VR Game Opinions 2022

Just thought I’d start up a new thread since @WarPig and I were polluting the Ground Branch thread with random VR opinions. Feel free to post your opinions on various VR games that you’ve tried here!

Original posts …

I tried TWD: S&S last night with my G2. Returned it. I didn’t like the stabbing physics LOL! If you want the surreal feeling of stabbing somebody, you should try Blade and Sorcery! Talk about uncanny valley! All sorts of medieval weapons. Shooting people in the head with a bow and arrow is equally satisfying.

Ya, I’m not much of a VR adventure game guy playing through scripted events. I am and have always been about simulation. My two favorite simulated activities are shooting guns and flying aircraft. Having said that, my favorite VR shooters are Onward and Contractors … those are a close tie for first place. If you haven’t tried Contractors you should! Pavlov is third. I own Zero Caliber but never got into the throngs of bad guys it sends at you and the shooting is a little more arcade than I like.

I was surprised at the hype behind Boneworks when I finally tried it because the physics actually seemed more privative than all the aforementioned!

I’d love a good VR bowhunting (compound) simulator if anyone knows of one. I’ve searched to no avail. I don’t think devs have tried it yet because the VR FPS graphics tech is still way behind 2D graphics. With the likes of Ground Branch and Ready or Not, it’s hard to go back to VR shooting. I find Ground Branch in particular is approaching the photorealistic realm! The RTX glare off tiles and stuff is incredible!

On the other hand, luckily the highly detailed VR world of flight simulation is thriving! :+1:


Sorry to hear you didn’t enjoy TWD, but glad you were able to try it and return it successfully. I’ve never stabbed anyone, so I don’t really know what to expect, but I thought it was pretty well done compared to BW.

I’ve played B&S as well, and found the AI a bit dull. Maybe it’s changed since then. There’s a Star Wars mod that gives you lightsabers that is really fun though!

Thanks for the review.

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