Time to bring my second callsign to a save position.

and to move forward again, I saw a T-90 was moving along the road.

but today I make no presents…

I sent my 12B callsing up to MajorDucks position. He always reported more than a platoon T-90 near his position.
This can`t be so I decided to have a look, crazy danes.
Our left neighbor was also fighting. There was always autocannon fire left of us.

One of his callsings had a injured loader, so I sent him back to PL DESPAIR and requested the ambulance to this position.

Every time I moved in position to over watch the road, I got enemy arty fire. So I decided to fall back behind a house and to ambush the enemy.

MajorDucks section was in the rear area to reload and heal the loader, one of my tanks was observing north and the other tank was observing south.
Ach ja, I saw an enemy tank platoon north of hill 251 and decided to fall back.

Some time later I was looking to my left and saw a BRDM2-AT ok a BRDM2-AT, fu… Gunner 3 o`clock BRDM in position, fireeeeeee

I supported with my cal.50.

Seconds later I destroyed another BRDM2-AT.

During I was fighting against the BRDM2s, MajorDuck was observing from the F8 view of the other tank.
He reported some movement on hill 251.

hot work today, but today we will win and survive…

So the northern sector was save, time to switch to the south.

There were tanks sounds in front of me and they came closer very fast.
A tank platoon was attacking over the open area to my south east.

I got a hit, poped smoke and moved behind the house.

I had no chance with this tank against the platoon.
Ok I had the other tank facing north. But in the north was a T-90 platoon too. I had a bad feeling, but the god of war was very kind to us till now.

I made a try and MajorDuck had his eyes to the north.


…during this time MajorDuck reported some movement north, damn… He or I…

I like my TIS.

don`t forget to reload…

and back to the south…

MajorDuck and his tank established a new position to over watch the open area.

Panzer_Leader activated during the battle the 13 platoon via Trigger because the 11 platoon came in trouble too.

This time the enemy wanted to go through our positions and was attacking again.
MajorDuck got one hit and was immobilized. In front to his left you can see the burning CO tank.

In my southern battle position I could hear a BMP moving. The enemy FO was passing my ambush position and I had some fun. I don`t know how many cal.50, sabots and HEAT rounds I fired in this peace of scrap iron. It was a expensive kill.

He was always smiling in my face…

and smiling…

and smiling…

and smiling…


and smiling…


But we lost 12A, damn…

and our company lost a 13 callsign 300 behind 12A, whats going on here.

In the meantime MajorDuck was still visiting the doctor. I have to make a new skin for the mine plow. Looks terrible on the aussie M1.

But back to my callsings. Something was going on to my south. The enemy fired some HE/smoke missions.

More T-90s, but this time a section from 13 platoon flanked out the enemy.

After the 13 callsign was in position our CO planned a counterattack. I got the order to resupply.

In the rear area the ambulance and the ARV are busy too.

But no counterattack this time, we did the job and the mission time was over.

Yes I destroyed 16 vehicles, a nice revange for the last 2 battles.

Here a view behind hill 251 after the battle. There was still a platoon of T-90s in position. Probably afraid of me.:sunglasses:

The last picture of today. You can see all callsigns after the battle. Looks like the main effort was on my side of the valley and the village on PL FAITH is occupied by an enemy motorifle company.

I love this mission. A very good script a good map and a very good skin package (except the mine plow).
Thanks for the support from MajorDuck and thanks to Panzer_Leader for stepping up.

see you next Thursday…



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Hi guys,

there is a new Steelbeasts Version available. We are now on 4.010.
Last Thursday I participated the weekly session from my friends from down under.
We played a company attack mission, it was fun.
Here some pics:

Here are the release notes for the new version:



Hi guys,

here a stream from the last sunday night mission.
I was part of the OPFOR and we did well.




Last thursday it was a good gaming day for me. Arma3 at night and in the morning I joined to the BG ANZAC guys and their weekly steelbeasts session.

We tested a mission made by Panzer_Leader. We had to attack with an danish MechInf Company(+) against soviet airborne units.

Gibsonm was leading the party and I had a tankhunter platoon under my control with 4 M113G3/TOW.

I had the order to move to hill 08 and to over watch the attack of the Mech Inf guys.

So lets move out.

Our tank platoon (3x Leo1A5DK) lost his first callsigns, so I decided to split my platoon and to cover myself.

I arrived on hill 08 and saw 1 BMD-2.

