The Russian Ministry of Information video thread


Seconded… Unavailable for me too.


Putin pulled it. We’ve revealed too much.


Poor skydiver, those chutes have no way of controlling them… You can see that the person is desperately trying to ground the chute by pulling in one side…



New Blocky camo?


Great Scott, they’ve mastered modular acrylonitrile butadiene styrene construction from standardized, rectilinear templates!

I’d heard rumors but… the truth is just shocking.


They are only one step away from re-configuring them in mid flight…and you know what that means -

Cue the Wahlberg Russian accent!


Apparently flying with a new type of engines… lzd.30




So that Su-57, is that their equivalent to the F-22 or the F-35?


Well, with a lot of concessions. It’s nowhere near as uncompromisingly stealthy as the F-22 is, not from all aspects anyway.


It’s more like the -22 than the -35 in that is intended to go fast, go high and shoot things down. Very much optimized for the air superiority fighter role. Like the -22 it can also carry a couple of PGM’s to do some surprise bu77&3* to high value ground targets. (or just fools in jeeps if you are Trump)

The -35 on the other hand is a bomber. It is not an F-16, but more like a F-105 or a Tonka in that it is optimized to bring a small load of effective A-G munitions to a target with a maximum chance of effect and survival. Shooting flying things is secondary and incidental.


Everything I’ve read about the -35 describe an ITR and high alpha capabilities comparable to the Hornet. I’d hardly compare it to the Thud or Tornado.

As for the -57, it is to the -27SM2/35 what the -22 is to the F-15.


right you are. actually quite nimble as opposed to the 105. but small wings, fat fuselage full of fuel. systems geared for ground attack. its a strike plane pur sang. fighters look better :sunglasses:


When you fly in the DCS aerobatic server.



Not Russian…but Chinese…

“We’re gonna need a bigger…flying…boat…?”


Trying to drop vodka directly to pilot


I love the dramatic music and the running to the aircraft part…glad they didn’t slip and fall on the snow.

Some footage of a allegedly successful Kh-47M2 missile test…who knows. Just enjoy the flying bits…

“Kinzhal is claimed to be a strategic air-to-surface strike missile. The missile is claimed to have maneuverable flight characteristics not typically seen in hypersonic, solid fuel missiles. Observers of Russian missile programs have voiced skepticism about Russia’ performance claims however. According to Russians and reference sources the Kinzhal missile has a top speed of Mach 10 and maintains some ability to maneuver throughout its performance envelope including at hypersonic speed. If accurate, these capabilities could make the Kinzhal difficult to intercept by anti-missile systems. The missile is reported to have a range of 1,200 miles (approximately 2,000 kilometers). This, added to the reported 1,860-mile unrefueled range of the MiG-31BM long range, supersonic interceptor, gives the Kinzhal potentially intercontinental strike capability. The missile is also reported to be nuclear-capable and able to hit ground as well as naval targets.”