Thank you...!

Howdy Guys (I’m not aware that we have any female members…but if we do, I mean you too!)…

I just wanted to give a personal thank you for the community you have built here at Mudspike. We opened the doors a couple years ago with the intent of having an area of the Internets™ where people could come together to discuss some simulation stuff in a more laid back atmosphere where we try our best to “check our guns at the door”. Meaning, we would like a place where we can make a comment, be critical, be encouraging, and even be a fan-boi without fear of being ridiculed or having the conversations devolve into a constant axe-grinding, mud-slinging affair.

I’m constantly impressed with the restraint exhibited by our members from all corners of the world - recognizing that there are rules of decorum and a way to interact without being confrontational. Know that it is appreciated. That we can all get along in this “living room” that we’ve opened is a nice surprise. I only wish I had an unlimited amount of time to participate in all the multi-player interests we have around here. It isn’t lack of interest - it’s mostly lack of time. I really enjoy listening to the stories of people who have connected through Mudspike and have flown together on MP servers with that common bond (I really hope to play some on that Red v. Blue server soon!).

So again, thank you all for making this place a great forum to visit throughout the day.

Chris “BeachAV8R” Frishmuth

(…and I know I speak for all the guys that keep this place humming… @EinsteinEP and @fearlessfrog - I couldn’t do it without them!)


I love you, man.


Sorry I’m not around so much gents, a nice few weeks of vacation followed by some unexpected new projects are packing my days and nights. Be good! :slight_smile: :frog:


I only have one home page, and that page is Mudspike… everyone here in my eyes are scholars and gentlemen/gentlewomen. One of these days we need to have a Mudspike gathering… with beer, and/or wine, and/or whiskey! :slight_smile:


Sniff Sniff. Thanks for making such a nice space to hang out. Mudspike really is the most friendly, laid back sim forum I have experienced. And somehow you do it with just the lightest moderator touch.


I couldn’t be happier to have such a great site to discuss and follow the hobby of flight simulation! It’s great that we can have civil discussions and arguments without having to deal with the personal attacks that are so prevalent on the internet. Happy to call this my home :slight_smile:


This place is a very cordial & polite site to discuss simulations. You have no idea how much it’s appreciated.


In addition to not making this place a fight club (you know the first rule, right?), you guys come up with some pretty amazing stuff: the great stories in #screens-aars, the running photos and stories in Where You Are, @komemiute’s skins, @Chuck_Owl’s guides, etc. I’m looking forward to seeing more of @Fridge’s work, I think there are more AARs and guides in the works too, although they seemed to have gotten delayed slightly by Real Life™.

More than just a quiet, well-behaved community, I see a lot of potential in this community to do great things. I’m looking forward to more community events, more contests, more reviews, more stories, just more stuff coming from this group. Thinking back to just a couple years ago, it’s amazing how this place is growing, yet still has the same feel to it. Can’t wait to see what happens over the next couple of years!

:heart: :mudspike:


I agree! I enjoy being here.
Also glad you started it, because I was losing my faith with the community…


I add my thanks to everyone’s here. If I ever had a true home in the “interwebz” this is it.

Now, who forgot to empty the dishwasher? And why there’s pieces of an :f111: in the living room? @Bogusheadbox! Put the toys away!


Where am I… and where’s mah goddam ehf won 'leven


Being able to rub virtual elbows with RL professional and military pilots, as well as maintainers and analysts in a civil, thoughtful environment is priceless to this flight sim enthusiast, sometimes recreational pilot. Heck, the F-15 retirement thread reads like a Janes’ article. Throw in some IT gurus and intelligent humor and it’s not hard to love this place.


Yeah but don’t put it all in a blender, it’ll get very messy! :wink:

@BeachAV8R, THANK YOU. For putting up with the lot of us and keeping this site going! Without you this never would have happened(gonna drag out that line everytime we have some drama :wink: )

sips from muggy mug

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Thank you all for the great work - Mudspike has become a stellar community to be part of



Thanks for the encouragements, that’s very kind.

Yep, plenty of pretty cool stuff coming in Summer 2017. :slight_smile:

Not limited to DCS either.


I’m new here and really do enjoy the helpful members,interesting sim topics and freedom of speech.
Thank You :slight_smile:


Best computer simulation hobby community website on the internet.


I’m new, rarely post on the tinterweb and prefer to lurk. Yet this feels such a friendly place I’m comfortable posting AAR’s which highlight my lack of general aviation knowledge, despite knowing the potential audience are probably face palming at my incompetence.


Welcome, and keep 'em coming. And don’t worry about the facepalming, it’s all part of the experience. Have you seen the one where I dropped a nuke on my own airbase? The guys still won’t let me forget that one!