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I have just had a blast flying this, its very like Gpolice from the PS1 days. No missions but a free “demo” easy to control and stunning visuals
https://www.giantform.com/#main Its called aircar and I am unable to link the game from occulus app sorry :slight_smile:


Yes, Air Car is gorgeous in VR…very moody with those rain drops. I’d love it if they made some sort of game out of it…


Interesting photogrammetry-based ‘explore real places’ VR thing, if you’ve not played with one of these before. Free and worth the 15GB or so download if you have a Rift/Vive.

The best location is probably Cologne Cathedral, although Alcatraz was quite atmospheric (I couldn’t work out if I was meant to get out of the cell or not, but that might be the idea :slight_smile:). You can see how they could make future games out of this tech, but there is something a bit creepy about how it renders.


Inevitable full VR mock up for Starship Enterprise (next-gen setting). Neat.



Now this looks like a nice addition for VR

Doh never noticed the article date before posting :confused:


It was still interesting. I think with the success of Onward/Pavlov etc then it might make a come back.

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Youtube VR. This took a surprisingly long time to appear, given the 3D content they have:

EDIT: It just crashes for me, oh well…


I never really understood why it is so difficult to view 360° videos with the Rift.

I tried to find a way to watch the Blue Angels video but gave up after 60 mins of research.

Can’t udnerstand why there is no feature in Oculus Home or SteamVR-Room.


Whirligig works fine for me and Youtube.

Best $4 I Spent on VR, plays every 180x180 or 360x360 Video Easily.

I will check tonight if Loading the 360° Blue Angels Video via STM works correctly.

And plays YT Videos as well using .stm file w/ Youtube Video hash in it.



paste xFS6DmZuOHw into notepad, and save as Youtube.stm, and open that in Whiligig.

There’s also a Free Version but it’s not updated anymore, many new features on the $4 Steam version are worth it, works on Rift As well.



just checked over remote desktop,
when usign STM file, the Video will load the entire 360° in a flat screen,
Just need to change mode from theatre to Dome and change FoV to 360°, I cant do that over remote connection, as the Rift unit has control over the mouse.


Whirlgig is very good. I also like Virtual Desktop for the cinema mode, and it works in a similar way.

A few people recommend Big Screen, in that it’s free and does youtube and other formats well:


Virtual Desktop and Bigscreen require a specific DirectX version that isnt included on Windows 7


I’m not convinced the HOTAS and Wheel Market will ever go away. I like having that lump of metal on my desk and hands. I like feeling like a button-ologist when I am programing a new aircraft. I do Assetto Corsa with a steering wheel. The buttons are burned into my brain so there is no fumbling for them. BTW, Asetto Corsa VR is unreal. I sometimes go 2 weeks without flying because of it. The Harrier sucked me back into DCS again…


No, no, noooo!!!
I’m trying to resist, but I have found myself looking at several steeringwheels lately. Logitech?Thrustmaster? Fanatec?
Have you tried PCars2, @Maico?


I think where there are a physical control in the real thing, like an aircraft having a HOTAS set or a racing car using wheel and pedals, then it’ll always be better to use them with VR. What we might eventually move to is something like a wrist strap/fob that then tracks hand and finger movements (which is a direct the Valve ‘knuckles’ are going in). Haptic feedback is nice, but physical devices aren’t going anywhere for primary control things I don’t think.


No VR controller will ever beat my warthog for precision.


All resistance is futile :slight_smile: Project Cars is on my SSD. AC is a much more realistic experience IMO. However, people want different things from a racing sim. Your mileage may vary (pun intended). Now you notice I did not say PJ2? Because I don’t have it. ATM, AC takes care of all my racing needs. I even have my local track (Losail). Even the bumps are included. I thinks PJ is a softer “sim”.


That’s what I hear.
But the VR implementation in PC2 is supposed to be very good…


It is and I don’t have a problem with that. I would buy it if I promised myself to play it…