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Native VR support for X-Plane coming this fall…! It will run using Steam VR, but you only have to have Steam installed, you don’t have to have bought X-Plane on Steam…


i have so many performance issues w/ SteamVR compared to Oculus Runtime Environment.


I have only tried SteamVR with IL2 BOSBOMBOK, and is works really well. Once you remove the boundary line, that is :wink:


Really looking forward to X-Plane 11 builtin VR.

Don’t get me wrong FlyInside is awesome and shows the great potential, but it has a big framerate impact due to being a 3rd party plugin.

Really hoping XP11 will do VR as well as DCS, Elite and IL2-BOS.

BTW I haven’t noticed any difference in framerate or performance playing Elite Dangerous via SteamVR versus native Oculus (I do have a high end rig though 7700k/1080Ti so maybe that’s the difference), but it bodes well for XP11 for me.


That is great news.

I only tried steamvr once and didn’t like it. I’ll have to try it again. I found d it pretty finicky whereas oculus home just works.

Btw… Lone echo is so cool. Only got about 30mins in but am loving it.


So just before going on vacation I wanted to do a little air combat in VR to see how it felt. I think that the biggest caution I have against investing in VR right now might be trying to fight in a plane. The obvious points that have been brought up before all stand - limited peripheral is very limited if you have a fixed position seat (as I do) and I spent a good amount of time with myself twisted around trying to look behind me while I was defensive.

The other, at least in DCS 2.1.x, is the visibility range. I was fighting against 109, which is a very small plane, but I was unable to find him, even when I knew exactly where to look, until the last minute. It was very, very hard and tracking him against a low resolution distant landmass was also very challenging. BVR is fine but BFM is tough(er than it is with track ir).


Pretty much the main reason not to buy a VR set right now. Resolution.


Can anyone at the powerful helm of Mudspike pull some strings and get “for testing” one of these?

I… uh… I volunteer!


Wasn’t that the chinese one that was called a ripoff and fraud, and was generally considered worse than a Vice or OR? I thought I had read something about that somewhere…


That review make something fair out of it… Read it, it’s not that long.
It doesn’t come with touch crontrollers, so it’s more like something you’d use exactly for DCS or Elite Dangerous (from the review) rather than those funny VR touch-controlled games.

But it does clearly states that:

PIMAX 4K VR Headset: The verdict

The PIMAX 4K VR is a neat little headset that has a higher resolution screen than the HTC Vive or Oculus rift. But what it makes up for in terms of visual acuity it looses in terms of the lack of motion/touch controllers – which makes playing VR-only games impossible. That said, games which do not require touch controllers and VR media work flawlessly and better than the Rift or the Vive. So if VR media is your primary concern then the PIMAX will actually serve you better than either of the two giants. It even fares pretty damn well in games like Elite: Dangerous which do not require touch controllers but support VR.

Whatever its faults, if there is one thing that PIMAX gets right, its the SteamVR compatibility layer – which allows you to play content that the HTC Vive plays. Oculus Home and apps are also supported but I had some trouble getting them to work – which might or might not be due to my inexperience with the multitude of Oculus support modes (as opposed to only one universal SteamVR mode).

The price tag of $375 ($339 for our readers with the code: LHPIMAX) is justified enough when we talk about the high quality 4K screen and the precise tracking the PIMAX offers. But in my opinion, there should have been touch controllers provided as optional for those that want to game because to be honest, without those, the PIMAX is an incomplete experience. You can probably get the PS4’s move controllers working with the PIMAX, and while that will raise the price tag to $450+ it is still a very good deal.

If you are able to stomach the areas its rough around the edges (the Piplay software), the PIMAX 4K VR offers an exceptional value proposition for the value conscious to-be-VR-connoisseur. I have no qualms in recommending the headset as a good buy since it offers better VR experience than the Vive or Rift in some cases – as long as you realize that without touch controllers, there will be a portion of the experience that you will not be able to access (barring any PS4 Move Motion Controller improvisation).


Yeah I read it.

60Hz -> bad news
2K per eye resolution -> Yeah, getting there slowly. Probably OK. Would have to check if that is sufficient to see planes 10km away in DCSW and especially if it is sufficient to read all the instruments in DCSW planes without leaning all the time (which is impossible with that device, see below)
Rough software -> I am used to it.
Gyro only -> meh. Can work. but not properly with 6DOF
6DOF not supported -> useless for DCSW I won’t go back from 6DOF because that’s the only way to have natural feeling head movement, so this is a no-go.
No controllers ->Meh, don’t care much, I can buy some.


I’m loving the rift even at it’s current resolution, though as I’ve mentioned before xplane is a no no for now. Maybe native vr will help that but I expect resolution to be the biggest problem for a while.

