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I did get a chance to check this, and setting to Barrel / 360° made it work nicely,

but it was a bit blurry/low res


Still not sure when to buy a new PC. Probably in Q1 2018 trying to get some good deal.
Perhaps by then we will have a new VR device available? I haven’t followed the market development as closely as some of y’all because my current PC cannot handle VR anyway, so: anything new and cool lately, especially in the resolution department?
My main gripe with the existing VR headsets is that I cannot read instruments in planes.


921 msgs to go above this. :wink:

The ‘Frog VR Market Minute’ - Brought to you by Caffeine!

Oculus - No new hardware for PC in 2018. A stand-alone mobile called ‘Santa Cruz’ thing, but not great for us PC simmers. CV1 is very good value at < $400 with touch. Just think of it as a fancy monitor purchase.

HTC - A possible hardware refresh Q3 2018 of the Vive headset, with ‘knuckles’ (not of Sonic fame) new hand controllers available with a Valve game launch around about the same time. Super secret stuff, so luckily I can post it here without anyone reading it.

Microsoft et al - Lots of new headsets have come out from the partners. Curiously tone-deaf of the actual gaming market, but things like the Samsung Odyssey are pretty good. Oculus has then beat for value due to that Facebook Hardware Discount money bank though. Not that sim friendly.

Pimax - the new guy on the block with a (kinda) 8k(!) resolution. Needs good reviews as small-scale unproven newcomer (especially flight sim reviews), but coming soon enough in January (in theory).


We get around that by using a beefy graphics card and oversampling. It works well enough, or rather it makes the trade-offs more appealing.


Thanks, @fearlessfrog !
When you say beefy graphics card… 1070ti will do or does it have to be a 1080 for that kind of stuff?
Now that the bitcoin dudes seem to slowly be moving on that could mean we could get at least a little price drop in GPUs soon…


I run at a comfortable solid 90 frames a second (using ASW) on a 1070 plain in DCS with an oversample rate of 1.5. I do overclock my old CPU though, as that still helps. If I were to buy a new GPU card today I would prefer the headroom of a 1080 though, as stuff marches on in terms of complexity.

Also, what is subtly happening is that new aircraft in DCS (like the Harrier) are sort of being ‘tuned’ in terms of HUD usage and mipmapping and the like to be clearer in VR, so both the games and the hardware are helping the ‘resolution deficit’.


So this just showed up at my doorstep this afternoon

Interesting device, can’t say more since as you can see it’s still in the wrapper, but might be something some of you would be interested in too.


Looks cool!
Let us know how you like it…


Let us know if you’d like to pen a review for Mudspike after you’ve had some with it…!



Can we blame this on EA? I feel like we can do that. The real (untold) story is…just how many fingers have been lost in ceiling fans?


“I’ll play what he’s playing.”


Anyone tried Ultrawings already?
Looks like it could be fun.


Yes. It is rather fun! Simple graphics and all, but easy on the hardware and clean ol’ fun!

Read @BeachAV8R’s review:


Huh. Completely missed / forgot that…


Seems expensive for a tour


Were those guys making :sushi:?


My wife’s grandfather designed the bow. Well the bit below the waterline. I don’t know what that’s called but it helped it go fast. And her uncle was a kama kaze pilot. (Yeah ours is a strange relationship :grin:). The Yamato museum in Kure is amazing. That is a steep price but I might snag it anyway if the reviews are good.


Annoyed with oculus software taking up space on my C drive I did a bit of looking for options
Going to try this after reading about it here


Not sure, but like :sushi: it’s a little too expensive for my tastes. Although if you’re into either I’m sure it’s ok.