The Russian Ministry of Information video thread


The Report continues

The Kinzhal also comes in a variety of colors, includes a full service vodka bar, sauna, escort service, three tins of the finest caviar, a diamond encrusted rollex watch, a signed picture of Vladimir Putin and Steven Segal, two links of salami, three bags of sunflower seeds and a jar of your grandmother’s kompot. The Kinzhal is also claimed to be capable of engaging ABM missile sites, ABM Missiles, and heads of states of countries fostering ABM missile sites. The claimed CEP of the Kinzhal is precisely one Ukrainian President who doesn’t know what’s good for him. Russian Defense Minister Sergey Shoygu, confirmed the missile was well on it’s way to being fully adopted by the Russian Armed Forces by the planned date of 2001, and would be retrofitted to all existing Russian aircraft back to the MiG-3. The defense minister concluded the press conference by dimming the lights, pointing out members of the American and European press, and making spooky noises whilst holding a flashlight below his chin.






An An-12 couldn’t hold onto it’s load of gold bars today LOL! Hey, 9000kg’s is a lot of weight and should be secured properly! :smiley:

Story in Russian:



Wow, tell me that engine doesn’t sound similar to Hurricane’s. Smooth.


Why not?


What is going off at 2:12 in this video - is that chaff bundles or something for anti-ship missile spoofing?


Looked like an air burst of some description


could be chaff, could be something to obscure a IIR seeker.


It looked something like out of the Battle Los Angeles movie trailer…




That’s insane the way they sort of poke their head up out of the smoke then light off. I’d love to know the scale of those missiles…



I can’t say I like that info but thanks anyway! :slight_smile:


These 90 degrees and I’m outta here anti surface missiles are oddly satisfying …


I’m just impressed that the Russians managed to put missiles on the Cliffs of Dover. Sneaky. (They appear to be firing them at France…hmmm…)



Not Russia…but…

I’ll bet when the camera show up on board they are all like “crap…we gotta go stand on deck for hours on end in formation and do a bunch of stupid stuff…”


Well they did manage to fix the huge clouds of smoke those things belch out in the Russian navy :slight_smile: