Teamspeak 3 Server


MMP for short.


Aw too bad! I get it about reducing workload though. Thanks for hosting it all those years!


Wait… it’s the ‘Muppet’ or the ‘Porn’ part?


Someone needs to test it… For science!



Just Googled from home. SimHQ actually outranks us in Muppet Porn references. :+1:


I typed in most of the words mudspike mupp… To see if Google would fill in the rest.

We’re safe as long as we STOP TALKING ABOUT IT! :joy::joy:


Now y’all can embrace the glory that is text messaging once more!

“ned air sprt rite now”
“b0w d0n n00bs! ph33r my l337 sk1llz!!!111!!”
“hay wich btn go up”


Have you been looking at my chat logs @Franze

Not. Cool.


chuckles in NSA infolink


I was searching for the mudspike TS server just now to see if someone is on, seems I didn’t remember it isn’t there anymore.

So thanks for hosting it for all those years!


Same as Aginor, with the F-14’s release i figured I’d hop in, but alas!

Thanks for all the fish, it was a fine place when it was there!


Discord! SO so much better.


Better in which regard?
Just an example: I can use TS3 without making an account…

  • No IP Address or domain names to remember
  • Settings are saved to your account, so you can easily join the chat from your phone (if so inclined) or a new computer, without having to remember anything.
  • Optional & repositionable in-game overlay to see who is talking.
  • Excellent text chat, with user tagging, group tagging, hashtags, multimedia (picture/gif/video) sharing, general file sharing.
  • Friends list with private message/calls.
  • Excellent phone app for both Android and iOS (again, if so inclined).
  • Retained chat history with strong search feature.

Discord chat functions similar to how you would use text messages - good for all the quick stuff, like
“Hey guys, tonight I’m flying F-14s on Hollo Pointe - anyone want to join?” That could otherwise be buried quickly in the forum if more active topics are getting replies. We’ve made a lot of use of it for Hollo Pointe where we leave notes on mission design changes like “the trigger for X is not working”.

Or think of it like Facebook messenger - just with your MudSpike friends and you don’t have to give out your real name or location like FB.

Discord servers are provided for FREE, so we’re not relying on any one man’s internet connection or having to pay for it. Discord’s revenue is intended to be made through accessory type sales of things like theme packs, which are optional. Basic function is always free.


Thanks. Maybe I’ll try it one day, using a fake email or so.
For now I will stick to TS3


There is a con to Discord though, in that voice chats can get a bit overwhelmed when player count increases. TS can create new channels but I’m far more fond of SRS for DCS due to the ability to hop around on frequencies in the game rather than fiddling with TS channels.


you can create different voice channels in Discord as well. But SRS is the way to go.


Long time TS, but who has recently converted to Discord. The newer solution does have a bunch more features, but IMO the biggest reason to use Discord is because Mudspike has a designated server there. Having two communication methods gives options and a backup, but I worry that using TS will keep our community perhaps fragmented and unclear as to which one is the preferred method. There is also the issue of use it or loose it. In other words, if I drop into Mudspike Discord enough times and don’t see anyone on voice chat, eventually I might not think of it as an option. There are other communities within Discord, not so with TS. So, if I’m looking for a RIO and I don’t see anyone in Mudspike, I can easily switch to Duma or Alert 5 all under one dashboard making it easy to get back to our Discord. Not so with TS. Anyway, just my .02.


Teamspeak does create an account per connection, it’s just optional to have a password to make it persistent.

That is an important part of using Discord compared to TS, in that different groups for different things is pretty important. It’s like anyone being able to set up a sub-reddit and create their own mini forum. If the Mudspike Discord only gets used so people can find each other, but then still go off to multiple other groups, then for me personally that’s a very good thing and mission accomplished. Mudspike can be a common ground and connect people with the same hobbies, but doesn’t have to be a roach motel where we measure our success with who we ‘keep’ or content we put ads over.

The days of being ‘group monogamous’ :slight_smile: are over. We all have lots of homes depending on what we’re doing, rather than having something that doesn’t work quite right for anyone.

Discord is also growing like crazy, so it will be interesting to see if it ‘flares out’ a bit:

Just like any other social network (and this is for you @Aginor :slight_smile:) there’s also this side of the argument when compared to a local Teamspeak:

From the Discord TOS:

By uploading, distributing, transmitting or otherwise using Your Content with the Service, you grant to us a perpetual, nonexclusive, transferable, royalty-free, sublicensable, and worldwide license to use, host, reproduce, modify, adapt, publish, translate, create derivative works from, distribute, perform, and display Your Content in connection with operating and providing the Service. The Company does not guarantee the accuracy, quality, or integrity of any user content posted.


Not what I meant, but yeah, technically you are right.

Yep. The only way I am using that service is with a throwaway email, for one occasion, like a fly-in or something.

…I just tried registering with a throwaway Email, just for laughs, but they want my phone number for verification and I am not giving it away, so Discord is out of the race for me.
Sad, but then except for Mudspike fly-ins or so I haven’t been very active in MP anyway lately.

I’ll post a TS3 link every time I play online (there are a lot of free servers around that allow creating channels), so everyone who wants to talk to me can do it.
In-mission SRS is better anyway.