As usual the enemy you can see is not the problem. 1 BMD is not operating alone and so I lost 1 callsign.
0:1 for the soviets.

But my second callsign arrived and it`s time to strike back.

On the way:

but this guy shoot back with a missile, THOR ODINSON please make my missile faster than his.

yes my TOW hit him and his missile went down.

Found another BMD-2 and fired the next TOW. By the way Duke vs Soviets 1:1.

I scored and lead by 2:1.
But the soviet airbornes gave not up, I watched to the left and saw a third and there came something in my direction.

Gunner smoke, driver backwards left quick, quick…

But now I knew where he was and I sent him some greetings back.

My missile was faster and I survived and lead by 3:1.

On the company radio I heard some reports about enemy BMDs in area 13, time to have a look.



My gunner spotted another BMD and we took him out too, but it was close like usual this morning.

5:1 for me

It was so a beautiful morning.

Our Mech Inf guys took all OBJ and prepared to defend the ground.
I lost one more M113 by an RPG, but scored 2 more BMDs

In the end I had 7:2 for me, but I was out of ammo.




Love it duke keep them coming.

One day, the mudspike guys will dip their toes…and when they do i will be right behind them shoving them into the pool.


The „Chong Ju“ experience!

This week I joined the weekly steelbeasts session from the BG ANZAC guys again.
These days the guys from DOWN UNDER play around with an attack mission named “Chong Ju”.

Mark (Gibsonm) made a scenario and everybody who wants, can make a plan and get the chance to execute as CO.
Here you can see the map and the orders:

Last week Brian (smithcorp) had the first chance and we executed his plan very well.
This week Juno developed a plan and 6 of us gave their best to follow his orders.

I had the T12A (2x M1A2(SEP) with mineplows) section and the engineer (2x M113eng) section under my command. Jumo wanted to attack through the minefield, so my part was to breach it.

We had a little bit time, so my loader relaxed and I watched around and saw our MechInf and the CO go in their starting positions.

To our north the cavalry guys and the FO party went in observing positions.

Our guys in the Echelon are ready too.

After the recon guys were in position the first reports came in.

The cavalry guys dismounted their squads to have a better view with the Javelin thermals.

Our Company was in formation and ready to attack.

Jumo ordered the T11 platoon in an over watching position to cover my breach and he ordered an arty smoke screen.

Everything was good and I moved forward to breach the minefield.

My gunner spotted a T-80 but our T11 behind us did his job very well.

We spotted an enemy engineer vehicle too and my AI wingman took him out.

We spotted some infantry units in bunkers too. But in this phase of the fight I only reported the enemy. Priority 1 had the minefield and we found it.

The plan was to breach with the engineers. I changed the plan, made my plows ready and started the breach.

The engineer section followed my tanks and marked the minefield and checked the size of the minefield.

Now the rest of the party followed through the minefield and started their attack to take OBJ1.

I supported with some HEAT rounds and MG fire. I also spotted a lot of barb wire around the defensive position.
Looks like they will need my plows again.


Now I breach the barb wire.

In the mean time I made some mine detecting training with my engineer dismounts.

Our CO pushed the MechInf forward to OBJ2. We knew there was one BRDM2-AT destroyed and minimum 1 alive.

Who is faster? Brian in his M1A2 or Mark in his M113AS4?
Brian got the first chance.

But Mark hits were better.

So after a couple of minutes OBJ2 was ours.

I collected my units in OBJ1 ready to support.

final positions:

Junos plan worked and for a bloody civilian he made a good job as CO.
Here the mission in time lapse:

After the mission Mark moderated the debrief and everybody had the opportunity to give some feedback.

All in all a very enjoyable and informative morning for me and maybe next week another guy will have a new plan.

If you want to make a plan here is the mission file.

BG ANZAC Chong Ju (1.8 MB)

see you on the battle field

Duke RAAC(v)


Glad you liked it. :slight_smile:

There will be a version 2 of the scenario in due course too - that will allow multiple lanes, different types of OPFOR, etc. but we’ll finish this rotation first



Here my stream from last night.


D u k e

Hi guys,

last thursday I joined the weekly BG ANZAC session again. It was a little bit tricky, because my internet made some problems.
Panzer_Leader did some rework on one of his “old” mission and we tested it.
It was a delay action of an aussie battle group.
Here you can see the map and his plan and the orders of our BN CDR.

I was in charge of the I61A section (2x M113AS4 with 2 Javelin teams).
After mission start I moved back to my blocking position and set up my 2 Javelin teams.

After every team was in position, Brian (smithcorp) gave me control over V31D (a ASLAV PC with cal.50 RWS).
He was our recon guy but needed a hand, because he had to over watch a huge area.
I moved to my position and dismounted my observer team and my Javelin team.

My position was on top of a ridge and very good for my job.
After a while I found 2 T-90s, which were facing in my direction.

Looks like an enemy recon platoon on a recon patrol in the southern sector…
In our northern sector was some action too. Brian found an enemy T-90 platoon too and Jumos tank troop (T11) engaged the enemy. Unfortunatly Brian lost one ASLAV-25.

I saw the point platoon was making an observing stop and requested some arty. Time to say hello. During the waiting I spotted another recon patrol (2x T-90s, 1x BRDM-2 and 1x MTLB).

Yeah, the requested ICM arty strike was on target…

… and destroyed the T-90.

Burning red stuff in the north.

But back to my job. The other recon patrol was moving forward and occupied the position of the destroyed T-90.
Good to have our FO on the radio.

Bad news for my internet connection “ping time to large”. Usually I have a stable connection to australia but today we germans say “Da ist der Wurm drin”.


… damn I lost connection to Marks (Gibsonm) server. Mark stopped the session and gave me the chance to reconnect.
Thank you guys.

Back in the game, we sorted out who was in charge of my old units and after a while I got my recon patrol back.
Back on my rigde I saw the enemy point company moving in my direction.

A mix of T-90s and BMP-3s with FO and BRDM-2s was marching along our PL DEATH. Panzer_Leader ordered the T11 platoon back to PL GLORY. So we had 2 tank troops (T11 and T12) in position to welcome the enemy.
So popcorn time for me, enjoyed the engemement from my position.

I think no losses on our side, only one immobilized tank.

Looks like for the moment, we stopped the enemy. But I can tell you this was only the warm up.

A couple of minutes later the enemy started a massive arty fire along my ridge. Good that I had my ear plugs in.
To run away was no option, so I stayed in position, prayed to ODIN and survived.

During the arty fire I spotted tanks to the north west and there are came more and more…

… and they marched in my direction.

An enemy reinforced tank battalion in march formation, it was a nice view. We tried to block the enemy with ICM fire.

A big surprise was the point company of the BN. They were not following the road. They marched south, looks like the enemy CDR tried to flank us with this company. I reported and Brian got the job to hold contact with his ASLAV.
The main body of the enemy BN was still marching along the main road along PL DEATH.

Our tanks had now a hard fight against the enemy BN and we got the first losses.
… and the enemy was pushing…

… I spotted the enemy arty (2S1).

Usually I got target for our arty, but not today. We had to stop the tank BN first. Brian reported the enemy tank company in our flank and our tanks had now 2 hotspots.
The fight was very intensivly and both sides payed a high price.

I got the order to fall back. I decided to walk along the ride to stay in contact with the enemy.

so a bloody morning and such a good view…

But the enemy did not enjoy the view and pushed forward.

Here the tank of our boss.

Our echelon on the way back to the west.

Back to my blocking Javelin teams. In my game they had a damaged missile starter. So for me they were useless.

I had the time to have a look what was going by the other players.
Mark and the rest of T12 tried to flank the enemy.

He took out a lot of red stuff, but lost his callsign too.

Because our engineers (they were scripted and under AI control) not withdrawed, the enemy tanks run into this units.
Our CO reinforced with our grunts and they played cat and mouse in the woods.

I over watched to this area with my Javelins.

In the next picture you can see Brians Javelin team fighting the enemy. Yes it was a Javelin team and not a RPG team.
Looks like I had still some internet problems.

In the meanwhile our grunts used their Carl Gustav anti tank weappons.

and the only thing I could do was observing.

And oh wonder, my Javelin teams started to engage the enemy. I was wondering about, because you can the the damage report in the top right of the picture.

I had to stop the mission because my son came from school and was hungry.

As always a very good thursday morning with a very hard but good mission.
I have to talk with the school, maybe they can teach one more lesson every thursday.

If you want to try out this mission:
Heavy CT Delay v (Contemporary) Tank Battalion FD v2.2 (4.010) - (2.1 MB)

Next sunday is the weekly Kanium steelbeasts session, feel free to join.
mission start: 19:00 UTC
teamspeak server address:

If you want to join, try to be there at 18:30 UTC to sort out the whisper list and other teamspeak stuff.
If you want to read more:

see you


Duke RAAC(v)