Teamspeak 3 Server


MMP for short.


Aw too bad! I get it about reducing workload though. Thanks for hosting it all those years!


Wait… it’s the ‘Muppet’ or the ‘Porn’ part?


Someone needs to test it… For science!



Just Googled from home. SimHQ actually outranks us in Muppet Porn references. :+1:


I typed in most of the words mudspike mupp… To see if Google would fill in the rest.

We’re safe as long as we STOP TALKING ABOUT IT! :joy::joy:


Now y’all can embrace the glory that is text messaging once more!

“ned air sprt rite now”
“b0w d0n n00bs! ph33r my l337 sk1llz!!!111!!”
“hay wich btn go up”


Have you been looking at my chat logs @Franze

Not. Cool.


chuckles in NSA infolink


I was searching for the mudspike TS server just now to see if someone is on, seems I didn’t remember it isn’t there anymore.

So thanks for hosting it for all those years!