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Not so much vindicated… relieved maybe. ;). I probably came across as quite the fan boy. Come to think about it, I probably still do!


If ED models a somewhat crowded deck (I hope they do) - VR will be really, really useful for taxiing around. The depth perception if offers is unparalleled (I find it makes tanking, formation flying, and helicopter close-in operations a LOT easier and more intuitive)…


I did a fwe DCSW Videos early on,

Even w/ a Low Spec System, it was significantly better than TrackIR


So tonight I loaded up Lucky’s Tale (I believe it is a free game that comes with the Oculus)…and (insert OMG!) - my son is going to freak out when he sees it tomorrow. He is going to love it…

I also gave the Go For Launch: Mercury Demo (free) a whirl and that was pretty neat. Just sitting in the capsule was cool - the external graphics were so/so…but for free, it was fun… If they build an X-1 or X-15 sim, I’ll buy it in a hearbeat…


Yeah, I didn’t say I got it right in the beginning either!
First time I tried VR it was in P3D, so no enemies. I treated it like I would a TiR/screen combo, which was what I was used to. Turning my head a few degrees, being slightly under-impressed. Then the guy told me to “look back at your wing”. I thought “ok” and started doing the TiR version of looking at the wing, but got only the edge of the instrument panel. So I continued to turn…and I turned and that’s when I got the ‘WHOOOA’ feeling for the first time. There’s a wing out there! It’s a [EXPLICIT] wing, right there where the wing is supposed to be!!
I then understood that I would need to forget much of what I knew, and start over in VR.
At the end of the session, the guy told me to stand up and look down. So I reached for the canopy frame to support me, and almost fell over, because the virtual frame offered very little support :wink:
I got extremely immersed in almost no time at all.
I think how you feel about VR is somewhat dependent on how easily you accept the virtual world, or how easily immersed you are.

I haven’t tried TiR in almost a year now. Would be fun to see how I would do without VR now. The AI would probably take out that silver platter you mentioned :wink:


Guilty as charged, your honor… :wink:
I probably do too.
It’s hard to stay completely objective about something as super awesome cool, as VR :wink:


I don’t think higher resolution is going to be a big problem performance wise, considering that we are already computing the additional pixels with super sampling. We just do not have the hardware yet to display them. At least that is my limited technical understanding.


That’s also my understanding.
And, if they solve this foveated rendering thing, and get the GPU to handle this on the hardware side of things, performance shouldn’t be an issue. Will be very interesting to see how things develop…


Sitting in my huey with collective in hand and the jetseat rumbling underneath me and transmitting the vibrations on to the cyclic through the chair is as close as I will ever get to the real thing. This is what makes VR so good for me and I am just glad to be around at the same time :sunglasses: imagine the latest game in Roman times “dice” :blush:and the expansion pack or " cup" as it is sometimes known


When everyone was getting their Rifts last year, this game was mentioned repeatedly on Reddit and Oculus forums - always went along the lines of “normally I wouldn’t even consider this kind of game, but now I’ve played it n times through and it’s awesome!”


I’m actually worried about showing it to my son because he will love it so much he’ll be pestering me about playing it all day… Hmmm…decisions, decisions…


Yup - maybe time to invest in a VR home network?

Anyway, I watched “Click” on the BBC News channel this morning and they were doing a bit about VR, and whether it’s ready for “prime time” or not. I could have almost cried, the pure rubbish they were coming out with, I can tell you.
If we are depending on people like them to spread the word, then the future looks bleak for VR!

They were basing their whole assessment on only one “VR” device - Gear VR. Not only that, but even then, the stuff they were saying about it was just wrong. Like making out that if you like what you see in your headset and want to pass it to your friend to look, you can’t because it switches off. Huh? They also said that the reason the Rift is now cheaper is because Oculus/FB are doing so badly with it, that they are desparate for sales. Oh - and apparently there is a big hole as far as content is concerned. Once you have watched some 360° videos, there’s nothing else to do with it.

Basically, they were telling people not to bother - though they did emphasise that it is just the beginning for this tech and people should just wait a few years before investing.

Still, that’s the modern BBC for you. They should just stick to the news - but even that is mostly just politically correct, liberal-lefty feminist bull these days. They actually make me feel ashamed that people around the world will be watching them and thinking it’s what all Brits are like. If I want the actual world news, I have to watch something like Al Jazeera.




This latest sale seems to have perhaps made VR reach the critical mass level by the looks of it. A lot of VR opinions are changing and the quality of the content is becoming ever more compelling (even though the stuff simmers like has been around nearly since the inception). I can’t tell you how many posts I’ve read in the last few weeks on Reddit with excited new users bringing even more new users into the fold.


Yeah, I guess that’s true. Although don’t send anyone to the official Oculus forum - it’s full of complaints!




We’re getting there…

from £7140 inc VAT

…I’m sitting out this round :slight_smile:


Well, so long as the VAT is included… :wink:


Just had another sim-changing moment playing IL2:(new) with a buddy. Even with the poor viewing distance, the SA that comes with knowing where your head is almost compensates.

That moving seat is just going to make people sick. Here is what I’ve learned from 25 years of professional full-flight simulators: The gimbaling ability only properly simulates acceleration along the longitudinal axis (as in acceleration during takeoff and landing) and yaw. In all other regards it is mostly an unrealistic hindrance in the other axes. Pulling and pushing involve substantial accelerations along the vertical axis and cannot be simulated. Small, quick, airline-like rolling forces can be simulated in the short term but would be way off in the long term (large fighter-like rolls). It’s really only good for engine failures (yaw), turbulence and stall buffet and has little application in a combat simulator other than man-cave bragging rights.


Also something that consumer simmers should remember - “snapping” to anywhere can be nauseating…and that is a small part of the reason many operators have gone toward LOFT (Line Oriented Flight Training) sessions that are one continuous flight with failures and approaches as opposed to “snapping” you to different scenarios. When you do have to be “snapped”…it is best to close your eyes and put your head down.