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It could be worse - you could be wearing your TrackIR hat with the IR reflector attached to the brim…


It could be worse - you could be wearing a TrackIR dot stuck on your forehead…

(as was the case with the first gen TrackIR…my wife still likes to remind me of these geek limitations I possess)


It could be worse; you could explaining why you have your TrackIR TrackClipPro attached to your David Clarks,


It looks fine LOL …

That big blind scuba diving mask thing on the other hand is just … well …



Any opinions on House of the Dying Sun? Currently on sale for 50% off ($10)…


I really liked it, there is a thread about it somewhere around here…


Yep - http://forums.mudspike.com/search?q=house%20of%20the%20dying

The forum search is unusually good here. I’ve got to admit as most places it’s bad I sort of forget to use it though.


Nifty video…


I just read over at IL2 forums that setting the resolution on the screen to low (1024x768) will improve VR performance. Does this work in DCS? What do you set the onscreen res while playing VR?


I tried it and couldn’t see a difference. What is displayed on your monitor is low resolution anyway. Plus, your GPU is already doing all the lifting with the VR. Whatever gets repeated by the monitor has already been processed. But I am not an engineer and have never stayed at a Holiday Inn. (and if you don’t reside in the US, you will have no idea what I am taking about. Wasn’t funny anyway).


Resolution for VR on DCS is Hardcoded, it doesnt matter what you set.


Right, it is hard coded and it does not matter what you set. The idea is that if you run the monitor at a low (or lower) res, then the GPU can have more overhead to deal with the demands of VR. Does It makes sense? This may be good idea. I will try with DCS also…

This from Han over at IL2 BOS forums. https://forum.il2sturmovik.com/topic/12826-game-updates/ Go to update 2.009 to see the below post.

"Another tip we can give you to improve the performance is turning the in-game HUD off (H key). VR provides unique ability to read ‘real’ cockpit instruments at a glance, so try to use it! It can give you a huge performance boost, especially in complex missions with many objects. With HUD turned off, you can still see object markers (press I key to turn them on).

Setting the resolution in game settings to a low setting like 1024x768 or even less may significantly improve your performance in VR (VR resolution is fixed and won’t change, but the game will spend less time drawing its window on the monitor)."

I’m no expert. What do you think?


It sounds plausible but I never noticed a difference TBH in DCS anyway. In DCS only what the left eye see’s is relayed to the monitor. Anything that gets you more overhead in VR is worth attempting though :smiley:


nope, when launched using VR API, resolution in dcs options is completely ignored, you see on screen a mirror of the left eye viewport.


Ok, cool. Now I know. Thanks for the clarification guys.


Never mind - VRCover have offered to do a custom order for me. One serving of humble pie, please! :blush:


$200 price reduction for Vive …



Oculus will be having huge reductions for Holiday (and Black Friday), get ya Credit Cards Ready.


Critical mass is just around the corner. Overhype my a**!


I figured it wouldn’t be long before HTC had to drop the price of the Vive. Even so, it is still $200 more expensive than the Rift with controllers right now.