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One handy thing I found recently was that if you’re using the Oculus tray tool you can re-map one of the applications in Oculus home to SteamVR. Helpful when using SteamVR a lot with the Oculus.

Also, anyone else found that with recent versions of DCS 1.5X and 2.X the VR quality has dropped and it’s harder to get a decent frame rate compared to versions 6 months ago?


Must confess I didn’t see the price…
That’s a rediculous price for such a limited device.

And I agree with everybody about motion simulators. I have an aerobatic license, and I fly in all sorts of turbulent weather, yet I have never been airsick (besides that one time when I was stupid enough to take my aerobatic checkride the same day as I pulled a tooth).
But I have been quesy in the full motion sim on several occasions. That ‘snapping’ is murder on the equilibrium!
They used to do it on the CATII training. “Good one, guys! I’ll just snap you back to 6 miles and we’ll have another go” :flushed:

I would like to see some device providing limited movement, or really a simshaker, of sorts. Something that would cause some rumbling and jolts, in accordance with feedback from the sim. But not at £7000! :scream:


Has anyone used FlyInside for P3D 3?

I’ve not moved into ver.4 yet and while I know it has native VR support, I’m waiting on things to catch up compatibility wise. But at $21 for FlyInside, I’m wondering if I should just bite the bullet and move up for $40 more.


Yes. There must be a reason why the guy in the video did no roll or loop or any other BFM…

I’ve only around 30 mins of VR time in sims and they have been great so far. The only issue I currently have is that my body is telling me that there are physical inputs missing, especially in yaw heavy moments like negotiating chicanes in Mugello Circuit’s sector one. This leads to a feeling that something isn’t right and might develop to motion sickness if I pushed on.

I think some kind of limited motion platform and maybe even a seat shaker might help create the lacking feel for weight transfer that my brain is expecting.

Situation might improve without spending 7000 pounds as I put in more VR time and my body hopefully adopts.


The benefit of additional sensory input aside, which would be nice in its own right, after some hours of training your brain will adapt to VR on its own.


Pssst… @miRage…!



Currently my preferred VR civvy flying experience. With OrbX FTX sceneries and decent Alabeo/Carenado GA - mostly twin props - it’s civvy flight sim nirvana for me. I can just spend hours (when I have that much to spare) cruising around with a smile on my face.

An afterthought - I did loads of short vids of flying various planes - or just showing off the VCs - in P3Dv3 in 3D SBS mode, direct from Rift recording. You can find them on my YT channel - they are best watched with a VR headset and something like Whirlygig or Virtual Desktop, or with a phone in a “VR” viewing headset.

I got some complaints about my flying, but it wasn’t about that, it was about how great it looks.



Thank you for the reply.

You mention scaling. Are you having to set up for each aircraft? I’m assuming thats setting your proper seat/eye point. FlyInside doesnt use the Rift user height to set cockpit position?

I’ll watch more and see before making my final choice.


Yes, you set your position - it’s rarely accurate - and also the scale of the cockpit around you. I have this bound to a POV hat on my joystick.


Yay! Although really I was just doing this from steam anyway but it’ll be useful to not have to leave the home menu if Ive got my headset on just to launch a game I bought on steam.


Funnily enough, this afternoon I went into Oculus Home to use VD to watch one of my 3D SBS vids on YouTube and saw DCS.exe listed in the games library.

So Now I can start DCS directly from OH without a worry (I’m signed up to the Oculus betas). It automatically adds none-Oculus Store games to the library when you play them.


Oh wow I just noticed FSX SE is on there, too:



Great news! i miss flying, three more weeks to go
without my rig… (sigh)


I’m curious about this one.

A bit of a ‘walk around’ simulator, but the NASA data does look cool. Not a bad price, even just for a movie-length like experience.


Just tried the recently updated VR mod for Alien: Isolation.

The mod is a single tiny file, so easy to try out.

After about 5 minutes I was ready to puke, regardless of the xenomorph, so will need either a blink turn or a stronger stomach. Looks incredible though.


Have you played Lone Echo yet? Tell me you love it.

I’m having so much fun with it, I just have been so busy with other stuff (either other games with the dudes or just home stuff) that I can’t find the time to sit down and really progress with it.


Own, yes, installed yet, no. :slight_smile:

I’ve heard good things though and am keen to try it. Echo Arena was great, so a story-based VR / single player is looking really good.


After Elite, my fave space game is Empyrion: Galactic Survival. I’ve had it since very early pre-alpha, and it was a completely different, but still great, game back then. They have done a couple of huge updates in the last 18 months and it’s developing into something very good.

Like many, there is a bit of grinding - but they are always trying to balance it out. Mining for resources is never going to be exciting, I guess.

I made a couple of vids during pre-alpha, but even at that stage, it had come a long way from the basics, where there was only one planet to start with. It really had great atmosphere - which it has lost some of as it has developed, but if you don’t take the easy start, it can still provide some atmosphere and can definitely be a challenge.

It’s Unity, so it could run in VR and I have run it with VorpX and the Rift, but the devs have not once mentioned VR (despite prompting).


“VR Head”

I am at work, in uniform. Its been 18 hours and two showers since I last played with the Rift. But I still have this chasm of depressed hair running along the center of my cranum. It’s like an anti-mohawk and there is absolutly nothing I can do about it. Probably only I notice. My lack of hair is more eye-carching to anyone who gives a flip than some ditch dug into my dome by a geek toy. But now I have a way to recognize my fellow addicts on the street.