Teamspeak 3 Server


Still giving me an error.


Almost done.


Teamspeak appears to be down. :cry: @Admin


That was unlucky, avoid lottery tickets today @AeroMechanical - I just bounced it down for about 30 seconds (I checked and no-one was on it). Should be good now.


I was on it. I guess my new nickname is Nobody.


Keep your receipt, we’ll organize some sort of refund for the trouble it caused you.


How do get on the discord server? I’m not really familiar with how it works. I got an account and use it in fairly regular in arma 3. Do I need an invite or is there a link I can use? Or am I massively misreading the situation and it’s private for privately private people privacy. Lol


I think you just follow that link? I’ve used our discord more in the five minutes of looking for an obvious answer than in the last three years.


Not sure if I’m being silly here but I’ve already got a discord account I was wondering how to get on the mudspike server. Or is that what you just posted


Disregard last! I was being silly. Note to self to ask questions AFTER clicking links… Sorry