Thrustmaster Rudder Pedals


I think I’ll just order some Crosswinds and call it good.



Don’t think you will regret it.
Only advice I can give is that you wait and see what VPC is cooking… But that may be a while.

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I guess I’ll have the Crosswinds to sell if the VPC are heads and tails above them and I feel worth the upgrade. Placed my order for the Crosswinds this morning so now just sitting back and waiting for the truck to arrive hopefully next week :slight_smile:



Keep meaning to reply to this topic, did have a side by side TPR vs MFG written, but lost it :frowning: please stay with me though guys, my ongoing comparison testing is interesting and might be useful for any one in the rudder market these days.

Excuse too my corner FS desk temp wiring ETC, its more a test bench than anything else just now :slight_smile:

One day I will have a home sim pit like Troll has … But I still need to work some stuff out :slight_smile:



Is the cat guarding the pedals? No human you may not play today!

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suuure, lot of us has this ’ test ’ setups :slight_smile:

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My replacement TPRs are waiting for me at the post office… Unfortunately I’m not home again until tomorrow night.

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Yeah, agree with a lot of what Troll says so far, but will be interesting to see what he thinks of a fully functional set? Been hearing about some potential reliability problems for the toe brake actuator/sensor part at other sim places on the internet too now …REDDIT I think it was? … reading perhaps newer models have newer revamped higher quality parts … hope so …they are very expensive pedals and I do not want to be sending the whole unit back if one small easily home replaceable part does break early … its a heavy old lump that arrives in a big box.

Kinda agree with Troll in that TM hardware looks the part, but can be fragile … excepting the Warthog and perhaps Cougar grip sticks them selves, they are quite solid and enduring, but the bases for both sticks are big weak points … the Cougar especially so, its stock gimble mechanism is awful … compared to my Virpil base the TM Cougar and Warthog base really feel very bad IMHO … the Cougar throttle too, was a flawed concept, quite good mechanical wise and seemed solid and metal (nice n clunky) but the brake switch always breaks … my TM Warthog throttle has held up well, and the slew mod we all seem to have makes it even nicer (icing on the cake) really was wanting to try Virpils new dual throttle and would prefer more rotarys, but I’m sticking with the Warthog throttle for now.

Both the Cougar and Warthog stick grips can be seen as blank canvases for modders if you are that way inclined though, the Cougar more so as its base has more internal space for gimble mods … the Warthog stock stick base really is quite bad and not well specced and thought out IMHO.

Go way back with TM stuff, even before the F-22 pro n TQS Troll, have a hall of shame pic somewhere for some of my FS controller gear, inc exotica like the F22-pro (sold my earlier stuff) MS FFB stick, Saitek Force Feedback F-65F HOTAS, ETC … selling this soon if anyone is interested and more … I’ll see if I can find the pic again, but need to update my FS controller hall of shame pic soon with newer stuff to be embarrassed about:)

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Got the new pedals today and I’m happy to report that they work great!



’ they work great ’ !? that sounds similar to ’ they work… review in progres ’ :wink:



You have excellent hearing… :wink:



There was some word the MFG Crosswinds would get F-16 style toe brake pedals as a bolt on option or bought new like this? This is one of the reasons I bought the new TM unit as I really do prefer this style for all I fly in … if MFG can implement this somehow, they will have the best pedals in the world IMHO.

I really hope they do this and are still working on this option.



Last I read, Milan is working through current demand for the Crosswinds, which has effected bandwidth for developing said F-16 style pedals. But this is still on the road map.



Thats good to hear, thanks.



Got a couple of heavy duty RC car dampers, that I thought I’d mount on my TPR’s…

These are 165mm hole to hole.


DIY stuff