What we hearing? - Mudspike plays


Never really gave alt-J a chance but the other day at work I just let a playlist wonder off and was pleasantly surprised.




Love his stuff. Good channel.



Tomorrow evening I have a tryout with a new band and they sent me a short list of tunes to learn - brought back some memories!

We haven’t stopped singing this since…

Yeah, it’s a '60’s covers band.


My old man would approve highly. He loves the Drifters.

So, here’s my evil devil music:


My favorite Drifters song. Lot of memories to this one.


If you haven’t seen it yet…and you are a film fan…and a MUSIC fan…ya’ gotta go see Baby Driver. My wife and I just saw it last night…what a phenomenal movie…

And one of my favorite songs in it…

Go see it. It was awesome.


I watched An Ungentlemanly Act again yesterday - cracks me up everyt ime. I bet it’s more accurate than people would believe.


Huh! All that talk of inner circles. I’m reminded; here’s a perfect one…


Graham Bonnet is gonna be at Skeggy on 23rd July - only £13.50 advance price - seriously considering it…



Enjoying the new Portugal the Man album.

And Mary Elizabeth Winstead makes anything better.


This woman always seemed to be the background of my time in East Anglia during the early '90s.

I wasn’t that fussed about her, really. Then one night doping a K-13 fuselage, this one came on the radio. It was the first song that sparked my interest in the modern retro trend, or whatever they call it. Certainly, she isn’t showing off her instantaneous, alto range control abilities, but I enjoyed it more than some of her other stuff up until then…

Seems she is somewhat maligned, these days, for some comment about the Pope. But what the hell, I’m not into gossip (or, “social media”, the new name for the same thing). :stuck_out_tongue:


Another group I don’t think I ever really gave a try, but here I am digging them lol


‘twas quite a thrill trying to remember the constellations under a perfectly clear night sky in Bobcaygeon recently …



At home today, doing my online HazMat recurrent course, listening to some background music of an old favorite. I’m not even going to start showering my praise to this vocalist, or I’d never stop, LOL!


Oh, my… gods…