Well Done! A "pat on your back" thread!

Kudos to you. Soldering, particularly jobs as finnicky as that, is beyond me…


Awesome!!! Nothing better than coming through in the clutch for your Son!!! Well Done Indeed!!

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This weekend, I washed off wallpaper and removed a wood floor. Yesterday, I had tile glue tested for asbestos (negative! :tada:) and learned how to do electrical wiring in the house. Was a lot of fun poking through the maze (you’d be surprised how many floors and rooms you have to go through to get a ground wire from the electrical cupboard by the door to a corner of the living room just 4 m away) and learning how to pull through wires, find routes and connect it all. And how to stuff it all in the wall (backside of a hammer’s handle). And I fixed a wobbly stairs handle. Took a while as I forgot to grab wall plugs before removing the current handle holder but no one got hurt.

Today I will be pulling the wires to the kitchen that will be needed for the induction stove, and cleaning up and taping off everything on the ground floor. Tomorrow the tiles will be removed, so that next week the floor heating can be CNCd into the concrete floor.

And I gotta get a container to throw all the rubble into, if still possible.


Congratz man! :smiley:


Freek bud, show some pix. Show these murricans how a proper house is built.

Get that container man, get it yesterday. Its a relief not having to pickrubble and trash up twice. The people renting out the container will take care of proper recycling.


Just called and mailed the “gemeente” (county?) to expedite the permit for the container. Hoping to have word on that soon.

Will take some pictures today. The whole house is built with concrete and the bare walls are showing in a few places, it will not disappoint you.


But it is a busy in a good way right? Working on your own home and all. For me it never seems like ‘work’.

I am actually jealous that you can run your own wiring. Anything greater than 50V AC or 120V DC (including installing all the wiring) must be done by a licensed electrician here.


Ground floor, first floor, attic, all the walls and floors are concrete!

This window in the attic is new: the old one was leaking and couldn’t even be opened.

The only use for wood in this house is decoration. And window panes, but we’ll have those replaced this Summer too.

The living room with lots of window area. It will be a huge reduction in energy usage and increase of comfort when we replace that with modern HR+++ panes. Glad they built it like this in the 70s, so much light in the room. Especially with the garden facing southwest.

These are ventilation holes for the crawling space below ground floor. They were blocked by the tiles that the previous owner put in, hope it will get a bit less wet in there so the PUR insulating foam can be applied to the bottom of the floor soon. Until then, floor heating will be a lot less efficient.


I love it. Maybe I’ll get fed up with constant home improvement at some point but if it’s anything like the home automation hobby I’ve done the past few years, it’ll come and go in bursts. I’m proper chuffed now!


Looks like a neat place! Good job on all the work you’ve done!


Any bricklayers look away now. I’m quite pleased for a first attempt at laying concrete blocks.

I’m creating two bays for our winter wood, so 1 bay seasoning, 1 for burning.

A couple more rows/courses and it’ll be high enough.


I have seen (and done) way worse :smiley: Now lets hope the rain lets off for a day or so eh.


I have seen so-called tradesmen do a worse job :+1: