It’s on the list, I’m only on mission 3 where you fight the drone carrier group (got shot down)

Its great fun. Would heartily recommend it to anyone. It looks simplistic but it’s got a depth that I wasn’t expecting.


Are there training missions or tutorial in game?cannot find it


Yep there’s training. Forget where it is off hand but it’s def there. Goes through start up to basic flight to combat, etc…


Testing out the laser directed GBU-12 today. Great little weapon that can be put on a rack of three. Nice since you don’t have to go to the GPS designate page like you would with the JDAM or SDB, so you can just find the target, keep the TGP on it, and fire when the diamond drops into the circle. Also works on moving targets as long as you keep the designation…

Also want to try out the new AGM-161 Anti Surface Stand-Off Missile…!

And doing some single engine testing again…this time a carrier landing in the AV-42C…


could not find it…I also did not found a manual…so basically I am just guessing how it works…I see the potential for a lot of fun…but fly with a controller waved in the air is not so easy…
Apart from that I cannot understand how to employ weapons…how to use radars I tried all the buttons on the odyssey plus controllers but cannot understand how to move the tdc and lock a target…I just found how to switch weapons (right controller button).
About start up I just guessed and it worked.
Anyway a tutorial or a series of interactive training missions would certainly help…it is not DCS but has its complexities


This has some pretty good information:

It is actually easier and more intuitive if you have a chair with arms that you can rest your forearms on and let your wrist either hang over the end or allow the bottom of your hand controllers to pivot on the bottom of them. I can hold position for refueling and hover far easier in VTOL VR than I can in DCS or any other sim. I can almost think the airplane where I want it to go…it does take some adjusting to though.

There are tutorials in the program - did you not find them under the training section? They show you some useful information with texts over the controls and things.


Also…here is a really nice all-in-one weapons tutorial:


Thanks beach…I will have a look at these tutorials…but in game i don’ see the training tab i have only missions. Strange…is there some beta to opt in?


Yes there is, I think you have to go to the game in your Steam menu and select to opt in the beta under preferences or something…maybe that’ll help…


Just finished the third and final mission of the Regime II mini-campaign. The guy making the campaign (NickVR) did a great job of putting together a few difficult, but achievable objectives in each mission in the set. The last one was great…very immersive night mission that has you helping out with close-air support on a hilltop outpost that is getting overrun. The night mission atmosphere is just so awesome in this sim. As well, in this mission your weapons are constrained by the mission maker, so you have to make the best with what you have.

When these mobile CIWS pop-off…it is spectacular to watch as the firehose of bullets streams into the air…

Artillery landing on the hilltop…

Coming in for a dust-off…

Out to the USS Prosecutor to drop off some troops…


Testing overweight takeoff configurations and performance…(no sound):


I proposed an interesting mission concept to one of the guys that creates missions for VTOL VR. My rough outline:

The mission starts with you at a land base in the AV-42C. You are instructed to only start the right engine because there is something wrong with the left engine. Hey, this is wartime…you gotta do what you gotta do! You are to ferry the plane to the carrier offshore for engine maintenance…they can’t come to you because they are non-combat flight support engineers for BD Aviation (LOL).

So you are given minimal fuel and zero weapons to make the single engine takeoff easier. Obviously, you can’t VTOL it…so you’ll have to make a rolling takeoff. This is fun in the AV-42C. It requires a gradual and patient addition of throttle to maintain directional control until you get enough speed and rudder authority to start adding more power (think P-51). Then you have to nurse it into the air, get the flaps and gear up, and go shoot a single engine approach and landing to the carrier.

…BUT…foul deck for awhile, so go hit the tanker on single engine to give you enough fuel for a ten or fifteen minute delay (you only had just enough to get out there). Hit the tanker, then shoot the single engine carrier landing. Then at the carrier you can get your engine fixed, load up some weapons, and do a secondary part of the mission.


That sounds great @BeachAV8R I’ve played around with engine shutdownd an the av26b and considering the excess of power it has its pretty docile with only 2 lit.

