Viper update


This is great! Loved the HUD in dog fight mode (Falcon BMS), really improves situational awareness.

Still confused why ED doesn’t fix readability of MFD’s. Without the community fix, couldn’t see a thing.

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Been flirting with the 16, but find AA engagements difficult, as I don’t see radar target’s aspect on the HUD. Usually it’s on the ASE ring for other jets (15, 18), but unless I’m blind, it’s missing on the Falcon. Anyone?

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Still raw I guess. Still, I can’t wait to have radar gunnery for the viper, and a closure rate indication too. I’ll finally be more deadly in a viper than in a mirage.

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Welp. At least we dont have to punch in full coords like in the baguette.

You have to press 3 buttons, it’s not that bad.

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How long is the alignment? 8 minutes like a mirage?

The full alignment, yes. Stored Heading alignment takes 2 minutes but drift rate is ~1.6 times higher (6 vs 10, the unit i assume is 0.1nm/hr).

Stored alignment procedure.

Also, looks like the jet is set up for stored alignment by default.



The F-16C is free to fly on steam! From what I read on hoggit, this is supposedly also coming to the stand-alone but triggered a little earlier than was planned for. She’s also on sale!

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Wow. Wish I hadn’t bought in early access sale. Still in EA and only $40.

Meh, I’m over that now; I’ve had fun with it over the past few months.

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Wow. That’s a steep discount. Looks like it’s up on the DCS store as well.

Too sweet to pass up. In!

Edit: And boughten. Freaked me out because it said I already owned the product, but that must be due to the free trial.


Congrats. It’s a rocket ship, isn’t it? Give it a shot in my ‘Get Some’ mission, it rocks.

So this sale is burning my purchasing finger a little. $40 is pretty nice for a module that’ll eventually be a very nice multi role aircraft for MP.

What’s your take on the current status? Pretty early days in comparison to the Hornet, I assume? Another 4 years until 95% done? Or is it an absolute smash already and I should get over myself and get it?

I bought it in the sale and although I was a bit meh before I bought it and never got into BMS I really like it. A lot works in it and it’s a very enjoyable airplane :+1:

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I agree. It has most of the essentials and does air to air like a motherlovin boss.

It’s in the nitty gritty details of moving mud that a lot of work remains to be done. The SPI system isnt there yet, making the TPOD more of a placeholder than an actual tool of destruction.


I consider the current iteration of the F-16C Block 50 as more of a F-16A Block 15. When used in that way, it’s a blast! I only wish AIM-9Ps were available to fully complete the immersion, but AIM-9Ls work in a pinch.

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