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Just played around with it some more. Kneeboard is readable and with textures set to high and cockpit displays set to 1024 (which it think relates to MFDs and not anything else?), everything else at VR default I get frame rates at 45 which makes flying adequate.


Sorry but what is “ipd”? Something pixel density I am guessing.


Interpupilary Distance

You adjust the lens spacing on the Rift to match your IPD with the small slider on the bottom right of the headset. You probably already made that adjustment during the setup process (on the screen with the green crosshairs).


Interpupilary distance now?!

Seems like all you VR guys do is tweak your headgear so it’s not THAT blurry and/or choppy LOL!

No thanks. I’m projecting 2D only for myself for about three more years. :slight_smile:


Like any pair of prescription glasses, the lenses have to be properly spaced. The same thing with binoculars. It’s a very quick process.


Linebacker wants us VR guys to get off his lawn. Now…! LOL…


Basically … ya! :angry: :wink:


I’m pretty sure Farm Sim 2018 is going to have a VR lawn mower in it. I’m just sayin’…


Awesome! That will be a day 1 purchase for me then. That way I can sit inside pretending to mow a virtual lawn instead of getting outside and mowing a real one. :wink:


Yeah… It’s a highly technical process of moving the tab under the right thumb, in the pic, either left or right.
Did you know we also have to adjust the headstraps…! :rofl:


Just bought Elite Dangerous. I thought I would never get that game. VR made me do it.

Re: IPD. Thanks for the definition. I didn’t understand the context in which it was mentioned. Plus, I just call it “that thingy”.


Mine is jammed as far left as it will go. I could probably use another notch or two but for the alignment is pretty clear.



That mower is going to look rad with the Mudspike A-10 paintjob!


I don’t see a drink holder. Gonna have to mod it.



I was using an articulated mower yesterday. It had a cup holder and was yellow :smile:. My red one is decaying behind a hedge I hope my wife doesn’t see it or I will be in trouble :dizzy_face:


Nice review! It captures the essence of the game!
Looking forward to their Gee-Bee racers… :slight_smile:


With all due respect what we need is a “Rocketeer VR” simulator.
Or a Rocket Ranger one.

Or any of the Cinemaware titles in VR. IT came form the Desert VR!


Hey, no argument from me! :wink: