Thrustmaster F/A-18C Stick Speculation Thread

In case it isn’t old news…
TM Hornet stick confirmed.


Wonder how much this is going to cost?

I think in line with the Original 'Hawg HOTAS, methinks.

I hope not. Hoping there is an option for existing Hawg HOTAS owners to just replace the stick on gimbal base.


I don’t want to dash your hope but I consider that unlikely, to say the least.

I don’t know- wasn’t the original plan when the Warthog was released to offer different grips for new airframes? If that’s the case hopefully it’ll be somewhat reasonable.


Ideas often clash with the economic reality.
It’s also that I prefer to think negatively and be surprised rather than be an optimist and be let down…

Literally says add-on stick on the base.


I hope it is an add on stick, but as @komemiute says: “Ideas often clash with the economic reality.” We’ll all just have to wait and see what they come out with. You never know what last minute changes wii be dictated due to economic/marketing realities.


I’m happy with a second base as a backup, so good either way. ~ 8 years in my current one.

I think they’d be severely limiting their market by making it the whole stick, if VKB and VPC can both afford to make stand alone grips then so can Thrustmaster. (I’m also excited for VKB’s Tomcat stick!)

Does anyone know if there was a different throttle planned for the Hornet? Can’t see in the posted photo above if that’s a new throttle to the left or a completely different product.

I’ve never heard a new throttle mentioned Kinger.


I don’t seem to recall it either…

Matt has made a comment on a Hornet video concerning HOTAS setup…
“_Note that we’ll have a unique control category called “HOTAS” in the Hornet mapping. This will make it very easy and fast to map your controls to best match the real HOTAS. This is just like we did for the A-10C. Once the TM Hornet stick is out, we’ll set default bindings for it.”

Add on stick… I’ll get it… 300 dollars, NO THANKS
The original has more options. I doubt I want to change sticks. For the right price though…

New photo of the stick from Wags, looks pretty good!


:notes: And then I saw that thing! Now I’m-a believer! And not a trace… of doubt in my mind! I will own… -ooooooh- the Hornet HOTAS, it has a trim wheel, it’s so fiiiiiine! :musical_note:


Looks a lot more plasticy than the A-10C stick. Hopefully that keeps the cost down :slight_smile:

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It seems to me that is the paint coat that gives that plasticky look. I hope it’s cast metal…