But man the other games are so so good. Elite is just fine, though picking up distant targets can sometimes be a challenge, but otherwise it is a fantastic experience. Lone echo is an amazingly immersive game even if I did get motion sick last night - think k that was more my playspace being too small so the sensors were bugging out.

Omega agent is cool, chronos, the unspoken, Star trek… All so much fun.


Well that’s 2048x 1080. It’s better than my 1920 x 1080 monitor… can’t complain.

Agree that’s not nice… but not exactly a deal breaker for me.


I hope the upcoming Christmas lowers prices a bit or brings some new devices.
Spending 500-1000€ is something I would do, but not for devices that are not quite there yet.

For below 250€ I’d take one of the current ones though. But I am pretty sure I wouldn’t really be happy with it so I would rarely use it, so more than 250€ would be too much for me.


After 15 moths of having my Rift, it still amazes me every time I use it. Higher resolution would be nice, but it isn’t as terrible as the hard data would have you believe. The human brain is amazingly good at filling in the gaps. For example, when I get my eyesight tested every 6 months for my flight physical, I can see better with both eyes open (20/15 with corrective lenses) than each individual eye can resolve (20/20 corrected). This is relevant to a VR headset because each eye is presented with a different image, and your brain does the rest.

In other words, the displays on the Rift and the Vive are better than the sum of their parts. Obviously, this will get better with future generations of the tech, but higher resolution isn’t going to help unless you have a PC that can run it. You need a good gaming rig right now to run DCS with the Rift/Vive.

6DoF is a necessity. Without it you no longer have natural head movement within the cockpit, and that is a huge part of the feeling that you are actually there in the cockpit.

Last night I spent about 3 hours flying IL2 BOS/BOM. Despite the resolution it was an outstanding experience. The dogfights were intense and to a degree, physical , with lots of twisting in my seat to look around, and craning of my neck. Thankfully we don’t have to deal with G’s as that would be exhausting after a short period of yanking and banking.

Here is a hypothetical scenario. Just imagine that the current generation VR headsets had actually been available for several years and ran well on the gaming rigs of the day. Then the 4K monitors become available and the display looks incredible. So, what would it mean to jump to 4K under this scenario? You would have to give up depth perception, the feeling of being in a real cockpit environment and natural 1:1 head tracking. You would gain a sharper prettier image, the ability to easily read reference materials and easy interaction with physical periferals such as the keyboard etc. That doesn’t sound like a good trade to me.


I still don’t get how you can read the instruments in the planes, for example the VSI in the MiG-21 or the temperature gauge in the P-51. I could not even remotely read them with the VR device I tested (GearVR with Samsung S7, which is the same resolution as a OR CV1 IIRC), not without leaning towards it quite a bit. Flying like I am used to is absolutely impossible that way.
Can you confirm that those are not a problem with the CV1 or a Vive?

I don’t care much about pretty, but about usability. And this is where VR fails from what I see. I would jump on it right now if I had other indications.


You can’t compare using a Gear VR with using a Rift or Vive. I’m sure it gives you a taste of the experience, but that is all.

I run DCS with a Pixel Density of 1.5 (super-sampling) and you have the VR Zoom function. I have no difficulty in reading instruments, guages, labels and MFD’s if I use these tools. Sometimes, leaning in a little does help, but it really isn’t that bad (or difficult).


there’s several shortcuts in the PiMax 4K that affects the performance greatly,

the MiPI/ HDMI Chip being the main one…

Everyone else is doing 1440p @ 90Hz, the HDMI Chip in the PiMAX is only 1080p, the screens themselves are 4K but the input source is only 1080p.


Very much agree with @PaulRix.

Also, what would you pay to be able to be transported to the ISS and be free to explore it in zero G, pulling your weightless body around just as the astronauts do, to your heart’s content? And Google Earth VR is simply astounding. The other night I spent probably 2 hours exploring the neighborhood in Munich where I lived in the early 90s, trying to understand how it and the other places that I frequented had changed. It brought back a lot of emotions that I wasn’t expecting.

The power of VR goes way beyond flight simulations.


I can read most gauges without issue with my pd set at 1.4 or so. Even higher and it gets easier. Also using 1024 cockpit textures is help too. I am not sure just how much exp you have with Vive or Rift but it does not sound like any at all. Also VR zoom is there if you need to get close to something for clarity. It is no more of an immersion breaker than using TrackIR and to me TrackIR breaks immersion way more than the occasional lean in or use of zoom to read a cockpit label in VR for all the gains in immersion VR provides.

Some folks just seem to be wired against VR from what I see and read in some forums. Not sure the cause but it is curious for those that seem adamant to find flaws versus embracing it’s inherent strengths and immersion aspects. But hey, having choices is a wonderful thing. Some wants to sim in 2d, some prefer the 3d VR exp. Thankfully now all can use their preferences.