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Flightsims will never be the same for you after this @komemiute . It’s like opening Pandora’s box… next thing you will be opening your wallet to upgrade your PC and buy your own Rift as it will all of a sudden seem perfectly justifiable. :wink:


It IS perfectly justifiable. :vr: :money_with_wings:


Ok guys, it was amazing, unbelievable and -yes- a pandora’s box.
The 780ti fought like a demon and gave me a very satisfying experience without dropping details.
Specially considering that the resolution was 1024x768 per eye…

Elite was an absolute blast- that’s never going to feel the same. Sadly, while the spaceship action was flawless, as soon as I started driving on the surface of planets the sudden familiarity with a wheeled vehicle meant my body realised the physical sensation wasn’t there and I was about to KABLOOEY my dinner on the screen… after a short pause I could go on.

DCS was absolutely eye opening in the discovery of how small some cockpits are!
Also I totally love the VR cockpit of the Mi 8. That’s an amazing one.

BoS was pleasant and familiar, even though the strictly keyboard-tied controls proven a bit hard to guess without taking off the set :smiley: (My fault here, I didn’t HOTAS my controls and then it was too late to do it).
Had a couple of very satisfying dogfights.

War Thunder was a good experience but was really sickening. One match and I was done.
Also it clearly showed how they didn’t really think about the User Interface.

While all the other games had a completely overhauled UI and more apt to the VR setting War Thunder just sort of lazily slapped the screen straight to the headset without correction.

What it lost in usability it truly delivered in atmosphere though as grinding my way through a devastated Berlin was absolutely shocking and imMmersive.

Assetto Corsa was seven seconds of NOPE! followed by another small pause.
Evidently I’m too used to driving rather than flying! :smiley:

I just gave the Rift back.

It was almost like the first time I… ehrr… that.

Confusing, exciting, clearly above my current skill and over way too soon.
Hopefully the future will be brighter? :wink:

We will see.


Pretty freaking awesome isn’t it? When I first got mine I knew I was going to like it, and had some ideas as to what I thought it would be like. When I first put that headset on - holy moly. It brings some limitations to the table (resolution, fov etc)…but what it also brings to the table in the way of immersion, depth perception, the fluidity of the 1:1 head tracking makes the negatives dwindle to the point of being minor annoyances at best (imho).

Steps off soapbox… :wink:


There will soon be a day where vertually every active participant on this forum will use a VR headset or give up the hobby. The holdouts will be fans of older sims like BMS that will likely never port to VR. I STILL sometimes catch myself trying to rest my arm on an open canopy rail. Why would anyone deny themselves this level of immersion once the technology matures? (Besides money)


This I’m not sure of- there’s people still flying without HOTAS, TrackIR, rudders and whatnot…


Yes, this is a problem…
We will form the Mudspike Inquisition and force people to convert to VR, or quit the hobby.

And I dare say…



What aboot all those who can’t stop praising the unholy :f111:?


Isn’t it funny that in a post where I predict a future of virtually 100% VR usage in the flight sim world and I spell it “vertually”.


It is not a stretch to say that peripherals that we love, such as a HOTAS will eventually become completely unnecessary. An early step in that direction is VTOL VR. Even now if I had to make a choice I would keep my Rift over my Warthog.


But when will actual pilots be flying the jets virtually from a control center?


Hopefully long after I retire :wink:


Hopefully long enough after so I have no further need of airtravel… :wink:




For the first time this thread makes me sad.


There there… We’re only joking!


Nah Its a problem that I will take to the grave; a visceral hatred of automation. I once thought that it was pure selfish job protection. But now I am too old and too secure to have those worries myself. I’ve come to realize that it was something simpler. I take such joy in manipulating machines. And I believe I do it well. It sadens me that humans take pleasure contemplating a future where they sit in the back seat of their cars fiddling with phones or happily strap into an Uber drone oblivious to the physics which make flight possible. I gladly shift in stop-and-go traffic on I-80. And I still smile when I run through the gears smoothly. My landing in Jacksonville last night was so soft that we didn’t know we were down until we saw the amber “do not arm” light (I should add that this touchdown as not typical for me—but we humans remember our victories more than our defeats). I am a luddite and a proud one at that.


Well, I agree with all my heart!


I had one the other night where I checked 121.5 to see if my ELT was going off. :rofl:


I think they visioned to ship Oculus for free with games. Hope that time is really close… Like two weeks max or so :slight_smile: