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I’m sure that it a very worthwhile investment if you are into WWII naval history, and especially the Pacific theater, some of the greatest sea battles ever fought took place. Or you are interested in naval architecture and the engineering behind what is still an amazing achievement. If I am ever fortunate enough to visit Japan, the Yamato museum would be high on my list of interests.



I think this new metalens tech could be good for VR …




anyone interested? There’s a free demo try if someone is willing to let me know what it’s like? Sale lasts for another 13 hours or so.


I wanted to get a full on VR Golf Sim so I picked up The Golf Club VR. No real-time multiplayer unfortunately but they’re promising asynchronous multiplayer in the future. It’s quite good! You can tool around the courses in a golf cart too! (at this point I have a hard time finding where my ball dropped using that method)

It made me laugh that there’s a ProTee Golf Simulator within this simulator LOL! Speaking of putting, I know @Rhinosaurus complained about putting in the non VR “The Golf Club” but putting in VR just feels spot on! There are even minigolf courses …

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So while practicing John Daly’s perfect form in The Golf Club VR …

my dang Oculus Rift lenses started to fog up again! I googled it and found out that it’s because of condensation on the cool lens surfaces from my hot head so I rigged up a VR headset heating stand with a spare space heater! …



That’s a darn good idea. I was thinking about using my hairdryer… I mean her hairdryer… Because I don’t have one… Even thou I live alone…


Please! Somebody get this game! I misunderstood a friend to say that he’d just bought an Oculus to play this in co-op when actually he was only expressing an aspiration to get one in the future. It is roomspace*. You can use the stick to move and rotate but the experience just isn’t the same. This is not a simulation of any single sub. Instead the creators have designed a series of spaces that are perfectly sized for a 4’ x 6’ roomspace and all of the instrumentation is designed to be readable with current gen devices. Their goal was to have as little as possible get in the way of any suspension of disbelief. The sounds are used perfectly to aid in understanding what is happening around you and on the other side of the bulkhead. Single player is fun but busy. Co-op would be a blast. One guy could navigate, apply tactics and man the gun while another player can run the engines, periscope and torpedo room. I don’t often branch out from my trusted stable of flight sims but this has been fun.

*the old man meant “roomscale”.


Alternatively, you could just turn on the headset and let it run for a little while before you play. Not as cool though.


I have it! Probably one of my favorites in VR and I’m not usually into sub games, but a great game. Would love to crew up if we got enough. I’ve yet to try it out with others as well.


Let it run for a while? Last time I checked, there’s no two stroke engine in there LOL! It actually automatically turns off when it’s not on your head as well … it’s pretty much always cold. The heater’s doing the trick though.


Did not know that it turned off while not on your head, guess that wouldn’t work then. Only mentioned it as I know PSVR owners often have problems with fogging up and was a way to deal with that.


Sorry for attempting to be helpful, don’t worry, it won’t happen again


I also have a copy. My play space is a little small for it though.


When I dived we spat on our lenses and rinsed them in the sea, that worked a treat :wink:
In fact its quite apt for a subsim :smiley:


@mudcat, @Toppometer

My Steam handle is ericinexile if either/both you should like to get together. I’d recommend using Steam voice chat.