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Oh I definitely want VR. But I don’t want to do steps back and at the moment it feels like there are some unsolved problems that would take the enjoyment out of it for me. So I’ll pass for now and maybe try the next generation. (Especially since proper VR would require a new PC anyways and my money goes more into diapers right now :smiley: )


I was one of those “I’m waiting till Gen2 for VR” people due to being pretty sensitive to screendoor effect on TVs in the past and just being a curmudgeon against 3D and other visual “fads” :smiley: then I one day BestBuy had a Rift demo and I tried it, and was blown away by the “presence” of really being in the game and the head tracking immersion, the only thing I can compare it to is when I first tried a TrackIR and how much 3DOF added to the immersion…VR is kind of like that only times 10!

I do notice the resolution/screendoor effect when I first put the headset on, but I’ve noticed my brain quickly tunes it out, much like when I get bug guts on my helmet visor when riding motorcycles, I notice it at first, but after a while the activity around it is so awesome that I don’t think about it.

VR is still costly and no doubt in a year or two there will be a Gen 2 device that will probably have resolution that puts the current ones to shame (although I’m skeptical that there will be affordable GPUs that can handle so many more pixels to update), so I don’t advise that everyone should run out and spend $400 on a Rift, but to simmers like me, if you have $400 to spend on immersion, VR is like TrackIR was or a Warthog stick, something expensive and not absolutely necessary, and with some drawbacks (dorky hat with antlers, and affected by sunlight), but really awesome and hard to go back once you try it.

To me VR was like upgrading from my TrackIR4 to TrackIR100 lol


Dogfighting with TiR is in many ways easier than with VR. Not nearly as realistic, but easier. Craning your neck to look behind you is a big challenge in real life dogfighting as well.

About the resolution. Did you increase the pixel density?
Many seem to believe that increased PD means better object visibility. That’s not necessarily true. It improves clarity of the picture by supersampling. This means that small objects, like fighters at a distance, will be filtered out of the picture until they come closer and become bigger in the window, so to speak. Using a low PD will actually increase the distance in which bogeys can be detected.

This is controversial, but spotting other aircraft can be really hard in real life. I sometimes struggle with finding other airliners even if ATC give me very specific bearings.
Not to mention small GA aircraft…
i read an article about detecting airborne threats. Even trained fighterpilots had a 50/50 chance of detecting a fighter size object 2-3 miles out…
But yeah, it’s easier to search a small screen, right in front of you, compared to the vast sky surrounding you in real life.

So, sure, VR need better resolution, but that’s not the full story… :slight_smile:


In all honesty, VR is such a huge jump forwards, sideways, and in a few things backwards, that it changes everything we took for granted previously. It’s all about weighing up the pros and cons, and throwing out any previously held perceptions of what is best for flight simulation. We have been overcoming the shortfalls of flight sims ever since the early ones were published in the 1980’s. VR just needs a different approach, and some adapting to a different way of doing things. The result, is a far more realistic experience, even though some things that were once easy are now harder.


That’s very well put @PaulRix.
I totally agree. One can’t break VR down into components and dismiss it. Sure, some things need to improve But as a package, VR is an improvement to flightsimming.

I have been flightsimming for as long as flightsimulators have been available for home computers. There have been milestones along the way, but getting VR have been the greatest improvement so far.


As long as you can turn it off. P3D is now a CTD minefield whenever I cycle views without the damned headset turned on because of it’s in built VR functionality.

We want better resolution, we need better FOV, at least for air to air combat.


You don’t need a greater FOV if you keep your head on a swivel. It would be nice though.


and you don’t need a better resolution if you plaster your face to the instrument panel. But that’s not the instrument panels intended general use case.

Keeping up a visual scan is a good idea, but I’m talking BFM where your view should be latched onto your opponent. The current tunnel vision, combined with the difficulties inherent with trying to work your head around without any sort of harness or strap to support you with means the bandit will be unobserved around your six for much larger amounts of time than is normal. If you don’t correctly guess where his path will take him, or if he does any out of plane movements while he’s back there.It’s entirely possible to completely lose the bandit, and reacquiring with the VR headset is far more difficult.

Of course this is a problem an actual pilot has to deal with, but VR set makes it much more difficult.


P3D v4? I switch views an absolute ton (see my Cargo thread) and I’ve only experienced about two CTDs in the past few months of flying with v4 (and that is with some pretty healthy settings).


I find this is much easier with VR than with TiR.
I get a much better situational awareness and a feel for where the object trajectory leads.
Sure, the FoV in VR could be wider. Still, I feel it’s about the same as wearing glasses.
Checking six is much easier with TiR, by just turning your head a few degrees. But that really feels like looking through a keyhole now that I have experienced VR.
Everything feels too small on a screen now. As if I’m looking through a camera viewfinder…


v3. There is an Oculus view mode inserted into the normal cockpit -> virtual cockpit -> outside -> tower view rotation when pressing S, and if you cycle through the oculus one without an oculus plugged in, p3d crashes.

My experience was the exact opposite. The brief window I attempted VR BFM against other players and the computer had me getting my rear handed to me on a silver platter. Much as I wanted to like it, I’ll take retaining my competency at something I enjoy doing over a superior sensory experience every time.


I think you will find that if you had persevered you would have adapted.


Possibly, but then there’d be no one left to poke at the VR Hype balloon.


LOL. Well, don’t get me wrong. I’ll be first in line when Gen 2 comes out. I still maintain that VR is ready right now, but it will only continue to get better with future gens.


Incidentally, after spending some time with IL2 BOS/BOM in VR, it seems to me that other aircraft and ground targets are easier to pick out than they are in DCS. Maybe something to do with the graphics engine?


When I got my TrackIR I was amazed. It was a game changer in a very literal sense. When I got my Oculus last week it was much more–an emotional experience. I was seeing the Spitfire, the Mi8 and even my old friend the Ka50 for the very first time. Entering a space station in Elite and having your breath taken away by the shear interior size of the thing is just…OK I’m tired of adjectives. The are so damn 2D. In another VR generation or two, none of us will be sim-ing with monitors. You’d sooner do so with an Atari 2600 joystick.


You might try this:

If you dont use Oculus , go to cameras.cfg in C:\Users\YOUR ID\AppData\Roaming\Lockheed Martin\Prepar3D v3 and delete the two entries VR Cockpit and VR Virtual Cockpit …
There is no problem as if you delete the whole file P3D will load a fresh default one on startup…


One of the things that struck me was all the detail, depth and richness of the DCS cockpits that was always there but we just couldn’t see it before.


Yeah…at the risk of sounding like a cultist…that is how I felt. No doubt @PaulRix felt vindicated by my “OMFG” reaction. I’m telling you, when I first fired up the A-10A…I was just amazed…I mean, there really are no words to describe how big of a shift your mind makes from “this high res 2D screen is really nice” to “wow…this is the way it will be in now and in the future…” The 1:1 head movement IS tiring and takes work compared to the graduated TIR movement…and I find it to be completely natural and way smoother than TIR ever was.

I’ll be a first day 2nd gen adopter too. I can’t wait.


I Concur,VR has made me a much better “Virtual” Pilot, I can get a better feel for height when approaching the runway,I used to bounce the Bf-109 on landing like it was on springs,Now in VR “Most” of my landing are smooth,I’m hoping this will help with Hornet Carrier Traps as well.