Teamspeak 3 Server


Still giving me an error.


Almost done.


Teamspeak appears to be down. :cry: @Admin


That was unlucky, avoid lottery tickets today @AeroMechanical - I just bounced it down for about 30 seconds (I checked and no-one was on it). Should be good now.


I was on it. I guess my new nickname is Nobody.


Keep your receipt, we’ll organize some sort of refund for the trouble it caused you.


How do get on the discord server? I’m not really familiar with how it works. I got an account and use it in fairly regular in arma 3. Do I need an invite or is there a link I can use? Or am I massively misreading the situation and it’s private for privately private people privacy. Lol


I think you just follow that link? I’ve used our discord more in the five minutes of looking for an obvious answer than in the last three years.


Not sure if I’m being silly here but I’ve already got a discord account I was wondering how to get on the mudspike server. Or is that what you just posted


Disregard last! I was being silly. Note to self to ask questions AFTER clicking links… Sorry


We’ve run a teamspeak server for (looks up, checks date) over four years now and we’ve decided to call it a day. It takes time and money to keep going, and it often sits empty. Of the three original Mudspike Founders, Erik was always keen on MP and it is something that @BeachAV8R and I don’t do a lot of.

The server itself is often used by small groups that don’t use or contribute to our forums, and there are lots of free alternatives around to fill this gap now. Social networks like are increasingly popular (and work really well), and people are welcome to set up and advertise their groups here if they wish. Alternatively, using Steam or the like can work well.

This is a heads up that the Mudspike TS server will shut down on Dec 31st 2018.

Thanks for your understanding that the effort and money on our part has to be balanced, and that Mudspike is just something we do for fun.

Chat and Mudspike Discord

Thank you for hosting it.


And I’ll just add my thanks to those that set it up, ran it, tweaked it, and managed to bolt it on to our little site here. I’ve enjoyed the times I have been on TeamSpeak with our members during events, and I’m sure I’ll run into you wherever an alternative is set up. The fact of the matter is that, more than cost, the main site and forums do take time to manage, and time is more valuable for many of us than money. In an effort to keep things as less time consuming as possible for those that volunteer here, I’m hoping we can streamline things a bit so there are less things to break as each individual piece of the site updates, and perhaps ease the need to do as much maintenance. Thanks for your understanding.


I would also like to add my thanks to everyone who participated in the multiplayer events and games on the server over the years! I have met some great people on the teamspeak and had some immeasurable fun!

This does not mean that multiplayer game play is not appreciated or encourage in our community. There will still be members of the community collecting together to play Arma, DCS, Rocket League and other community games - please seek those opportunities out and encourage their growth. I hope to see, and take part in, more AARs of multiplayer events and gameplay in the future!


Thanks for hosting the TS server during those years.


I really appreciated the Teamspeak server, and the website widget that let you see who was online. Sayonara, muchacho.

So… guess it’s time for me to learn about Discord.


Ouch… welp thanks for hosting, as someone that used it several times a week I’m sad to see it go. I’m also sad to see the Discord go as it would have been the alternative I guess. I feel that the forum needs that central meeting point, especially since most of the people I fly and game with I met through here. If ya’ll need help with things don’t hesitate to ask the community here. You have given us a wealth of community for free.


Set one up and post it here. It’s more we didn’t spend any time on it. As it had the ‘Mudspike’ name, we felt vaguely responsible about it to make it a nice place as well. The name == an association I guess.

It’s more just to tidy-up before it turned into muppet porn or something and we never noticed. That way search engines would grab ‘Mudspike, the home for muppet porn’ and we’d feel sad just because we neglected it. (I may have not thought this analogy through btw).

Anyway, in short, the community will find a way for sure.


Does the fact that you posted “Mudspike muppet porn” in a message (and the fact that I replied with it in quotes) now drive that to the top of Google search results for Muppet porn?? I’m not gonna test that by searching for it. Might be laws against that kind of thing in this state.


As long as we stop saying ‘Mudspike muppet porn’ we’ll be ok I think.