I’d definitely play thus mission


Yeah…to my great surprise, Vmca rolloff is modeled quite good in this sim. Turn off an engine (at least in the AV-42C), start slowing to around 160-170 knots and start easing in some power on the operating engine and soon you’ll reach full rudder authority and eventually it will roll off into the dead side. Fun stuff…


this is the problem with typing on mobile!!

what i meant to say was…ive played around with engine shutdowns and considering the excess of power in the av-42c its pretty docile with only 1 lit…



Started the default campaign for the F/A-26B tonight - Desert Cobra with the new(ish) desert map. As usual - fantastic fun, so immersive and challenging.

First up was a mission to defend our airbase from both artillery and air attack. I loaded up with the wrong weapons for the mission and found my CBUs to be nearly useless due to their time to deploy.

“We’re supersonic…be there in the 30 seconds!”

“Too close for missiles…switching to guns!”


AWACS protected…time to go find the artillery…

Managed to get through Mission #1, but spent about twenty minutes on Mission #2 and got myself killed by being stupid. Mission #2 is a great, long mission with two strikes. I went 50 miles to the East airfield at low level…radar off…hot-dogging it down the valleys. My wingmen popped up and started to tangle with some enemy fighters, and every so often I’d get blipped by surface radars on the canyon rim.

Here we are heading out…

Low level, down on the water…hard to show how atmospheric it is with the moonlight coming down through the scratched canopy above…

I came screaming in to the East airbase at low level - the target was warehouses and I dropped six high drag Mk-82s in a string that hit the four warehouses. Pulling off, popped some flares to decoy a missile, and dropped back into the canyon. Flew another 50 miles north to the second target airfield, and just as I was arriving one of my wingmen was getting shot down. I was in stealth mode, and by the time I got my radar on and found the bad guy…he had launched a missile at me and took me out.

Fantastic couple of missions so far though…looking forward to taking a crack at #2 again…


Man, the quick-save mid-mission is a huge addition!



  • Added option to opt-in to quicksave testing *

Mission Editor

  • Fixed missing allied units in unit selection windows (broke in 12p1)

  • Fixed “cancel” button in multi-unit selection window still applied changes

  • Fixed issue where certain ground units fly into the air after being killed

  • Fixed SAAW not maintaining lock on target due to changes to gun turrets using radar

  • Fixed laser guided bomb target remaining on HUD when TGP is powered off or gimbal limited

  • Fixed bearing to laser guided bomb target HUD indicator not working properly

  • Fixed RWR still playing missile lock sound after missile has stopped locking while other radar is still locking

  • Fixed TGP display still showing IFF info after target was occluded or destroyed

  • Changed ARAD to remain functional while the MFD screen is not being displayed

  • Improved AGM-161 terrain clearance


  • Fixed certain mp3s not playing on cockpit radio (due to some frames having different sample rate)


I am having difficulty at the moment. It’s a weird problem. Its annoying and irritating but I can’t help giggling because of it.

My chair. Is wrong. It’s wrong. I currently have a big comfortable armchair that I sit on to use my pc. It’s fantastic 99% of the time. Till this game came along (and robo recall) I’ve never once considered changing it but I really struggle to get in a position where I can a: be comfortable and play this. B: actually use the collective and stick and c: not NUT PUNCH myself everytime I need to select master arm on. Or eject.

I am of the feeling that the arm chair is too wide and I need a slimmer car racing seat or similar. I’m not a fan of swivel chairs and I want to be comfortable but it’s very irritating. I did find a racing seat on ebay out of a ferrari that did look up to the task but then I’m faced with the other side of the coin of changing my whole hotas setup as I have it just to accommodate this issue. Now this is definitely a 1st world problem if there ever was one. My chair is too comfy!

I really like vtol vr. But unless i change something I don’t think I’ll ever be able to use the fighter jet! I’m sort of stuck in the vtol because of the seating position. Odd.


Yeah…I knew this blond chick that had a similar problem…too big, too small, too hard, too soft, too hot, too cold…wow, as I write this, it reads like a porno script…can remember what she eventually did…:wink: