Varjo Aero VR headset

I considered the Pimax 8KX but went with the Aero purely based on Pimax customer feedback vs. Varjos reputation as a professional VR developer.
While I have never tried a wide FoV headset, I don’t feel the FoV of the headsets I have owned has been an issue. Don’t get me wrong! I’m sure I will enjoy a wider FoV, but I don’t feel that 90-100° horizontal FoV is a problem. There are people who feel they are peeping through a keyhole or like they are wearing a skimask/diving mask, but I don’t. I also compare it to the alternative of using a 2D screen and TrackIR, which I did for many years, and even “narrow” FoV is a lot better, IMO.
So I don’t feel sorry for having to accept the limitations that VR has introduced.
That said, the Pimax Crystal looks really promising and if they can deliver on the expectations, I will probably get it.
I do hope VR developers wil continue to push the boundaries of what’s possible.


Time for an update as there’s been some development…
First, DCS got multithreading!
Second, DCS got dynamic foveated rendering!
DFR for short, means that the full resolution is only displayed where you’re focusing your gaze and the rest has a lower resolution.
DFR for DCS is a product of the wonderful work of mbucchia, the developer of OpenXR Toolkit.

With MT and DFR in DCS, I can now utilize the full resolution of the Varjo Aero in 90 FPS!
Now, there are issues like some night lighting anomalies and I’ve been having DCS crashes with the Spitfire on the Channel map. But considering DCS MT is in early development and DCS DFR is add-on code by a talented user, I’d say this is incredibly exciting!
This is what I always wanted from the Aero…

With time, this will mature. We will get DLSS in DCS and the Vulkan API, which will bring even more performance enhancements.

Future is bright! :sunglasses:


I think mbucchia is in the OpenXR team so he knows what he is messing around with :vr:

I do not think I am ready for another 2k expense anytime soon so I am just watching from a distance. Though I am happy since this development means the future is bright for VR simming!


Right! I remember reading something about that.

The Pimax Crystal will have DFR capabilities too. And considering the recent and future performance enhancements, maybe wide FoV VR is not only possible, but preferable…? We’ll see.


Hawt Dawg!

I’m been secretly saving for another VR headset (and I guess a tracking stand as I think the Varjo needs one?).

Yeah, hard to say what’s causing what at this time. Mine won’t end (on clicking “Exit”) quite often. And it won’t start up sometimes; seemed like it would only start in VR -IF- I had my headset actually on [my head]. Weird.

“DFR” should be the Next Big Thing for those of us that like an extra dimension - my wing man is still a little fuzzy at ~1 NM line abreast. DFR might help me help this I’d guess.

Oh yes I forgot about that - tis the only Next Big Thing I’ve wanted since I first went VR. I’m guessing here but I’d imagine that say, oh, 150+ horizontal FOV would really up the I-mmersion due to the increased sensation of speed (things going by, fast, in your peripheral spaces :slight_smile: )


I tried foveated rendering as enabled by the OpenXR TK last night on the Quest Pro, but didn’t care for the image. It’s probably adjustable, but I didn’t like the edge area being out of focus for the few fps it gained. Just my .02. Edit: it may be implemented better in WMR/SteamVR than Oculus.


Fixed or Dynamic Foveated Rendering?
OpenXR Toolkit only has fixed, for DCS, but Dynamic for MSFS, unless things has changed recently.

I tried fixed some time ago, but there was a noticeable demarcation around the focus area.
With dynamic, as implemented for the Aero by mbucchia, I don’t notice that the peripheral area has a lower resolution than the focus area.

Thanks for that clarification Troll. Definitely fixed. How do you enable DFR?

For now, DFR is only available for MSFS, via OXRTK.
You can read more about that here.

DFR for DCS requires another tool from mbucchia and only supports Varjo headsets, for now.


Steve sure is excited about his Aero! :smile:

Watched it earlier. Really good news. Now to find a spare $2000+ dollars lying around :slightly_frowning_face:

PS: He’s always that way. It grows on you.


I know! And I love him for it!
In a hobby where so many seem so unsatisfied, it’s good to see that kind of enthusiasm.


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Thank you @Troll

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It looks like my Reverb G2 is dead. Replaced cable to no effect and will try a new power supply but if that doesn’t help I think I might consider getting a Varjo Aero if I can sort out a sound and microphone solution.

I’d prefer to get a trusted and proven headset than risk an unknown. I see the Pimax Crystal is coming along and early reviews indicate it might be good but I am wary. I have Valve Index base stations already.

Is it easy enough to use a seperate headphone and microphone with the Aero? I need hearing aides so in ear is not really an option.


I’m using the Apple Airpods Max and that’s a great combo.
But you could also use the speakers from your G2, with a bit of tinkering.
@UncleZam sent me the speakers from his dead G2 and I’m about to attach these to my Aero. I just got a little sidetracked by a FFB stick project… :grimacing:


I was looking at the Pimax Crystal in recent days, but try as I may I just can’t bring myself to trust Pimax. So I went for a look at this headset - until I read the price!

If I knew there would be nothing better for the foreseeable future that would be one thing, and maybe worth splashing the cash. There will be, though, so with that in mind it’s just too much. Most I’ve spent is the £919 for the Index and I’m still using that, so money well spent. Aero is double that, and then some!

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I’ll try using my Bowers and Wilkins P3s and if they don’t fit might have a go at using the G2’s speakers. I have a modmic for microphone. Cheers.

Actually, Oticon connectclip can turn my hearing aids into in-ear headphones and also provide a microphone. If so this is an ideal solution for me.

I know I just missed a Varjo sale. How often have these sales occur?

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