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Although the rift does require another sensor for 360 tracking. So add another $60 or whatever the US value is. It’s $80 cad.

edit: I guess subtract, given the way you phrased that.


Plus often a decent PCIe $40 internal USB extension card if not on a fairly recent motherboard (Rift loves those USB connections).

Rift is better value for sure, but I really like how the Vive does tracking in a room (not for sit-down, the wandering around stuff).


My rift was capable of 360 tracking w/ a single Sensor Camera… Shrug.


My Rift from a month ago (with controllers) included 2 sensors … but not a PCI card with more USB ports :slight_smile:


the Inatek USB Card is easily the best $30 I spent,

Significantly Faster w/ USB 3.0 External Drives than my Mainboard’s USB3 Ports.

One Sensor is for Controller, One for HMD.

I took my Sensor off the stand and mounted it behind my monitor on the wall, I was able to walk around my room fine as long as I stayed within the FoV of the Camera.


The 360 view can pick up the headset not too bad, it’s more the touch controllers in your hands. It needs a physical line of sight, so if you only have the one (or even two if both in-front of you) then it gets blocked by your arms/body fairly easily. One behind you really helps and cuts down the blocking angles. The Rift is best at the ‘front facing’ VR experiences (which most are). The Vive with two emitters isn’t perfect either.


there’s times where I cover the sensor and just use the headset sans positional tracking, helps with some of the jitter, while maintaining the 1:1 3DoF headtracking (which is still better than TrackIR 6DoF), lol.


So, I picked up Lone Echo last night. HIGHLY recommended if you have a Rift and Touch Controls. The environments are stunning. I would go as far as saying this is the VR game (i.e. not a sim) that has impressed me the most so far.


Its so good. I need to get back to it.


Looks fun…


Had a quick play and it’s quite fun. You need decent hand controllers set up though, so clear a space. :vr:

Plus it’s free (I guess while in early access, not sure), which is a good deal.


I was installing this until I reread your post and noticed the reference to Controllers. Is this another touch only title, they seem to be proliferating. I guess I will have to look out for the sales or Black Friday :poop:



The Inatek USB 3.0 IS money well spent indeed. I loved it so much I ordered another one for my second PC. Mine has 5 ports.
My sensor is also on top of my monitor. 3M double sided tape is great stuff.
My helo skills are getting reasonably less crappy.


I was hoping that guy came up with a generic VR rifle controller with sensors on the front sight, rear site and buttstock!

Looks like that ain’t happnin’ any time soon. :frowning:

A built in recoil mechanism similar to a “ButtKicker” would’ve been REALLY cool too.



There is a folder called SWAP within the Oculus instal, it is over 7Gb ATM, anyone know if its neccessary, my oculus folders are currently 20+ Gb too, which is far too much for a C drive


My VR Covers Velour pads arrived today. Well worth getting, especially in warm/humid weather. They only fit the VR Covers interfaces, though (also worth getting - you can buy everything in one pack).

Delivery takes a while (3 weeks to UK) and the tracking is useless - otherwise recommended.


Been wondering about those. Kinda personal but… Do you sweat often while using your rift? I also because guests using mine have and it’s pretty damn gross putting it in after them - not sure how that would affect those covers?


That’s the very reason I bought them. I find the PU-leather ones that came with the original VR Covers interface are the most comfy (and more comfortable than the velour ones, having spent the last 3 hours in VR with them fitted), but the sweat stays on the pad and your face. This also causes fogging of the lenses.

So far I have had no fogging, but I’ve not been as warm today - and with a 16 inch fan behind me, even less so.

I can see the velour ones being better in humid conditions - they will likely soak up at least some of the perspiration and they can be washed, so a bonus.

When I sat down to start my sesh I was a bit damp on the skin having just been walking the dog in the Sun, so the no fogging bit is a plus. If there are any issues I will post about it.