Teamspeak 3 Server


Oh yeah…no kidding! I’ve never scrolled that far down. Thanks!


Each article has it as well, so hopefully you’ve been down the page on one of those. :slight_smile:


It’s also on the events tab. With an added boon that there’s also a clicky link that will command teamspeak to start up and connect the the mudspike server.


Oh yeah. I put it there and didn’t know that. Neat. :slight_smile:


I forget who has the rights… can someone add a No Man’s Sky channel? There seem to be a good number of us playing it.




edit: lol’d at the topic


Teamspeak server is feeling sad today and needs to be updated. Will take a look, but until then just pretend to connect and talk amongst yourselves.


Might be a good time to give our shiny new Discord server a go.



Discord is so much better imo.


I think I’d rather install Skype…


Ok, all good now. Mudspike TS3 back in business. Should be good for another couple of years. Holla if I installed it upside down or something.


For things like SimpleRadio, I’d miss teamspeak (clzzzzt-over).


yooooo ts server keeps shutting down and restarting @admin @near_blind @moderators @fearlessfrog


Our gerbil partied too hard too early on this Friday night.

I’m not very useful for things like this I’m afraid to say. But you all knew that already.


This is firmly a @fearlessfrog thing. I think he’s the only one with access to the actual server.


happened 2-3 times really. Just annoying. Some individuals problems after, but nothing major. Might warrant a look though.


I think the TS server is hosted by the same company that does the rest of the site (Cloud Flare), so I don’t know if there is something going on with the hosting site or if it is the TS software itself.


Been out of town. With a quick look looks like a full disk that someone might have left a log running on the recent upgrade. I’ll fix now - 2 secs.


We were playing RL when it came offline. :frowning: