I have engage enemies ticked, and it wasn’t a stealth configuration. I’m probably missing something simple.

That should’ve been all it needs, I’m not sure what’s happening there then.

I just ventured over to the Discord and had the answer within a few minutes (I generally stay well away from Discord)…

Evidently you use an event trigger.

Huh, makes sense.

After a bit of testing, and a lot of trial and error getting things right in the mission editor, it seems that the GECM Truck can jam on the low band a very long way out. I went over 70nm from the truck, and as long as there was line of sight, my GPS was jammed. Also, low band jamming doesn’t seem to cause any noise on the radar, so that doesn’t help you find a bearing to the truck. I guess we are back to searching with optical sensors.

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Ah, I didn’t set a trigger event in my test. Let me try that and see if the jamming appears on the FRAZ. I’ll check that this afternoon after I get up.

I am apparently doing something wrong as following your screen shot, I am not getting any GPS jamming. Or at least the GPS and Nav screens aren’t indicating any. If you could post instructions or a link to the relevant discord post it’d be appreciated.

Sorry for the delay in getting back with you @jenrick . I also had issues getting the GPS jamming to trigger reliably. I got around it with the following setup.

I set up a GECM truck and an EWR…

I set the event trigger to ‘Conditional’ and then defined the action for the truck to target ‘Player 1’ with low band jammng.

Then I defined the condition to trigger the event:

So, with this setup, as soon as the EWR detects your aircraft, the truck starts to jam you. You can also set the truck to jam on a specific bearing and vertical angle. I haven’t tried that yet.

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Slight misdirect but in case anyone out there in VTOL-land hasn’t tried the included “Border” campaign for the T-55, it’s a hoot! And quite challenging.

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Thanks @PaulRix, I’ll give it a shot this afternoon.