System Shock

Looking forward to this one, hope it has coop like SS2:


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Nice :+1: I actually thought the remake was abandoned.

Btw the original version works in vorpx :vr: so you can enjoy real retro full VR environment (albeit a little pixelated) with sprite-made opponents :grinning:

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That’s some dark magic software that converts first- / third-person games into stereoscopic 3D and then warps the image into your VR goodness.

Magic. Pure magic.

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There’s a demo on Steam so you can try out a bit.

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A Vorpx demo?

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No, System Shock.

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Im not sure if genuinely real. But a trial can be downloaded here.

My phone didnt detonate, so may be ok

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I have all possible version of System Shock. :sunglasses:


Beach played with Vorpx in 2020, then there was a big update in 2021 so it is probably more mature now but we haven’t had anyone on Mudspike review it since

I played the original System Shock on DOS on a 386 33 MHz back in the day … or was it on my next PC and my first built one, a 486 DX2 66 MHz ? It chugged on full detail, but the next upgrade did the trick, a Pentium 90.

It was a good game as was System Shock 2 and the same company are going to be doing a remastered version of it apparently.

Looking Glass were a really talented studio back then, some great games, Ultima Underworld 1 and 2, Thief 1 and 2 and Flight Unlimited 1, 2 and 3, very talented folk indeed, they just don’t make games like these anymore.


I wanted to play it but wasn’t allowed to buy it (and also my PC couldn’t run it IIRC). When I finally could my hands on it 15 years later it was just too old for me to enjoy.

Similar with Deus Ex for me. I missed the opportunity to play those great games at the time and now I am too used to modern gameplay and graphics to really enjoy them.


I absolutely HATED Deus Ex when i first “played it” hated every single second

I was so so wrong


Aginor, I still play through original Deus Ex once a year (and it plays fine on Windows 11) and the older graphics do not detract from it one bit IMHO, its simply one of the best designed games ever made … I really think so :slight_smile:

There are one or two graphical upgrades that help a lot and other stuff too … on the other hand and especially Deus Ex 2 and the two newer ones that have far superior graphics … i just cant get into them at all, its a funny old world, isn’t it? :slight_smile:

I’m not saying either of is right or wrong, just that we’re different.

Deus Ex was way ahead of its time in gameplay design IMHO, really was, there were choices to be made that had consequences later on in gameplay and three possible different outcome endings too … perhaps modern Gameplay designers have got lazier? I’m not sure? But have personally never played since a game so totally rewarding as the first Deus Ex experience.


TbF i played invisible war on my OG xbox and had a blast with it. So much that i gave the original another go, and fell in love.

I still absolutely loathe the new ones though. They arent my cup of tea at all


I’ve tried to give Invisible War a go once or twice in recent years Victor, but even the GOG version I think it is I cant get to run on my 2 main PC’s, maybe try it on my now older tech Win 10 laptop someday.

Thief 3 is another older game I cant get to run anymore. Not as good as T1 or 2, but it had its moments, the Cradle level was pretty scary LOL

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I think the key is nostalgia.

I can still play Dark Forces II: Jedi Knight, The Secret of Monkey Island, or Wing Commander I, and don’t care about graphics or old school gameplay, most likely because I played those games for the first time when they were new.

I have trouble getting into old games that I haven’t played before.

As for newer games of System Shock or Deus Ex: Never played any. My OCD usually forces me to play the first part of a series first if possible. The same effect prevents me from playing RDR2 or Witcher 3, I havent played through their predecessors.

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I struggled to enjoy witcher 3. Same reason as you. Loads of people greeting me as an old fried.
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RdR just bores me senseless. Wife struggles as well (shes still playing it) its just grand theft horse. Every time im on a horse, i just keep thinking, this would be so much faster in a car

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I already had that problem in Witcher 2. I have played part one but that was long ago. I struggled with part two and basically quit after the second chapter or so, and now I cannot start part 3 because I have to finish part 2 but don’t want to.

For RDR2 the thing is: I almost exclusively play on the PC. I wanted to wait for the promised (IIRC) PC release of RDR1 but… well, I am still waiting.

I also think it would bore me, but an open western world just strikes a chord with me.

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